5 additions to make your Garden Lodge future proof.










Garden lodges make a fantastic addition to any home and garden, a bespoke garden lodge can be used for a number of functions and the versatility of our designs allow for it to adapt to your life as your situation and lifestyle changes.

What could start off as a garden gym, might well evolve into a garden office as your priorities change, or vice versa. As our garden lodges are all built from engineered SIP panels we can guarantee that it is a building that will last and adapt.











A garden lodge can be transformed into an occasional spare room, or as a place for the kids, as they grow up, from play-room, to teenage-den, it is a building that grows with your own family’s needs. One of the great advantages of a garden lodge is that it is separate from the main house meaning that all the mess and noise is contained and perfectly hidden away, great for when you don’t want to tidy up and even better if you want some peace and quiet in your main house.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking


Another way to make sure that your Garden Lodge looks great in years to come is to factor in some plants, trees and landscaping. The lodge above uses clever planting integrated into the design of the decking. Using trees and shrubs means that as the lodge ages the garden will grow around it creating a mature and relaxing environment to enjoy the lodge from in years to come.















All of our garden lodges are built to last using high-end materials such as red cedar wood cladding. Unlike cheaper pine or spruce, red cedar is designed to last with a life expectancy of 40 – 60 years. In fact our cedar lodges just get better with age with the colour and texture of the wood adding to the look and feel of the building.


Garden Office with bi-folding doors


Another factor to consider when thinking about the longevity of your garden lodge is how the building is constructed. Any building that you want to last will need proper foundations. Our garden lodges use concrete pad foundations, unlike many of our competitors, these provide a long lasting and solid platform for a garden building that will be there for years to come. Screw-pile foundations might also be used in some circumstances where concrete pad foundations are deemed not suitable.

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