How to expand your hobby into a full-time business with a Garden Studio



Making that bold step of turning a hobby into a business can be a daunting process for a lot of people. The process of building a past time into a full-time career requires a lot of hard work and dedication and also requires the space and facilities that you might not necessarily have in the house.


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A garden studio can provide the perfect space for an expanding hobby, and incorporate bespoke features that might be necessary for your hobby to flourish. We have built many garden studios for our customers over the years that have been specially designed to accommodate a great variety of functions.

Garden Lodges, specialise in designing bespoke buildings that are created to the unique specification of our customers. In this respect, we offer quite a different product to a lot of our competitors, with all of the studios we build being unique and bespoke to our customer’s requirements.


Garden Studio used as an office


As each building is bespoke, it is possible to design a building that will be a perfect fit for your hobby or business. An example of some of the buildings we have created for customers over the years is an art studio, yoga studio, music studio, home office, consultancy office, school classroom and education centres as well as various commercial projects.


What makes a Garden Studio perfect for a start-up business?
















  1. One key element of our garden studios is the number of options that are possible. Being a bespoke building means that we can create a space that is perfect for your fledgeling business. You might need a space with extra ceiling height, a reinforced floor, lots of natural light, extra electrical sockets or a toilet or shower room included. This variety of choice means that as your business grows your garden studio will be ready to accommodate you.
  2. With the costs of renting a commercial property extremely high in some areas then it makes sense to reduce costs through working from home. Whilst the initial cost of building a garden studio can be high, this expense will often be offset by the value that is added to your home. Also, you might be able to claim some of the cost as an expense on your tax return, especially if the building is solely used for business purposes.
  3. For a lot of people, one of the key complaints of working from home can be the number of distractions that prevent you from concentrating. A great thing about a garden studio is that it is physically separate from the main house. This means that it is easy to separate home life from work life and keep a balance. Also, noise should not be an issue, with the buildings we produce being extremely well insulated with SIP panels. This has the advantage of having great sound and heat insulation meaning that you keep warm in winter, cool in summer and can block out a lot of external distractions.


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Rules and Regulations for running a business from home


Certain considerations should be made before starting a business from home and you might want to make further research into some of these before starting.

Firstly you might need to get permission from your mortgage provider of the landlord in order to clarify that it is allowable in your mortgage contract. Depending on the type of business you run, you might also need to get permission from your local council, especially if you are likely to receive a lot of deliveries or plan to advertise your business outside your home.

You could also need additional insurance, normal home insurance will not necessarily cover your business activities or business property, you might need to invest in additional business insurance in this case.

On the plus side, there can also be a number of advantages, of working from home, with allowable expenses in your tax return being a proportion of energy (heating and lighting), phone costs and council tax, but also be aware you might pay business rates on the part of the property you use for your business.


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What are the main considerations?

  • What sort of budget do you have? Depending on the sort of building you require it is best to budget something around £1500 – £2000 per square metre. Additional costs might be expected for additional facilities, such as toilets, shower rooms and outdoor landscaping.
  • What size of a building do you require? Certain sizes are allowed under permitted development, for example planning permission is not needed, as long as the building is less than 2 metres from the properties boundary and less than 2.5 metres tall.
  • How will the building be accessed? Will you require clients to visit you, or will you be conducting everything online. Rear access might be something to consider if you do not want people walking through your home to have a consultation.
  • Are services required? If you need electricity, internet, etc, which you most probably will, then it is important to consider how close you are to your home’s service connections.


Tranquil Art Studio


A garden studio can be the perfect way to incorporate a business space into your home, while still allowing you to feel a degree of separation between the two. With a huge amount of styles, sizes and layouts to choose from it’s possible to create a unique and purpose-built garden office that is designed around your business needs.

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