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Roof types

At Garden Lodges, we try to provide a flexible approach to choosing your ideal garden building. Depending on the lodge you choose, we offer two roof styles: the traditional Pitched Roof or the modern design Flat Roof. We can also offer an upgrade to a Monopitch roof.

At a no obligation, site survey, we will guide you through your choice of roofs, and help to design your ideal garden building. Please click here to book a site survey.

Flat roof


Pitched Roof


Monopitch Roof

Monopitch roof

Examples of pitched roof garden rooms from Garden Lodges

Below are some recent examples of pitched roof garden buildings that have been completed by Garden Lodges. Garden Lodges’ pitched roof garden rooms are popular choices as they have vaulted ceilings resulting in a light and airy interior. A pitched roof is a practical choice for gym equipment, as the higher level ceilings are perfect for treadmills.

Pitched Roof Garden Room

Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room

Pitched roof with tiles


Pitched roof bespoke design


Roof materials

Pitched Roof – Garden Lodges and Traditional Garden Rooms
For our pitched roof buildings, as standard we usually include Mini stonewold roof tiles, in slate grey colour.

Mini Stonewold tiles are also available in a range of other colours. We also offer Centurion tiles in a range of colours.

Mini Stonewold tiles


Centurion tiles


Tiled roof


Flat and Monopitch Roof – Garden Studios and Garden Offices
EPDM will flex and resists all changes in temperature without cracking or peeling and is totally resistant to atmospheric pollution. Also comes with a 20 year manufacturers guarantee. We install contemporary aluminium roof trims as standard on all of our Garden Offices and Garden Studios.

Contemporary aluminium roof trims


Epdm Synthetic Rubber


Flat Room Garden Studio

flat roof

You can also upgrade to a sedum or “green” roof.

Other Roof Features

We will also ensure your garden building is fully protected from the elements with rainwater guttering installed as standard across our full range of products.

Reducing heat loss through the roof of your garden building is fundamental to reducing both your ongoing heating costs and the environmental impact of your new garden building. Garden Lodges therefore install 100mm EPS roof panels as standard on all of our products to ensure your building is fully insulated.

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