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Many of our customers, when considering a garden lodge, are looking for a bespoke place to work from home. A garden lodge can offer the perfect solution, providing a quiet and comfortable office space, that is detached from the main house, yet not totally isolated. For many people, this provides the perfect balance between work life and home life.


Some of the major advantages of working from home in a garden lodge:


  • Keep work life and home life separate
  • Design your perfect office from scratch
  • Enjoy your garden while ‘at work’
  • Reduce energy bills with our super insulated SIPs construction
  • Create an addition to your home that will add value
  • Garden lodges can double as a garden gym, studio or storage space
  • Have a quiet and comfortable place to work from
  • Create a new office, even if there is no room in your house


flat roof bifolding garden studio


Keep work life and home life separate

Keeping work life and home life separate is a big concern for many of our customers, being able to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day is crucial for many people, which some might find hard to do if their office is located in the main home. With a garden office, it is possible to keep the 2 entirely separate and create the perfect environment to work from.


white clad flat roof small


Design your perfect office from scratch

One of the best things about building a garden office is that you can design your perfect space. A cramped spare room is rarely able to provide the versatility that many people require. You might require more light, or ample storage, or extra height, or 2 or more desks. All of these necessities can be built into the design of your garden office from the beginning.


Modena Internal - Home Office Garden Room Storage


The first stage of any garden office construction is to book a free no obligation site survey with one of our experienced surveyors. During this visit, we will be able to discuss the requirements of your new garden office project and advise you on which type of building would work best.


Enjoy your garden while ‘at work’

Another great advantage of building a garden office is that you can enjoy your garden whilst at work. Many of our customers have told us how more relaxed they feel working in a ‘garden environment’. If you have a beautiful garden, why not make the most of it and enjoy it while you are in your office. In summer it is possible to throw open the doors and connect your office space to the outdoors. These days with busy workloads and long commutes we increasingly don’t have time to enjoy the garden, but this can become a thing of the past with a garden office built by our team of professional craftsmen.




Reduce energy bills with our super insulated SIPs construction

An office can be expensive to run, with electricity, internet and heating costs all mounting up. With our super insulated thermal efficient building system, called SIPs, you can rest assured that you will not be wasting money, in fact, our buildings are so well insulated you might find you are spending next to nothing on heating, providing great savings over a draughty spare room. This also means that our buildings remain cool in summer, with large bi-folding doors providing plenty of light and fresh air. Our SIPs (Stuctural Insulated Panels) are constructed off-site, in our production facilities in Bedfordshire. This means minimum disruption for you and a very fast construction time of 3 – 4 weeks.


SIP Cross Section


Create an addition to your home that will add value

A garden office can add real value to your home. With more and more people working remotely, having a garden office in situ can be a real boost to your home’s saleability and increase the value of your home by around 10%. Garden Offices are very versatile buildings, so even if a buyer doesn’t work from home, then the building can be adapted to be used as a gym, art studio, children’s playroom, storage space, or a myriad of other uses.


garden lodge6


Have a quiet and comfortable place to work from

Having a quiet place to work is an essential requirement for many of our customers. Often this is not achievable in a home office, as interruptions from young children, road noise or general family life can be a distraction. Having an office at the end of your garden can negate all of these. Our thermally efficient buildings provide excellent sound insulation, being separate from the main house means you can be spared many of the distractions of day to day life.


vaulted with view


Create a new office, even if there is no room in your house

With the costs of housing soaring, creating new space in your existing home makes a lot of sense. If you do not have room for a home office, or your existing home office needs to become a bedroom, then building an office in the garden might be able to provide this extra space. With current building regulations, it is normally possible to have a garden office built under permitted development, as long as the building is to be placed less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property with a maximum overall height of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level. This means that building your garden office can be a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

Our garden lodges start from as little as £17,322 for a completed building. This includes all foundations, exterior and interior decorating, fittings and fixtures and connection to electricity and electrical points.


Main features include:

  • Built to last
  • Cladding or render
  • Foundations
  • High spec roof
  • Laminate flooring
  • Built with structurally insulated panels
  • Power points and light switches
  • Electrics and lighting


While its fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today. CLICK HERE