He shed… She shed… Naming your garden room

‘She Shed’ was coined in April 2015 to describe a wooden structure used as a retreat for its female owner. The term was first used in the fun article on “The Lighter Side of Real Estate” called “Introducing “She Sheds”: Women’s Answer To The Man Cave”.

The term ‘Man Cave’ has come to be known as a place where the male owner can go to enjoy his favourite activities away from day to day life. ‘She Shed’ has come to be the term used for the equivalent for women, and ladies looking for somewhere special we have been busy sharing lovely examples of ‘She Sheds’ online.

‘She Shed’ isn’t one of our favourite names, garden rooms are so much more than sheds. Whilst reading through some of the commentary on the latest ‘She Shed’ trend we have come across some great names, which could be considered instead of ‘She Shed’.

‘Shedquearters’ – for a garden office, we love this! Also someone suggested ‘Snuggery’, commenting on the Houzz article on ‘She Sheds’. The Houzz user explains why they like this gender neutral suggestion, conveying a warm and cosy place for relaxation. Another reader comments “I might call mine an ‘Imaginarium’” we loved this too!

For our customers, ‘garden buildings’ is popular name, ‘garden studios’ and ‘garden office’ are also frequently used. Many of our customers call their building an ‘annexe’, other names reflect the usage of the space, gym, dance studio, yoga studio, play room, etc.

Whatever your preferred name for your garden room, we thought this was a great opportunity to scan our archives to find some of our favourite buildings a.k.a. ‘She Sheds’ constructed for female clients. We have designed some wonderful rooms for female owners, the majority have been designed to enable the owner of the ‘She Shed’ to work from home. Another popular choice for our female clients has been for a studio for practical work, such as painting, sculpture, upcycling and much more.

She Shed from Garden Lodges
“She Shed” has been recently coined as a name for a garden building for female customers
She Shed from Garden Lodges
A stunning and practical art studio commissioned by one our female clients

We have a range of standard garden buildings, and we can also design a bespoke “She Shed” to meet your requirements. Or how about this month’s special offer, a perfect contemporary summer house! If you would like a site survey, please contact us and we would be happy to help.