Garden lodge exterior design – which styles would suit your garden?


Garden lodges are an increasingly popular option for those people wanting to increase the usability of their garden and add increased value to their property. Choosing the design of your lodge exterior can have a huge impact on your garden and help to create an attractive building that will suit your garden and the surrounding area.


Getting the look and design of your garden lodge is important, especially as in most cases you will be looking at it from your home, in fact, you will most likely spend more time looking at your garden lodge than you do at your own house.


What are the important considerations to make with your garden lodge design?

The main factors that will dictate the look and aesthetics of your garden lodge are the use of different cladding or render, the choice of windows and doors and the style and shape of the building.

Our cladding is available in hard wearing cedar or painted pine, both offer a long-lasting, attractive and weatherproof option.

Cedar cladding is our most popular option. With its combination of modern contemporary looks, excellent weatherproofing and relatively low cost, it is easy to see why it has become a widely used material. We utilise Canadian cedar cladding in all of our garden lodges, which is a harder wearing product that it’s UK counterpart.

Canadian cedar cladding is grown slower than UK cedar due to the colder climate. As such it is extremely durable and stable. It has an attractive natural appearance and responds well to treatment.

Most Western Red Cedar used in the U.K. is imported from North America and Western Canada and is a PEFC Certified, sustainably sourced Timber.

Garden Lodge Pilates Studio

Cedar cladding works especially well with dark grey windows and oak effect windows to create a modern and contemporary design. The look and feel of the building can be further enhanced through the use of decking that can extend the usability and make the building more connected to the garden.

Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking

Painted pine is another option for cladding, this could be the best option if you still want the tactile softness of wood, but would prefer to add more dramatic impact with a particular colour scheme. Maintenance is quick and easy but like all timber products, cedar and painted pine will need some ongoing maintenance in order to keep in good order and looking at its best. Cedar benefits from being fed regularly with suitable oil and painted pine will need to repainted annually to make sure it is totally protected from rain, the same way you would look after a timber fence.

Compact Garden Office with sliding doors

Render is an optional extra on all of our lodges and can create a sharp clean look to any building, allowing you flexibility with the colour scheme. Render would normally require less maintenance than a timber finish, providing long-lasting protection for years to come. Because of the additional skills required render is not always an option from many garden room companies. We like to think that we are able to offer more choice and allow our customers to design a building that is perfectly suited to their requirements. Whilst cladding can provide a modern look and feel, rendering can be used to create something very clean and sophisticated. White render accented with grey aluminium window frames is a popular choice for those wanting to create a ‘grand designs’ modern garden building.

Windows and doors


Windows and doors are an important consideration for how your garden building will look. Coloured frames can create a variety of looks, depending on the colour of the frames and the render or cladding you choose. Our garden lodges come with a choice of either UPVC or aluminium frames, which are available as an optional upgrade. Both provide excellent thermal performance and come with double glazed units.

Bi-fold doors are a great way to add a striking element to the front of your garden lodge. Large glazed areas create a modern and striking looking building, while also letting in plenty of light. Bi-fold doors are the perfect way to enjoy your garden, as they open up to the full width of the door frame, meaning in summer you can really bring the garden into your garden lodge and feel connected to the outdoors, while in winter you can enjoy brilliant views while being behind well-insulated glazing.


Shape and design

Our buildings are usually rectangular, with the variable of having a pitched roof or flat roof. Pitched roofs can be positioned either lengthways or longways, with the latter allowing for a glazed gable end.

Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room

We are very happy to design more unusual shaped buildings if that would suit your requirements more and have built some wonderful, interesting buildings for our customers over the years. L-Shaped buildings are something we specialise in and we have built many L-Shaped buildings over the years.

islay render and brickjpg

L-shaped buildings have the advantage of providing a bit more extra space and create a more interesting layout that can be adapted to a number of functions. Again, this is something that not many of our competitors offer, due to the complexity of the roof structure and is one way that we offer a more bespoke, individual product.

Unique Garden Office, with canopy and decking

Often the buildings we design are created for a specific reason in mind, for example, we have built lodges for use as a church hall, education centre, home gym, pool house, to name a few. Bespoke design is sometimes necessary for the way the building will be used and this is something that we are happy to collaborate with you on.


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