Garden Rooms and Garden Rage….

Here at Garden Lodges we like to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and interesting information regarding garden rooms and the garden environment in general. This week we found the results of a survey conducted by the BBC Gardeners’ World magazine insightful and slightly amusing.

The research was based on 800 interviews conducted by Gardeners’ World magazine with the aim of discovering what annoys people most while they are out enjoying their garden – a phenomenon that has been dubbed ‘garden rage’. There are a number of predictable inclusions such as loud music, radios and televisions, mobile phones, dogs barking, security lighting flashing on and off and parties, there were also some more unusual irritations on the list such as the smell of fabric conditioner, stray chickens, model aeroplanes and the sound of wind chimes.

Another annoyance that is creeping up the list of irritants that cause ‘garden rage’ is the hot tub. This relatively new phenomenon, which has made its way over from Scandinavia via America, is becoming increasingly annoying for neighbours that complain about the continuous bubbling sound as well as the tendency for them to bring with them late night parties.

The top 10 causes of garden rage were as follows:

1. Television and radio sounds
2. Parties
3. Children
4. Power tools
5. House alarms
6. Hot tubs
7. Barbecue smoke
8. Cats
9. Bright security lights
10. Bins

Today many people have such busy lifestyles that the garden is becoming increasingly important as a place to find some peace and relax. To make the most of your outdoor space, it is important to choose appropriate furniture, plants, and consider other features such as garden rooms. Garden rooms can provide an ideal space in which to make the most of your garden, whatever the weather.

If you are interested in adding a garden room to your property, visit us at Garden Lodges – whether you are looking for a new area to relax in, or even a new area to work in (such as a garden office or a garden studio), we can create a design to suit your needs. Garden Rooms are highly versatile and the space can be adapted as required.