How to expand your hobby into a full-time business with a Garden Studio



Making that bold step of turning a hobby into a business can be a daunting process for a lot of people. The process of building a past time into a full-time career requires a lot of hard work and dedication and also requires the space and facilities that you might not necessarily have in the house.


Flat roof Garden Office built by Garden Lodges














A garden studio can provide the perfect space for an expanding hobby, and incorporate bespoke features that might be necessary for your hobby to flourish. We have built many garden studios for our customers over the years that have been specially designed to accommodate a great variety of functions.

Garden Lodges, specialise in designing bespoke buildings that are created to the unique specification of our customers. In this respect, we offer quite a different product to a lot of our competitors, with all of the studios we build being unique and bespoke to our customer’s requirements.


Garden Studio used as an office


As each building is bespoke, it is possible to design a building that will be a perfect fit for your hobby or business. An example of some of the buildings we have created for customers over the years is an art studio, yoga studio, music studio, home office, consultancy office, school classroom and education centres as well as various commercial projects.


What makes a Garden Studio perfect for a start-up business?
















  1. One key element of our garden studios is the number of options that are possible. Being a bespoke building means that we can create a space that is perfect for your fledgeling business. You might need a space with extra ceiling height, a reinforced floor, lots of natural light, extra electrical sockets or a toilet or shower room included. This variety of choice means that as your business grows your garden studio will be ready to accommodate you.
  2. With the costs of renting a commercial property extremely high in some areas then it makes sense to reduce costs through working from home. Whilst the initial cost of building a garden studio can be high, this expense will often be offset by the value that is added to your home. Also, you might be able to claim some of the cost as an expense on your tax return, especially if the building is solely used for business purposes.
  3. For a lot of people, one of the key complaints of working from home can be the number of distractions that prevent you from concentrating. A great thing about a garden studio is that it is physically separate from the main house. This means that it is easy to separate home life from work life and keep a balance. Also, noise should not be an issue, with the buildings we produce being extremely well insulated with SIP panels. This has the advantage of having great sound and heat insulation meaning that you keep warm in winter, cool in summer and can block out a lot of external distractions.


She Shed from Garden Lodges













Rules and Regulations for running a business from home


Certain considerations should be made before starting a business from home and you might want to make further research into some of these before starting.

Firstly you might need to get permission from your mortgage provider of the landlord in order to clarify that it is allowable in your mortgage contract. Depending on the type of business you run, you might also need to get permission from your local council, especially if you are likely to receive a lot of deliveries or plan to advertise your business outside your home.

You could also need additional insurance, normal home insurance will not necessarily cover your business activities or business property, you might need to invest in additional business insurance in this case.

On the plus side, there can also be a number of advantages, of working from home, with allowable expenses in your tax return being a proportion of energy (heating and lighting), phone costs and council tax, but also be aware you might pay business rates on the part of the property you use for your business.


Garden Room Dorset














What are the main considerations?

  • What sort of budget do you have? Depending on the sort of building you require it is best to budget something around £1500 – £2000 per square metre. Additional costs might be expected for additional facilities, such as toilets, shower rooms and outdoor landscaping.
  • What size of a building do you require? Certain sizes are allowed under permitted development, for example planning permission is not needed, as long as the building is less than 2 metres from the properties boundary and less than 2.5 metres tall.
  • How will the building be accessed? Will you require clients to visit you, or will you be conducting everything online. Rear access might be something to consider if you do not want people walking through your home to have a consultation.
  • Are services required? If you need electricity, internet, etc, which you most probably will, then it is important to consider how close you are to your home’s service connections.


Tranquil Art Studio


A garden studio can be the perfect way to incorporate a business space into your home, while still allowing you to feel a degree of separation between the two. With a huge amount of styles, sizes and layouts to choose from it’s possible to create a unique and purpose-built garden office that is designed around your business needs.

While it’s fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today.


