Garden rooms for the sports fanatic: never miss a game again

With thousands of TV channels available today, it is highly unlikely that every member of the family will want to watch the same thing. For sport fans, this issue can be especially inconvenient because the outcome of whatever game they are missing will likely be broadcasted before they have a chance to watch a rerun or a recording. A completely customisable garden room from Garden Lodges could be the perfect solution. The sport fans in the family could have their own area to cheer on their favourite teams, without disturbing the rest of the family.

Garden Lodges has been so successful with their garden rooms because they create a great, personal space for less money than a house extension or loft conversion. The ability to provide insulation, integral electrics for power, lighting and communication services makes these spaces amenable to becoming a space for the sports fanatic of the family. Garden Lodges will even conduct a no-obligation site survey to determine the suitability of their products to each individual’s garden. If they see that the space is adequate, they also provide a full planning service to ensure that the new space agrees with the Local Planning Authority’s guidelines. Once the planning is done, projects usually take weeks instead of the months that a house extension or loft conversion can take. Therefore, sport fans can be in their very own customised sports haven in a timely manner.

Not a big sports fan? Garden Lodges has the ability to create an almost infinite number of possibilities for garden living. One of their most popular products is the garden office. Whether running a business from home or just working from home, these spaces offer a quiet, separate space away from the house to maximise efficiency. Another popular product is the garden studio. In the past, Garden Lodges has built soundproof music studios as well as art studios. No need for a separate space for your hobby? Garden rooms can be a great place to simply create an additional living space or studio apartment.