How to make working from home work for you.

Garden Studio used as an office

These days more and more people are aspiring to work from home. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy your actual job, there will always be times on your commute where you consider how having an extra hour or so would be a great benefit to your work life balance if you didn’t need to travel to work.

Garden Office

With trains increasingly becoming crowded and often late, not to mention extremely expensive, people are no longer subscribing to the old norms of working 9-5, 5 days a week. It is more common now for jobs to offer their employees the option of flexitime and work from home flexibility. With this development in work-life balance, there is an increase in demand in people needing a place to work from home.

Garden Studio with bi-folding doors

Whilst there are certainly many advantages for those working from home, in some circumstances people can feel a little trapped or disconnected from society if they are at home all day, staring at the same four walls.

One way that can make working from home not turn become a drag is to design a working space that meets all your business needs and is also light and spacious. A garden lodge, built in the garden, can be a perfect solution to the needs of those working from home. One reason a garden building can work so well for a home office is that you can design a working space that is perfectly suited to the purpose. Unlike a pokey spare room, a garden building is light and spacious. Usually, people find these sort of buildings much more suitable for working from home from. With the use of large bi-fold doors, big casement windows and the option of Velux skylights, ample light is always a key feature. Psychologically, working from a building detached from the main house can have a positive effect on people who work from home as it allows you to leave your office behind at the end of the day and keep work and home separate. Also having a building separate from your house means there are a lot fewer distractions if you are the sort who easily gets preoccupied.


Building a bespoke garden building means that you can create a space that works perfectly for your home office. Whether you prefer a sleek minimal Scandinavian design, or something more classical, or perhaps you prefer dark colours and a more cosy feel. With a new building, you can be in control of the look and feel of the office and choose something that you feel would help you concentrate and focus on your work.


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