Monopitched roof

A Mono-pitch roof is an optional extra for our flat roof buildings, but the good news is, it will not add any additional cost to your quotation. We have recently had a lot of interest in monopitch garden buildings because it allows our customers to have the on-trend flat roof style and tall ceilings and often without the requirement for planning permission.

A Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges with a monopitch roof.
A Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges with a monopitch roof.

On a building with a monopitch roof one side of the roof sits considerably higher than the eaves height of 2.5m, and the ceiling and roof slopes down to the lowest point. We have illustrated the differences between our different roof types on included features, high specification roof page.

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The slope of the roof is the only difference, the monopitched roof garden building will use EPDM as the roofing material and will be finished with contemporary roof trims and guttering. They will include the same insulation as our flat roof buildings.

A lot of customers prefer the ceiling height offered by selecting a mono-pitch ceiling, as the height is closer to that of the rest of a house, giving the space the feel of an extension. A taller ceiling height is also useful if you want to use gym equipment, as treadmills often sit as much as 1ft above the ground, and many customers find the non-planning flat roof height of less than 2.5m is restrictive.

Although we find a planning application process easy, some of our customers prefer to avoid this, as it can delay the construction of the building. A garden studio or garden office with a monopitch roof, in the majority cases, does not require planning permission.

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