Garden Lodges and planning permission

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So what are the rules surrounding a Garden Lodge?


A common question we get asked by our customers is regarding planning permission. In some extreme cases if you are a victim of a planning ruling you could find that you need to remove a building, so it is important to use a company that knows what it is doing and understands the planning rules. Luckily, the rules are quite simple – most people can, in fact, build a garden lodge without planning permission within permitted development rights. Permitted development rights mean you can build a minor development without applying for planning permission, so long as the building is not going to be used for permanent living accommodation.

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Where can I build a Garden Lodge in my garden?


Firstly if you intend to build a Garden Lodge in front of your house, this will almost certainly require planning permission. Building on the side of your property is possible unless you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in an area such as this you must build within 20m of any part of the house. If you do build further than 20m from the house then the subsequent building must be no more than 10 m2


Does a Garden Lodge have to be more than 1 metre from the boundary?


This is something we often get asked, as its common to think that all garden buildings need to be built at least 1 metre from the boundary. A garden lodge that does not meet building regulations must be built 1m from the boundary if the size of the building exceeds 15m2. This is due to non-building regulation buildings not always being constructed from non-combustible materials. For a building to be built less the 1m from the boundary the entire building would need to meet building regulations.


Who has permitted development rights?


Not all properties have permitted development rights, people who live in flats, maisonettes and listed buildings may find that they have none. Sometimes an article 4 condition is also associated with a property, which can also restrict the permitted development rights available. Article 4’s are made by the local planning authority. The intention is to restrict the scope of the permitted development rights or a particular area or site. However, it is true that the majority of homes do in fact have permitted development rights.

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What are the permissible uses of a Garden Lodge that does not require planning permission?


Basically, it is possible to use your Garden Lodge for any use that is the same as in the main house, as long as it is not for permanent sleeping accommodation.


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How can Garden Lodges help if you do need planning permission?


There is no need to worry if your garden lodge does require planning permission. We can submit an application on the client’s behalf at an additional cost of £1672.00 inc VAT.  This includes creating the scaled drawings, planning statement and liaising with the case officer until the decision.  We use a company called Plainview to carry out all the planning submissions. With our breadth of experience with planning and building regulations, we will be able to advise you on the best course of action and suggest which design would work best, while also being acceptable to planning authorities.

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