Garden Lodge in London

Donhead Lodge Exterior

Width: 9.00m
Depth: 5.00m
Height: 2.86m
External Area: 45m2

Donhead school was looking for a Garden Lodge to use as extra space for their students, and to have a relaxed area that combines the outside with the comfort of the indoors. The front of the annexe is fitted with a 3.2m wide bifold door, light fills the lodge making it bright and airy. The outside of the lodge is finished in our Western Red Cedar, this finish is one of our most popular.

This lodge has a considerably large interior at 40.01m2 used for lunchtimes, and the odd lesson. The interior is painted in white, with chrome down lights, plug sockets, and the laminate flooring has an oak finish. The school have made a few additions I.e emergency lighting etc, this would be to comply with regulations required for a school building.

Overall the lodge took just a few weeks to construct, a concrete slab was laid first, a slab was used here due to London clay soil conditions. Then the framework ( our own warehouse produced SIPs ) of the build would have been erected atop the slab, quickly and carefully put together by our professional build team.

The flat rubber EPDM-lined roof is then installed at a slight degree pitch to allow for rainwater drainage, and the windows and doors are fitted. Finally the walls are fully plastered, painted in matt white emulsion and the flooring is fitted. The electric and light fittings are also installed and tested. We always make sure to clear our on-site rubbish away, as well as give the new Garden Lodge a good clean before handing over the keys.


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