How to enhance your garden in summer with a garden studio


Summer is the time for making the most of your garden and many people are keen to develop their gardens at this time of year to make it more inviting and hospitable, creating a true oasis you can relax in and spend time with your family.

Increasingly there are a number of ways in which you can maximise the use of your garden with some great new products available on the market. A garden lodge can be a great way to extend your living space into the garden and create the perfect place from which to relax.

With a garden lodge, it is possible to add some facilities that can make summer a big hit. For example, why not set up a bar from which to serve cold drinks, or create a shady and relaxing place to sit and enjoy the garden. A garden lodge can be used in a great variety of ways that are bound to make your garden an even more pleasant space to spend time.




A garden lodge can also have optional extras added in order to make it even more useful during the summer months. A decked area can really help to make a garden studio space extend out into the garden, meaning you can have a great place from which to bbq, or a nice raised area to set up a deck chair to read from.

Decking also helps to create a flow between the garden lodge and the outdoor area, maintaining the same level of flooring throughout, rather than there being steps between the lodge and the garden which could be difficult for the elderly or young children.


She Shed from Garden Lodges

Where to position your garden studio?

The positioning of your garden studio is an important consideration and one that can definitely help you to make the most of your garden space. Positioning a studio in the middle of a garden could make it look smaller, but it could also help to create different zones and divide your garden which could be useful, especially if your garden is very large.

On the other hand, the end of the garden is often the most popular position chosen by our customers. This obviously makes the most of a smaller garden and provides a tranquil retreat. It’s also a good idea to consider what direction your studio is facing. A south facing garden lodge will catch a lot of sun, but could be too warm in the summer, whereas north facing studios might be a bit too dark for some people.

What can be a good idea is to install some blinds that can help reduce heat in the summer or to build a canopy that can offer extra shade.


Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room


External Style

The style you choose for the outside of your garden studio can have an impact on how well it sits in your garden and how it works visually within its surroundings. We offer our customers a great range of styles to suit a variety of gardens spaces that will allow you to design your perfect lodge to suit its surroundings.

Red cedar cladding is very popular and great for creating a more natural timber look. Cedar is very hard wearing and requires little maintenance, but could benefit from being painted with some timber protection each year.

Render does not require any maintenance and can come in a great range of colours. This can be great for creating a more sleek minimal design that might suit more urban environments.


Garden Office - O-Line Model



Any garden studio building can benefit from landscaping that will help enhance how it works with the surrounding area. Creating a patio or pathway that connects the garden with the studio is great for creating a visually stunning garden but also adds to the practicality of the lodge in its surroundings.




While it’s fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today and start your own spring ‘grand design’!