Can a garden lodge help you beat the winter blues?



A bespoke garden building can have a variety of great impacts on family life and enhance the way that you use your home and garden dramatically. An extra building can provide a great asset to your garden during the summer, allowing you to be outdoors more, relaxing and BBQing and generally enjoying the garden. But how can a garden building enhance your garden during winter?

Often people feel that with long dark winter nights, they can get a case of cabin fever and feel a little bit trapped at home. One good way to try and elevate this problem is to be able to get out of the house. Even if it only means going down the garden, the change of environment can have a positive impact on your general well being.




Another great way to beat the winter blues is to exercise. Sure, we have all eaten a lot of mince pies, perhaps several more roast dinners than is medically advisable, and overindulged with the booze during New Year’s Eve. At this time of year, a lot of people think about renewing their gym membership. A garden lodge can make a perfect and ultra convenient garden gym that will allow you to exercise all year round. Exercise is known to have a positive effect on your state of well being. If you are feeling a little tired after the craziness of the Christmas period, then a few hours a week in the gym can have a great re-vitalising effect. Also, you might want to shed a few pounds and make up for some overzealous snacking.





Light and Airy


Another great feature of many of the garden lodges we build is the potential to have a very light and spacious building. With the incorporation of features such as bi-fold doors, french doors and glazed gable ends our buildings are often very light and airy, more so than many rooms in a standard house. Light is a great way to beat seasonal depression. If you find you are suffering from light deprivation then spending a few hours a day in a building that is flooded in natural light might be just the tonic you’re after. It is possible to further enhance the effectiveness of a naturally lit room through also purchasing a light box. These devices can increase exposure to light that can have a beneficial effect if you suffer from conditions such as SAD.


Hobbies and interests


With our garden buildings, it is possible to create a room in the garden that is usable all year round. Optional extras that make our buildings so versatile include central heating, patio heaters, double glazed bi-fold doors and underfloor heating. As standard, our buildings are constructed using highly insulated SIPs Structural insulated panels. This construction technique means that our buildings are extremely well insulated and allows them to be utilised all year round.


Drum kit set up in our Garden Studio



Starting a new hobby


Maybe your new year’s resolution is to start a new hobby? Or maybe you want to see your children spending less time on their computers this year and more time on a pursuit that gets them out of the house? A garden lodge can be the perfect place to contain this hobby and provide the extra space necessary. Loud hobbies such as practising musical instruments, producing music or singing are perfectly suited to being in a building disconnected from the main house. Being very well-insulated means that they will contain any noise effectively and not annoy the neighbours too much, or disturb you in your house. Having a separate garden building has so many versatile uses that you will be spoilt for choice. A new hobby is a great way to distract you from winter, having something to concentrate on and look forward to, is essential for beating those winter blues.




Games Room and entertainment


All the above, are great ways to beat winter blues. But for a truly entertaining way then why not build a bespoke games room! Fill your garden building with some of your favourite games and entertainment and winter will sail past while you are having fun. Some of the most popular options chosen by our customers are to have a pool table, darts room, or sports room for watching sports. Home entertainment can be installed by our professional electricians to create a bespoke room that caters to all your entertainment needs. This could provide you with a projector screen, a large TV, surround sound or whatever else might make your entertainment room perfect for your needs.


Meet with friends and family


One of the most important ways to get through the winter period is to spend time with family and friends. Having an outdoor building can be a great space for hosting an event. How about starting a book group, or a yoga class, or use it to facilitate a craft session. If you are the socialising type, then having a big open space separate to the house could work perfectly for you.


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