Get Your Gains in Your Own Personal Gym!

We have built many Garden Lodges for our customers for many different reasons. One of the more popular uses for the extra space provided by a garden room is a gym. We have helped our customers build functional and beautiful garden rooms so they can reach their workout goals by only taking a few steps from the house to their own personal gym! One of the biggest benefits is that you won’t ever have to wait around to use a machine that the person before you didn’t wipe down!

We wanted to collate a few inspiring images and items from some home gyms that really excel in style, design, functionality and might inspire you to wipe the dust from those dumbells.

Our Garden Lodges can make perfect and stylish home gyms, pitched roof options allow for plenty of headroom needed for weight lifting or running on a treadmill, on top of the functional aspect, installing gable end glazing will give a beautifully bright space that feels open and connected to your garden and outside space.

Now when it comes to owning your own home gym you are obviously going to need to kit it out so we wanted to direct you to some products, some of which are on the budget side (with good reviews) and to some luxury or state of the art items you can use to fill your home gym.





An exercise bike is a great way to get your heart pumping it is also a lower impact sport in comparison to running so a little better for the joints. We would suggest looking into one that uses a magnetic resistance system due to it being quieter, less maintenance and it uses set levels for resistance compared to a friction resistant exercise bike, if you are looking for a harder workout though friction resistance is the way to go. Another great thing to look out for is a bike with a good display and computer, as the better ones will accurately track your work outs, your heart rate and many other stats that should motivate your session.

JTX Cyclo 5


At £599.00 it is not particularly cheap, but what you get for that is a state of the art machine. The JTX Cyclo 5 has a myriad of functions and a high quality specification list, including 16 levels of resistance, advanced computer with bluetooth compatability so you can play your tunes through the speakers, heart rate sensor and more, click through here to visit the website. 


Brand-X RT-01 Roller Trainer

Cycle Roller

Currently on sale at £89.99 the roller trainer fits a tight budget and is the more compact (sort of) way to train at home, this may be the better option for those of you who look to cycle on the roads, as with this product you have to use your own bike. Much like a rolling road that you might see at your local garage, you stick your bike on top and start peddling the only thing to note is that you have to keep your balance otherwise you might find yourself and your bike horizontal and on the floor. Click here to visit their website.




Treadmills are the og gym equipment, a home gym without one would seem a little empty to be honest. The great thing about  treadmills is that they allow your body to move the way it’s supposed to and the ease of use is fairly unparralleled in comparison to other machines.



So this treadmill seemingly from the future is a beast of a machine it also comes at a bit of a beastly price too, it starts with an 9 and has 3 figures after that before the decimal, it is very close to being a 5 figure sum. If you were to bite the bullet and have one of these placed in your home gym, you might get some local fitness freaks drooling at it through the windows, we would also suggest beefing up your home security, although, it would be a rather cumbersome thing to try and steal. This machine allows for multiple types of exercise including the standard treadmill running so it is a bit of a multi-functional item possibly reducing the need for other equipment. Click here to view the product on the Technogym website.


Reebok One Series GT30


The budget option! At a remarkable 3% (£319.00) of the cost of the SKILLMILL Connect this treadmill may not provide the same amount of functions as the other but it is a great treadmill, have a look at this review linked here with a critical review and user ratings. Whilst still retaining a good level of design and style this treadmill has a good computer system with heart rate moniters aswell for tracking your workouts with a good degree of accuracy. Listening to your personal tracks is also made easy with inbuilt speakers so you can connect it to your phone or mp3 player! The only cons of this machine are that there is no bottle holder and the top speed is a little lower than other treadmills. Click here to view the treadmill.

Conditioning and Weight Training

Now that we have partially covered the cardio side of things, let’s have a look at an all in one machine, as it will take up less space and its multi-functionality will serve all of your muscles in one convenient product. If a all in one machine is not for your then do not fret there are many different options you can go for, simple barbells and dumbells can be pretty suitable, as you can use them in many different ways and a simple sophisticated bench press is fairly inexpensive.

BH Fitness G152X Global Multi Gym with Leg Press


Have a look here to see all the functions that this multi gym equipment can do, it is advertised at £1,299, although there is another offer on the site there at £799 it might be a bit of a steal at that price. Ultimately though if you want to get all of your workout goals completed in one this maching should provide all you need, it even has a leg press so you wont just be focusing on the mirror muscles unless thats what you want!

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press


The safer way to lift! because this benchpress uses a lever system you shouldn’t find yourself dropping a barbell on your chest after you have pushed yourself to the limit and you can’t lift no more. A sturdy machine that comes with storage for both normal and olympic style weights. The weights might be an added extra, but again you can use them in other areas like sit ups, squats and other workouts. Click here to find out more.

Now that you have an idea of what you might want to put in your home gym we can look at where. Annoyingly the equipment for a home gym is quite bulky if you have a spare room big enough then you could place it all in there but we would suggest a ground floor room due to weights but if you don’t have that space a garden room is a great solution to creating a dedicated space for your workout goals. We have built a fair few garden rooms for our customers designed for gyms and we would usually suggest a pitched roof building as when you are lifting barbells and such weights above the head the extra room can facilitate that. Not only are the pitched roof buildings rather attractive if they are installed with gable end glazing they let in a wonderful amount of light allowing you to workout with nature around you. Here are a few examples below.