Many of our customers are asking us for a garden room with a storage area. There are lots of reasons to include a storage space built into your garden studio, office or lodge, for example, a separate entrance, which is hidden from display, can hide a room for keeping items that you do not want on display in the garden room.

It is a popular choice for pool houses, where pools require a lot of equipment and chemicals to keep them chemical free, but where you do not want these unsightly items on display. A hidden room in your garden building can also be used to store bikes, and gardening equipment.

It can also provide a useful space for patio furniture throughout the winter months.

Close up of hidden door on a garden room with storage area.
Close up of hidden door on a garden room with storage area.

If you are looking for a garden room with storage, please click here to book no obligation, site survey and quotation.

Recently we completed a cedar clad garden room, and the storage room, also had a cedar clad rather than a feature door, allowing the storage area to be disguised and blend seamlessly into their landscaped garden.

As our buildings are built using structurally insulated panels, it stops the room feeling the extremes of temperature, and other elements, meaning that more delicate items, such as paper will store much better in this space than a traditional garden shed. Or if you are using the room as a garden office, a space like this could be useful for filing paperwork, allowing you to maintain a smart and professional image inside your room.

Garden Studio with storage area
Garden Studio with storage area

As your garden room is designed bespoke for you, you can discuss the proposed dimensions and size of your storage area in a garden room with our surveyor. Simply click here to book no obligation site survey, and we will help you plan a garden room meets your requirements for both living space and storage.

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