Garden Lodges, the perfect solution for a pub in the garden.



It is a regular desire of many people to build there own pub. Who doesn’t fancy the idea of popping down the garden and pouring a swift pint, or making a cocktail to enjoy outside?

When you have your own pub in the garden all this is possible. No last orders, a roaring log fire, some comfy pub chairs, a selection of pint glasses and tankards. You can let your imagination go wild. Invite your friends round and be the envy or your street.

A pub in the garden, built by Garden Lodges, could provide you with your perfect hangout. We are able to build a Garden Lodge in 3 – 4 weeks. Meaning that you could be up and running sooner than you think. Some of the key requirements for a pub in the garden might be running water, electricity, drainage and washing up facilities. All of these options are possible. Unlike many other Garden Lodge builders, we are able to create a bespoke solution to our customer’s needs that can incorporate all of these facilities.

Other options that might be a ‘must-have’ for your garden pub could be some classic pub carpets, Sky TV a pool table or a fridge.


Ultra-modern flat roof Garden Studio, constructed with SIPs and aluminium bi-fold doors


After you book a free site survey with one of our experienced surveyors we will be able to suggest a building that could work best for your pub in the garden. The building above is a great option. Our Garden Studio, with grey powder-coated aluminium door frames, is a built to a high specification. With 100mm insulated SIP panels, the building is very warm in winter, and cool in the summer, great when you want to chill out on a hot day. Our garden studios start from as little as £18,518, for a 3.91m x 2.71m, including all groundwork and building work.


Garden room in the grounds of a listed building


Another option might be from our Garden Lodge range. With a pitched roof and impressive floor to ceiling glazing, this garden building strikes an imposing figure in any garden. The extra height might be useful if you want to install large equipment, or if you just want to enjoy the greater feeling of space that a double height ceiling can provide.

A garden bar can also be a great idea if you plan to install a swimming pool in your grounds. Why not make the pool-house double-up as a functioning bar. That way you would not need to traipse through your house to get refreshments as everything would be within easy reach of your pool.


While its fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today. CLICK HERE