How can a Garden Lodge save you money?

flat roof white wall

More and more people are considering building a Garden Lodge in the garden as a great way to add extra space and to help create a bespoke building that can be used for a number of purposes. Our Garden Lodges are built to a high standard with excellent thermal performance, using SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels).


SIPs are a fantastic building material which we believe will even save you money in the long term. SIPs are built using a polyurethane core sandwiched between 2 sheets of OSB (Oriented strand board). As these panels are built ‘in house’, time is saved during the actual on-site construction process as a lot of the process has already been taken care of. This ensures minimum disruption to those having a new Garden Lodge built. This saving in time means that you are paying less for the builders and craftsmen erecting the building and will be able to see very fast progress in the construction phase.



Great ways to save money

SIPs construction means that all the Garden Lodges we build are very well insulated. In fact, they are so well insulated that in some circumstances people have found that they do not need to spend money on heating at all. If they do, only minimal heating is needed for the whole building. Underfloor heating is another optional extra that we can suggest if you prefer to heat your building this way.




Garden Lodge – The eco-friendly solution

Working from home also enables a lot of other cost-saving benefits. On average people who work from home save around £1000 on petrol each year. This amount will only increase as the price of petrol increases. This saving is sometimes offset by your heating bills, but with an eco-friendly Garden Lodge, you can be sure that you are not spending these savings on heating instead.

It’s not just petrol that commuters have to spend money on though, there are also additional costs to take into account, such as car maintenance costs, tires and other factors.

You might not usually drive to work but instead, maybe you take a train or bus. If that is the case you might be able to save even more money. Season tickets range from £2000 – £5000 per year, a huge cost for a service that a lot of people feel doesn’t work particularly well.

As well as saving you large sums of money, working from home is also great for the environment, you won’t be adding to the congestion and pollution of those commuting – instead, you’ll be strolling to your beautifully constructed garden building and enjoying a relaxing coffee while others are stuck on the motorway.




Save money and save time

Travel is not the only expense people incur when they travel to work. A lot of money gets spent on extras during the day. Cups of coffee, sandwiches, they all add up and over the space of a year can get quite expensive. When you work at home you can save a large amount of money, cooking your own lunches and brewing your own coffee and generally enjoying being in your own comfortable workspace. Of course, if you work from home you might also find yourself spending less money on smart clothes, make-up or other work requirements. We aren’t suggesting that you’ll lope around in your pyjamas all day, but neither will you have to think about smart suits and expensive attire that you might normally need.


Flat roof Garden Office built by Garden Lodges

What are the costs to consider?

Of course, there are also some additional costs that working from home can create. You might need to consider extra spending on office supplies, such as paper, printer ink or you might need some new computer equipment that previously you used at work. However, a lot of these costs might be tax deductible. Another cost is the building itself. We can offer a Garden Lodge from £17,492. All of our buildings are bespoke and designed for each of our customer’s needs. If you have a special request or an unusual suggestion for a garden building, we are always happy to discuss your ideas with you.

To make your home office as comfortable and functional as possible we can also suggest a number of optional extras. You might want to consider a shower room, garden decking, extra storage, internet connection or underfloor heating. We have a great range of extras that can make your Garden Lodge truly bespoke.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking
Example of Garden Office with decking


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