Air conditioning

We find the temperature in our garden offices, studios and lodges is pleasant all year, they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But having an air conditioning unit means your garden room will have the optimum conditions needed for work or leisure. With a single unit on the wall of your garden studio, office or lodge, you can choose whether to heat or cool your room.

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Air conditioning in a garden office
Air conditioning in a garden office

There are a wide range of units available that offer a wide range of modes and control, and each has a different energy efficiency rating. Both wall mounted and free standing air conditioning units are available. Our build team can install an air conditioning unit for you, including a hose to expel the warm air from the room. We will consider the type and design of the selected air conditioning to ensure that you get a professional finish.

Wall mounted air conditioning for a garden room, is the most popular choice, this is because most of the sleek designs allow the unit to blend into the background, without taking up valuable floor space. As well as controlling the heat of the room, an air conditioning unit can also improve air circulation and air quality, useful if you are considering using your room as a garden gym or a garden office.

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