How well are our Garden Lodges insulated?



At Garden Lodges we are proud of the very high standards our buildings are constructed to. A question we are often asked, especially during the winter months, is how well insulated are our buildings? Well, the answer to that is extremely well!

Unlike many of our competitors, who often use simple insulated timber frames, we believe SIPs (structurally insulated panels) provide better insulation and improved structural integrity for our garden buildings. SIPs are built from 100mm expanded polystyrene board, sandwiched between two sheets of orientated strand board (OSB). Built to exact measurements in our own factory in Sandy Bedfordshire, we can guarantee that the Garden Lodge we build for you is precisely constructed, meaning that its U values are extremely low, down to 0.11w/m2K.

Ultimately this means you will have a warm lodge that is very cheap to heat in winter, and a temperate garden lodge in the summer months.




10 Benefits of using the SIP system


  1. SIPs are produced off-site in our own factory facilities, meaning a guaranteed standard.
  2. Off-site construction means less on-site construction. Typically this leads to a build time of between 3 -4 weeks, meaning our buildings are of excellent quality and fast to construct.
  3. The materials used are all recyclable.
  4. SIPs are environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint.
  5. Low U values, down to 0.11w/m2K.
  6. Due to Panels being constructed in own premise we can offer our customers a bespoke design.
  7. The structural strength of SIPs means less framed structures are needed, creating a light, spacious building.
  8. Foundation requirements are lessened due to a stronger and lighter structure.
  9. 35% less raw materials used in the construction of SIP construction.
  10. Sealed SIPs reduce cold spots and are better insulated.


Garden Lodges in winter


Due to modern advancements in construction, Garden Lodges, such as the ones we build, are usable all year round. you will probably find your cosy new Garden Lodge even warmer than your house. We can also offer optional extras that can help to further increase your comfort, such as heating, underfloor heating and air conditioning.


Garden Studio used as an office


A Garden Lodge makes a perfect home office all year round. Not only will you find our garden buildings cheap to heat, but you could also save the cost of heating your main home during the day. If you work from home this could offer quite a large saving over the winter.

If you really want to make your Garden Lodge extra cosy then we can also offer bespoke options, such as a log burner. Not only will this fill your home office with a comforting warmth, but it will also provide a very cost-effective way to keep your garden room warm all winter.


log burner


For around £80 you will be able to buy a ton bag of seasoned logs, which should last all winter. Modern log burners are constructed in order to maximise efficiency and you can expect each log to last for around 1 hour. We can fit and install a log burner for an optional extra cost, with the burner itself costing anything from between £300 – £1500.

If you want to create a similar effect, but without the mess and effort of storing logs, then maybe an electric stove would work for you. These days it is possible to buy a realistic looking stove with flame effect that simply plugs into a socket. This can be a cost-effective way to add some cosiness to your garden lodge in winter.


Windows and doors

As standard, all of our garden buildings come with either French doors of sliding doors. You can also upgrade to bi-folding doors for an extra cost. All of our doors and windows come with thermally efficient double glazing that provides excellent warmth and sound insulation. As standard, our Garden Office range comes with UPVC French doors and windows, while our Garden Studio comes equipped with Aluminium powder coated frames.

The combination of SIPs construction and double glazed doors and windows means that your building is thoroughly protected from the elements.




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