Garden room foundations

The foundations for your garden room are included in the price on your quotation.

At a no obligation, site survey, we will guide you through our choice of foundations and help to design your ideal garden building. Please click here to book a site survey.

In most cases we use concrete pad foundations, usually ideal for this type of room. A concrete pad foundation allows for a clean and efficient build. Another benefit of this type of foundation is that the room does not sit at ground level, giving additional protection against rising damp. This is the most affordable choice of foundation.

Our surveyor will assess the proposed site for your building during our no obligation, site survey. At this point they may decide a concrete slab foundation may be more appropriate, this option is more suitable for some buildings designs and for certain soil types. In this case, our surveyor will also be able to decide how thick the concrete slab foundation should be. For our larger buildings, building regulations are required, and this sometimes leads us to select a concrete slab foundation.

There is an additional charge for a concrete slab foundation, which will be included in your quotation.

Garden Room Concrete Foundations
Garden Room Concrete Foundations

It is essential that the most suitable foundations are chosen for your building, so that it can last a lifetime. Our experienced staff, will be certain to select the construction method most suitable for your building, so that your room is stable and level.

For ground that is not level, concrete pad foundations are usually ideal, but we may be required to consider other types of foundations. We have experience of building on a wide variety of terrains and as part of the bespoke design of your building, we will choose foundations ideal for your landscape.

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