10 great reasons to build a gym in your garden.

build a gym in the garden

Our garden lodges can be used for many functions, often we are asked to create a studio space, a spare room, a music studio and an increasingly popular option is a home gym. This gym we recently built in Dartford is one the largest garden lodges we have completed and offers the new user plenty of space to install a great range of gym equipment.

Building a gym in your garden can offer many advantages and the reasons our clients choose to build a gym differ from one to the other. Below are 10 great reasons to build a gym in your own garden.

garden lodge


  • 1. Building a gym can save you money on gym fees

Gym fees can be quite expensive, on average people are paying anything between £30 – £200 per month for their gym membership, and that is without taking into account the sign up fees, personal trainers, and other expenses. These costs can soon add up and leave you out of pocket. Obviously, there is a large upfront cost when building a garden gym, but these costs can be offset by the increase in value the gym will give to your home.


  • 2. Increase a properties value

On average, an extension or garden lodge can add 20% to the value of your home. If you were to sell your home then this space can be used for a myriad of uses other than a gym, such as a garden office, granny annexe, or spare room. This creates a versatile living space that is very desirable in a competitive housing market.


  • 3. Creating more space

Gym equipment can be bulky and large, often it is difficult to fit in all the gym equipment you need in your house. By building a bespoke garden gym you can create a space that is perfect for gym gear. Our recent build shows just how much space it is possible to achieve with plenty of room for a professional treadmill, multi gyms with leg presses, kickboxing equipment and more. Extra high ceilings can also bring a benefit with some equipment needing the extra space. Moving all this clutter to a garden gym also frees up a room in the house which can be re-commissioned as a bedroom or office.


  • 4. Saving time travelling to your gym

Those who go to a gym regularly know how much time they waste travelling back and forwards to the gym. We have increasingly busy lifestyles, so imagine the advantages in saved time if you never needed to pack your gym bag, drive and find a parking space at the gym, or queue to use the equipment or showers. All of that time could be spent on other more useful activities, such as spending more time in your own gym. Having a gym in your garden means you can be a lot more flexible with when you exercise. It’s very easy to fit in a gym session, early morning before work, or in the evenings.


Garden lodge gym


  • 5. Creating a home business

More and more people are starting to work from home and a garden gym opens up some great opportunities for those wanting to go down this route. If you run a personal training business and want to extend your services then building your own space can give you the possibility to do this. One great advantage is that you can separate work from home, with your business operating from its own independent space.


  • 6. Designing a perfect space for unwinding

Going to a gym is a great way to unwind. However, most gyms are far from relaxing, with the annoying selection of tunes chosen by the staff, bright lights and sweating bodies. With your own garden gym, you can create your perfect zen space. Features such as large bi-folding doors can bring in some much-needed air and light, a well-designed sound system can allow you listen to the music that you want, and best of all, it’s all for yourself.


  • 7. Avoiding crowds at peak time

Usually, the best times to go to the gym, before and after work, are also the most crowded. It can be difficult to keep to a routine if you can’t guarantee which equipment will be free to use. Also during these peak times, the equipment can become very sweaty with the constant use of other people. The perfect scenario is a gym all to yourself in which you can choose exactly the time to do your work out and in which order. Especially if they are not covered in other people’s sweat!


  • 8. Play by your own rules

Commercial gyms have a lot of rules. Are any of these familiar?

“Don’t drop weights.”

“Chalk prohibited.”

“No curling in the squat rack.”

“No grunting or shouting.”

“T-Shirts or vests must be worn.”

In your own gym, you can make up your own rules, grunt as much as you want, strip down, throw your chalk about and get on with a bit of curling. You’re the boss! Some of these rules can have a negative impact on your work out and be an unnecessary distraction.


Pilates Gym Studio


  • 9. Creating your own gym is fun!

Setting up, designing and choosing all the equipment for your gym is fun. You can choose the equipment that works best for you and design a space that is perfect for your style of work out. The disadvantage of a commercial gym is that they are normally set up for general workouts and to provide the broadest range of options to gym users. With your own gym you can concentrate on the areas that will serve you best whether it is for powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, etc.


  • 10. Concentration

Let’s face it, gyms are not the easiest places to focus. With all the widescreen T.Vs, mirrors, noises and products for sale it is difficult to concentrate. In contrast your own gym can be a pared down area of concentration with just you and the equipment for company. Of course, there will always be some distractions with mobile phones, the dog wanting to come in and children to contend with. But hey, you can’t have it all.


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