Garden offices with toilet and shower room

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Garden offices and lodges are built for a huge number of reasons, varying from a garden office, home gym, music studio, work-out room, pool room or a pub in your garden, to name a few. As people’s needs evolve and change then so do their requirements for what a garden lodge should include. A popular choice is to have a lodge built with a toilet and shower room, which can increase the functionality of your building tenfold and make the building future proof for a number of different uses.

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Many people are choosing to add a toilet and shower room to their garden lodge in order to increase its usability. If you are thinking about building a garden gym, then a shower is a great idea for making the space more usable. Unless your house is very close to your garden lodge, installing a toilet is usually going to make your garden building much more practical in a variety of situations, whether it is to be used as an office, a garden gym, a pool room or garden pub. Also, it opens up the possibility of using your garden lodge as a temporary guest room if you have people to stay. (If you plan to use the garden room as a permanent living accommodation then it would be necessary to apply for planning permission in this case).


What are the practical requirements for installing a toilet and shower?

In order to have a toilet and shower room installed then there will be an increase in costs due to the extra work that will be necessary. Usually, the plumbing for a toilet and shower would be connected to the utilities of the main house. Where possible – drains would be connected to your main drainage system, this might also require a pump depending on the distances involved. Water is also connected to that of your main house. This can involve quite a bit of extra groundwork and some disturbance to your garden, which is worth noting before you decide to go for this option.

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Shower room design

We install shower rooms using great quality fittings and fixtures from market leading bathroom suppliers. It is possible to have either a normal shower unit or wet-room shower fitted and to choose from a range of shower room tiles or LVT tiles, depending on your budget. Our shower rooms also include a combination vanity unit comprising of a toilet, drawers, and a worktop in either white or black.





Wetrooms are an increasingly popular option for many customers as they provide a very easy to clean and practical shower facility. If your garden lodge it to be used for a number of functions then a wetroom can be a great option, especially if people are going to be coming in and out with muddy feet or wet feet from using a pool. With a wetroom, it is possible to just hose it down in order to keep it clean.



We also offer a variety of tiles to create an elegant and practical shower room with ceramic or LVT tiles available in a range of colours and styles. LVT tiles (luxury vinyl tiles) are a relatively new product on the market that has become increasingly popular due to being hardwearing, waterproof and a bit warmer that regular tiles or laminated flooring.

A slightly more expensive option is the plain white tiles and ceramic tiles that can add a touch of class to any garden lodge and come in a number of colours and designs such as a plain pattern or wave embossed pattern.

Another optional upgrade is possible with the shower system itself. We can install an electric shower system, which is the easiest to install and would not require any additional boiler or unvented water cylinder. If you were planning to install a boiler or unvented water cylinder for a heating system, then it is also possible to have a chrome rainfall shower system installed.


Towel rails are another great option for a garden lodge shower room. Towel rails will keep your shower room toasty warm and help to stop it from getting damp. Our towel rails are electric and do not require any additional heating systems.


What are other popular upgrades for Garden Lodges?


Shower rooms and toilets are not the only upgrades that can be provided for the garden lodges that we build. It is also possible to add some extra elements to the outside of the building such as decking, outdoor lighting, handrails or ramps for easy access. Decking is possible in a choice of pressure treated hardwood, or composite decking, which is extremely low maintenance and will last a lifetime.


Inside your garden lodge, it is also possible to add some bespoke extras, such as air conditioning, heating, internet connection, extra roof lights and storage. As all of our buildings are bespoke and made to the exact specification of our customers there are few limits as to what is possible as long as it is permitted by building regulations.


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