Sedum Roof

Sedum roofs, also known as living roof systems, are a layer of plants which live across the roof of your building. They do not require a lot of maintenance and give an interesting aesthetic feature. Sedum roofs are popular choice for a more natural finish to a garden room. There are a wide range of sedum (succulents) species suitable for the roof of our garden buildings, in a wide range of colours and varieties.

Sedum roof Garden Studio
Sedum roof Garden Studio

A green roof looks great when you are looking over your garden building from your main house. Many of our customers prefer the look of this type of roof, as it blends neatly into the garden, and disguises the aerial profile of the building. This makes sedum roof for customers considering the overall landscaped finish of their garden room.

If you are looking for a garden room with a living roof, please click here to book a no obligation, site survey and we will be happy to design a building to meet your requirements.

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By choosing to have a sedum roof on the roof of your garden office or garden studio, you are making a green and eco-friendly choice. A sedum roof on your garden room can become a microclimate for birds and insects, minimising the impact of a new building on its environment. With the shrinking habits of many of our native wildlife species,

Choose a sedum roof for a natural finish
Choose a sedum roof for a natural finish

We have installed many sedum roofs, and we are experience in carrying out all of the steps required for a successful installation on this type of roof. This means you can have a beautiful green roof on your garden room and ensure that your garden remains a wonderful habitat for wildlife. Please mention during your no obligation, site survey, that you are interested in a sedum roof.

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