Garden Lodges – Improve your work life balance with a bespoke office garden building.



Working from home is increasingly being seen as one of the best ways to improve your work-life balance. These days more and more people are frustrated with commuting to work, over half of the people working in the UK spend more than an hour per day travelling to and from work, with 10% of those forking out £90 – plus for the privilege. If those figures don’t seem bad enough, 38% of us spend an extra 15 minutes waiting in traffic, delayed by public transport, or simply waiting for a bus or train. Shockingly 21% have to wait for between 30 – 45 minutes per day!

Imagine now the scenario, you wake up, make a coffee and walk 15 seconds to your beautifully constructed, warm spacious office garden building. Compared to 50% of the workforce you have just saved your self 1 hour in the day. What would you do with that time? Be more productive? Do more exercise? Spend more time with the children? Time is the most valuable commodity in the world, and working from home in an office garden building is a simple way to claw back more of it for yourself.


Flat roof Garden Studio

Garden offices needn’t be large or expensive. Our smaller builds start from £17,322 inc. VAT. This price includes UPVC windows, a flat roof style and thermal efficient SIP panel construction. This smart office fits perfectly at the bottom of the garden and provides a quiet and spacious area to work from. SIP panel construction provides excellent insulation meaning that our garden offices are inexpensive to heat in winter, while the large folding doors mean that when the weather is hot, you can throw open the doors and enjoy your garden while working.


Art studio office garden

This photo typifies the view that is enjoyed by our customers as they start their day. Large folding doors are now an extremely popular way to bring in light and air and lets you bring your garden into your workspace. Imagine sitting and enjoying this view instead of waiting on a train platform or sitting in traffic. Many of our customers have told us how much improved their work-life balance has become since making the move to become self-employed and working from a garden studio.


office garden bi-folding doors

This is the same office garden building, viewed from outside. It uses timber cladding and dark grey window frames to create a clean and contemporary look that would suit most urban gardens. A slate terraced area further enhances the look and feel and allows the new owner to enjoy the garden with ease. Why not also add a water feature or pond? Water is proven to reduce stress and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for getting over the stresses of your old commute.


A garden room used as an office benefits from an internet connection

Connectivity is an obvious necessity for any garden office. Garden Lodges will be able to connect your new office with your house’s electricity so that you will be up and running in no time. We would also suggest investing in a separate wifi router, connected to your home wifi so that you can enjoy uninterrupted internet connection. There are many options when it comes to office fittings and furnishings. In this example, a large desk is situated so that it makes the most of the large floor to ceiling windows. Fitted shelving adds to the upmarket feel.



The floor plan above shows the sort of layout and dimensions that is common for one of our office buildings. 2 convenient cupboard areas provide some additional garden storage plus storage for the office. The building is accessed via large sliding doors and the desk sits in the corner enjoying plenty of light. With an internal space of around 8 metres, it provides a generous multi-purpose area.



Of course, it’s not all about the interior, one of the key benefits of building an office in the garden is to enjoy your garden and outdoor space while working. Making the most of this connection can be achieved in a number of ways. Here the owner has created a brilliant decked area that flows from the office and incorporates trees and shrubs within the design. By connecting the 2, the office space seems larger and creates a truly relaxing Zen-like environment from which to work.



Working from home might not just mean being a pen pusher. Many of our garden offices are destined for more artistic purposes. We have built many sound insulated music studios and light-filled art studios for our customers over the years.


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