Find more space in your home on “Organise your home day”

5 tips for finding more space in your home on organise your home day

The 14th of January is “Organise Your Home Day”. Will you be considering new storage solutions and reorganising your home on “Organise your home day”? Here are our top 5 tips for making your house seem more spacious without throwing out your beloved possessions.

The UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe,i an average on 85m2 even with considerable de-cluttering and organising, we can still feel that space is at a premium. “Have a place for everything and everything in its place!” Can be easier said than done.

Lack of space is the most common cause of dissatisfaction people cite in relation to their homes. With many people in the UK struggling to find space for their work or interests.

1. Have you considered “wall art” storage?

Correctly displayed all types of items can make an elegant feature. Instead of getting rid of clutter, consider whether you can display it so it appears more elegant. We have seen toilet rolls, shoes, mugs and even a bike displayed as an art piece on the wall. Instead of getting rid of clutter, think about whether you can display it as a feature instead. The clutter you gather (and cannot bare to get rid of) often consists of the items that mean most to you, and can allow you to create a work of art that truly represents your personality. By carefully curating your clutter, you can create an art display which is as individual as you are.

Click here to see our pinterest board for some ideas on how to display your clutter as artwork

Wall art storage


2. Curated Clutter

Focal points are important when planning a room. It is a good starting point for all interior design projects. Surprisingly small rooms can often benefit from more focal points than large rooms and by putting more features into small rooms, it can result in it looking less cluttered. We have put together some of our favourites images from, which show that even with a lot of stuff a space can still look stylish.


3. Decorate

Monochromatic colour schemes, more light colours and careful use of dark paint have all been suggested as possible ways to make your room look bigger. We have also heard that if you have a picture rail, painting the top section of the wall a different colour can make a room feel more spacious. There are lots of tips and tricks for using paint colours effectively, and create the optical illusion of more space. The interior design advice is different for every room, so read up online.

Another popular and well known tricks is to use mirrors to create the illusion of extra space.


4. Look to the internet for inspiration.

We love it shows portraits of people told through their bedroom. These are often creative Londoners who due to the expensive cost of renting in the city choose a room in a shared house. This room often has to be used for a living room, an office, as well as a sleeping space. It provides unlikely inspiration for utilising small spaces. When you learn to live in the smallest of spaces you become inventive with how you use the space.

5. Make the most of the available space in the garden

The average size of a garden in the UK is 90m2 ii. One option is to make the most of “Organise your home day” to get more space by having an extra room constructed in your garden.

Garden Studio planning permission

If you are choosing extra space on when planning your garden room, we recommend considering its use first, ensuring you get a practical space which solves some of your organisational challenges. This also allows you to design a room that is fit for purpose. For example is used an art or hobby space, lots of natural light is important, whereas if you want to keep gym equipment in the room, a taller ceiling height would be practical.

A multi-purpose garden room can also work well. One of our customers, a musician, chose a room which had the  primary purpose of a space for teaching music lessons, but it is also as an office, and has a veranda, for when his band to play on when they entertain his friends in the summer.

A bespoke garden room will make the most of the space you have available in your garden. Even if you have a quirky shaped garden. You might be surprised how useful a small unusual shaped garden room. In the unusual unsymmetrical office, the Hyde family found a practical office and storage for all their office materials, click here to read about the Hyde Family’s usual garden room.