Garden Lodge in Norfolk

This garden lodge in Norfolk sits in the family garden, and is primarily being used as a gym. The lodge is suitable for year round use as we use SIPS panels, these provide great insulation, so once you have heated the lodge it will retain the heat for a long time.

The front of the lodge here has the french doors for the entry and two windows either side, because of the white finish on the inside of the lodge and the large windows and doors the room lights up very well during the day. The doors and windows on this build are aluminium, the benefit of this is that they should have a longer life due to the harder materials used to construct them. The aluminium due to its stronger materials allows for a thinner frame allowing for more glass.

Our garden studios take just a few weeks to construct and most of the time do not require planning permission due to their sizes. Our construction method allows for the garden studios to be completed quickly, usually within a 3-6 week period depending on size and shape. The build sits on concrete pads with timber bearers, then the SIPS panels constructed at our warehouse are custom made for each build, allowing them to slot together and quickly create the shape of the building.

The roof is EPDM-lined and installed at a pitch to allow rainwater drainage, this particular build does though have a slanted roof going from 2.86 at the front to 2.49 at the rear, due to the height the building did not have to go through planning. The interior of the build is fitted and finished with laminate oak flooring, chrome downlights, plug sockets, plastered and painted in matt white emulsion, the exterior has western red cedar cladding which should eventually fade to match the main house. All the electrics are installed by us, tested and checked. We always make sure to clear our on-site rubbish, as well as give the new garden room a good clean before handing over the keys.