Garden Offices of the past

The famous 18th century poet William Cowper, admired and respected by both Wordsworth and Coleridge among many others, is often considered to be one of the forerunners of Romantic poetry. In addition to his poetry, he is known for his letters, translations and essays, and for writing many hymns still sung today. Like many brilliant artists, Cowper was plagued by fluctuating moods and emotions and even mental instability – and also like many other artists, he found it easiest to do his writing in a garden room. Cowper called his quaint summerhouse his ‘Sulking Room’, and it can still be visited today at his house in Olney, Buckinghamshire.


Cowper is known for writing about the countryside and everyday life. With this in mind, his garden office must have been the ideal location for both inspiring his imagination and encouraging concentration. Garden lodges and rooms often seem to have a positive mental effect as well as being practical. Being that much closer to nature is a bonus in today’s technological, digital life – although certainly the buildings from us here at Garden Lodges are fully compatible with the latest technology and we can connect them up for you as we build.

These days, garden rooms are still popular as artists’ studios, whether that art is writing, painting, music or pottery. However, there has also been a huge rise in the popularity of working from home, and with that often goes a need for a bespoke home office. All too often, homeworkers quickly discover that working from a spare bedroom, or indeed the kitchen table, just doesn’t work. There is no separation between home life and work, interruptions are frequent, and concentration is impossible. Choosing to build garden offices is the option many people go for these days, especially since it adds value to the property as well. Our range includes many different options and every single office is bespoke to your particular requirements. Cowper’s comment on his ‘Sulking Room’, it would seem, is just as applicable to garden rooms today: “It is secure from all noise, and a refuge from intrusion”.