Garden Studios – Making the most of your garden space



These days we see our gardens as an extension of our house, they are increasingly the focal point of family activities and as such people are increasingly looking at ways to improve how their gardens work and make them into usable ‘year-round’ spaces.

A perfect way to develop and improve your garden is through the construction of a garden studio. These bespoke buildings offer a great range of options and allow you to create your own ‘grand designs’ project in the garden. Often people are looking at ways of increasing the usable space of their property. With the cost of upsizing being substantial in some areas and an extra bedroom often costing an extra £100,000, then it makes sense to consider how the garden can be used to expand into and utilised in order to create an extra office, spare room, art space or any other number of uses you can think of.


oak clad vaulted


A garden studio can come in many shapes and forms, designed to fit in with your garden’s surroundings and to meet the requirements of each individual customer perfectly. There are however some things to consider when building in your garden, especially if you want to build without the stress of gaining planning permission. In order to build a garden building within permitted development, you will need to make sure the following regulations are adhered to


  • The building must only be used for domestic use.
  • The footprint of the garden building must not exceed 50% of the total area of the property.
  • No part of the garden building is in front of the existing house that faces the road.
  • Height of the garden building is no more than 4 metres.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 4 metres and the eaves 2.5 metres if it more than 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • If your property is in a world heritage site or in an area of outstanding natural beauty then any buildings positioned more than 20 metres from the wall of the house must not exceed 10 square metres.
  • The building is not used for the keeping of pigeons!


As long as the building meets these requirements then there should be no problem to start construction without having to contact the planning authorities beforehand.


flat roof bifolding garden studio

How can a garden studio be used?

A garden studio is a very versatile building that can be adapted to a great variety of uses. Our garden studios are commonly used to create a home office, art studio, home gym, children’s play area, pool room, or music room. The possibilities are endless. We are able to discuss with you the best design and options that would meet your needs.


The office

The most common reason people choose to build a garden studio is for use as an office. With more and more people working from home, a garden office makes a lot of sense. An office in the garden is appealing for a number of reasons. A key factor is improving work-life balance and reducing the number of hours people spent travelling to work and commuting. With a garden studio office, your commute is reduced to simply walking down the garden in the morning. Having an office in the garden gives you this extremely convenient option, while also providing a certain degree of separation from your home, allowing you to disengage at the end of the day and have a clear physical distinction between home and work.


The chill-out room

Garden studios are not all about work. Obviously many people build a studio in which to relax and chill out. Having a quiet, light-filled building at the bottom of the garden can be utilised for a great number of functions, which are able to change and adapt with you as your interests or needs evolve. We have built garden studios that have been used for a great number of functions, including a yoga studio, art studio, music room, reading room. A garden studio makes a great place to relax because they are very well engineered buildings, complete with insulation, double glazing and fully decorated inside with laminate flooring, fully plastered and painted. All of these touches means you have a building you can truly relax in.



flat roof white wall

Design and functionality

Some designs lend themselves more to certain uses. For example, a pitched roof building can be better suited to use as a gym, as the extra roof height allows for tall equipment to be installed such as a multi-gym. Some local areas might have a typical traditional look for outbuildings, one such example is black timber cladding in Kent. If this is the case you might consider designing your garden studio sympathetically to fit in with the local architecture, this is something we are very happy to discuss with you and explore in further detail, getting the look of your garden studio just right is an important part of the process and one that we take great pride in.



Garden studios for special needs

Most of the studios we build are for particular functions as mentioned above. However, sometimes we do get asked to construct a building that will perform in particular special circumstances. This might include providing disabled access, such as ramps, handrails, wider doors for wheelchairs. We are even able to install reinforced ceilings if installing a mobile hoist is necessary. Reinforcements can also be necessary to the floors if particularly heavy equipment is going to be installed in your garden studio, such as gym equipment, hot tubs, pool tables etc.


Exterior finishes to your garden studio

The choice of finish you select for your studio can alter how your building works in its surroundings. Render creates a sleek and clean look that can work well in a more urban area and might reflect the style of other buildings in the surrounding location. Cladding can be chosen in a number of styles. Red cedar cladding is a popular option for wood and this natural hardwearing material fits in well in a garden setting. Other options can include Cedral cladding, stained timber, or larch.


Garden Room open doors


While it’s fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today and start your own spring ‘grand design’!