Garden Rooms: The 2012 Shed of the Year Awards!

Garden Rooms News: This week has seen the results of the prestigious Shed of The Year Award announced. The winner was John Plumridge from Shrewsbury, who has spent four long years converting his shed into his very own pub. Called The Woodhenge Pub, this garden shed pub is home to an astonishing 500 different real ale bottled varieties, 110 ciders and even a few spirits.
The Shed of the Year Award saw 2000 entries this year, from the weird to the wonderful. There was a whole host of fantastic creations, including Britain’s smallest working post office, an eco-friendly solar shed and even one that paid tribute to Dr Who’s Tardis. Although The Woodhenge Pub won overall best in the competition, there were several categories including garden office, ecofriendly, summerhouse, unique, garden studio, pub, tardis and normal garden shed.

The judging panel included the founder of the competition Andrew Wilcox, property expert Sarah Beeny, author Neil Gaiman, self-proclaimed ‘Sheddie’ and author of Shedworking Alex Johnson, as well as 2011 winner Jon Earl. The judging panel has witnessed tougher competition year on year, as garden rooms and garden studios become ever more popular.

Perhaps surprisingly, individuals in London submitted the most shed entries to the competition. London offered 63 entries, followed by 42 from Kent and 35 from both Lancashire and Essex. This year it was the garden office category which proved the most popular, with more than 125 entries. More and more people are choosing to work from home and avoid long commutes.

Here at Garden Lodges this news got us thinking about all the possibilities there are for garden rooms. Some of the entries for the competition were really inspirational and unique, and yet still completely possible in your own garden, no matter what space you have available. Our bespoke garden studios or garden offices can be designed to fit where required. If you have specific ideas or a specific purpose for your garden room, you can discuss this with the team and they can advise you on the best ways to meet your needs. If you have any questions or if you would like to book a site survey, please contact us