5 technologies to make your Garden Lodge a ‘smart lodge’.

home tech in garden lodge

Photo by trustyjoe.com


Modern technologies are turning our homes into much easier places to live. Tech for our homes is now becoming genuinely useful, with the latest devices saving us time, stress and money. Here is a look at some of the must-have technologies that will help turn your garden lodge into a futuristic tech fest.


Smart Speakers



These handy devices have really taken off in the last few years. Big names such as Amazon, Google and Apple all have their own version out there, and we are seeing them becoming incorporated into garden lodges and offices more and more. A smart speaker is a small piece of technology that lets you talk and interact with it, much like you can do with your smartphone. This means you can ask questions, ask it to play music, make calls, send or receive emails and even tell you jokes. They can also be used to control elements of your garden lodge, such as lighting, temperature and other technologies that you might have connected.

It is increasingly becoming part and parcel of many a home office as it can be a great way to save time in sending emails and requesting simple information that you would otherwise need to search for.

If you would like to connect your smart speaker with your lighting and heating then this might require some more specialised equipment, smart light bulbs will allow you to connect your lighting to your smart speaker straight away, or a smart hub can do the same job.

To connect your heating to your smart speaker, you will need a smart heating hub.


Smart Heating Hubs



Smart heating hubs from companies such as Hive, Nest and Drayton have changed the way that we can operate heating in our homes. This means that you can control the heating in your garden office, even when you are not there. An advantage of this might be that you would like the heating turned on before you arrive at your garden office, therefore you could set the heating to come on from your bed, or on the way home from shopping so that when you arrive your garden office is nice and warm.

Also if you forget to turn off your heating when you leave, you can simply do it from your smartphone!


Light Dimmer



Smart light bulbs give you some control over how you control your lighting from a smart speaker. But if you want ultimate control then you will need a smart dimmer kit. The Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit pictured above gives you predetermined settings that allow you to set a mood with the flick of a switch or command, perfect for movies, dinner or bedtime. Also, there is the option to have all lights turned off using one command, or to have the lights turned on when you return home using geo-fencing technology. When this is also connected to Siri or a smart speaker then you can have great levels of control over your garden lodge lighting, without having to lift a finger.


Security Camera



A garden office or lodge can contain a lot of expensive equipment. A typically garden office might contain computer equipment or furniture that has a high value. So it would make sense to have some security that will help you to keep all of this safe. The Nest Cam, pictured above, sends alerts to your phone or will email you if it detects unusual activity. It also has a built-in speaker, so you listen and talk through the device. This gives extra peace of mind when you are away, and might put off would be burglars.


Robot Lawn Mower



Keeping your garden lodge or office looking good is not just about smart technology for inside. How your garden looks is also something to consider. With busy work schedules, we don’t always have time to mow the lawn, but smart technology is now making that easier than ever. The Worx robot mower takes all the strain out of lawn mowing. With a robotic mower you can set the exact times you would like to have your garden cut, this means that it doesn’t disturb you while you are working. Running off batteries ensures the mower is quiet and good for the environment but will need around 2 hours of charging between mows. Smart mowers use bump sensor technology, whenever it runs into an obstacle the mower turns off, rotates and then moves off in a new direction, so you have no fears of it harming yourself or a pet by accident. Smart mowers also use some smartphone technology, if someone tried to steal your smart mower an alarm will sound, you will also receive a notification to your phone of its impending disappearance.




Whatever technologies you would like to incorporate into your garden office or lodge, we are always on hand to offer you our help and advice. All our lodges are built to our customer’s unique requirements and with technology becoming more and more important in our homes, it makes sense that these technologies will also become utilised within our other buildings.


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