Garden Lodges chosen to build a studio on the London 2012 Olympic site

Greeted by enthusiastic, flag-waving crowds, the Olympic Torch is making its way round Britain as the countdown to the 2012 games continues. Excitement is mounting as the day of the Opening Ceremony draws ever closer. The Olympic Park has undergone a stunning transformation and the entire area has been regenerated into a modern, thriving environment.

Garden Lodges is extremely proud to have been chosen to construct one of the smaller buildings on the Olympic site, one with a very important function. Finished in May this year, the garden studio will be used as part of the overall security operations. After another company was unable to fulfil the contract, Garden Lodges stepped in to save the day.

With a strict time limit of two weeks and difficult working circumstances, including restricted access, the team worked tirelessly to complete the project. The building method used for this garden studio was particularly suited to the constraints involved here, since the panels are constructed in a manufacturing facility in Sandy, with close attention to every detail, and then transported to the site for assembly. The requirement was for full length glass windows all along one elevation, and these were carefully fixed into place after the wall panels had been erected.

This bespoke studio building is perfect for use by the security team on the Olympic site, and has been designed to fit neatly into an existing space between John Lewis and Cisco, blending in neatly with the surroundings. It may not be as big as the Orbit or the Stadium, but it plays an essential part in the successful overall operations of the London 2012 Olympics.