Entertaining Alfresco | summer trends for outdoor entertaining

Here are our top tips for entertaining alfresco in your garden this summer:

The humble BBQ tends to be high on the agenda for many people wanting to entertain during the balmy summer months; however Brits are now discovering other outdoor eating habits favoured by Europeans and other exotic Continents. Believe it or not, pizza ovens aren’t just for cooking your favourite doughy treat; they’re also a surprisingly diverse cooking tool. Baking crusty bread or pasta dishes, to roasting tender meat and vegetables are just a few ways to get the most out of your pizza oven. If you haven’t got the space or the budget for an outdoor wood burning pizza oven, there is always the rustic Chiminea. Originating in Mexico and used to keep tribes warm centuries ago, this cost-friendly outdoor heating source will beat the chill on cooler summer evenings, plus you can purchase removable grills or iron pans to fit inside, so you can cook al fresco to your heart’s content.

Garden Rooms
Where to go when the weather takes a turn for the worse? A separate garden room with a decking area and an all-weather canopy is the perfect solution to your entertaining needs. Look through our range of garden lodges or contact us to get a design and site survey.

Board of your decking or want to bring your ‘crazy-paving’ up to date? Think wooden floorboards only look great in your home? Outdoor wooden flooring is soon to be a top trend for gardens. Consider a decked, golden teak patio to bring your garden up-to-date, just make sure to protect and treat the wood impeccably to resist rot and weather damage. If you have problems with water staying on your patio after it rains, invest in permeable paving which allows water to seep in through their surface to reduce run off.

From small solar path lights, floodlights to wall lights, lighting is a simple way to transform and update your garden easily. This season sees the traditional table-top lantern as the light du jour to add ambiance to late evening BBQ’s; whether it’s a classic chrome style or fun pineapple-shaped, there’s a lantern to suit all tastes.