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How to enhance your garden in summer with a garden studio


Summer is the time for making the most of your garden and many people are keen to develop their gardens at this time of year to make it more inviting and hospitable, creating a true oasis you can relax in and spend time with your family.

Increasingly there are a number of ways in which you can maximise the use of your garden with some great new products available on the market. A garden lodge can be a great way to extend your living space into the garden and create the perfect place from which to relax.

With a garden lodge, it is possible to add some facilities that can make summer a big hit. For example, why not set up a bar from which to serve cold drinks, or create a shady and relaxing place to sit and enjoy the garden. A garden lodge can be used in a great variety of ways that are bound to make your garden an even more pleasant space to spend time.




A garden lodge can also have optional extras added in order to make it even more useful during the summer months. A decked area can really help to make a garden studio space extend out into the garden, meaning you can have a great place from which to bbq, or a nice raised area to set up a deck chair to read from.

Decking also helps to create a flow between the garden lodge and the outdoor area, maintaining the same level of flooring throughout, rather than there being steps between the lodge and the garden which could be difficult for the elderly or young children.


She Shed from Garden Lodges

Where to position your garden studio?

The positioning of your garden studio is an important consideration and one that can definitely help you to make the most of your garden space. Positioning a studio in the middle of a garden could make it look smaller, but it could also help to create different zones and divide your garden which could be useful, especially if your garden is very large.

On the other hand, the end of the garden is often the most popular position chosen by our customers. This obviously makes the most of a smaller garden and provides a tranquil retreat. It’s also a good idea to consider what direction your studio is facing. A south facing garden lodge will catch a lot of sun, but could be too warm in the summer, whereas north facing studios might be a bit too dark for some people.

What can be a good idea is to install some blinds that can help reduce heat in the summer or to build a canopy that can offer extra shade.


Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room


External Style

The style you choose for the outside of your garden studio can have an impact on how well it sits in your garden and how it works visually within its surroundings. We offer our customers a great range of styles to suit a variety of gardens spaces that will allow you to design your perfect lodge to suit its surroundings.

Red cedar cladding is very popular and great for creating a more natural timber look. Cedar is very hard wearing and requires little maintenance, but could benefit from being painted with some timber protection each year.

Render does not require any maintenance and can come in a great range of colours. This can be great for creating a more sleek minimal design that might suit more urban environments.


Garden Office - O-Line Model



Any garden studio building can benefit from landscaping that will help enhance how it works with the surrounding area. Creating a patio or pathway that connects the garden with the studio is great for creating a visually stunning garden but also adds to the practicality of the lodge in its surroundings.




While it’s fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today and start your own spring ‘grand design’!


Garden Studios – Making the most of your garden space



These days we see our gardens as an extension of our house, they are increasingly the focal point of family activities and as such people are increasingly looking at ways to improve how their gardens work and make them into usable ‘year-round’ spaces.

A perfect way to develop and improve your garden is through the construction of a garden studio. These bespoke buildings offer a great range of options and allow you to create your own ‘grand designs’ project in the garden. Often people are looking at ways of increasing the usable space of their property. With the cost of upsizing being substantial in some areas and an extra bedroom often costing an extra £100,000, then it makes sense to consider how the garden can be used to expand into and utilised in order to create an extra office, spare room, art space or any other number of uses you can think of.


oak clad vaulted


A garden studio can come in many shapes and forms, designed to fit in with your garden’s surroundings and to meet the requirements of each individual customer perfectly. There are however some things to consider when building in your garden, especially if you want to build without the stress of gaining planning permission. In order to build a garden building within permitted development, you will need to make sure the following regulations are adhered to


  • The building must only be used for domestic use.
  • The footprint of the garden building must not exceed 50% of the total area of the property.
  • No part of the garden building is in front of the existing house that faces the road.
  • Height of the garden building is no more than 4 metres.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 4 metres and the eaves 2.5 metres if it more than 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • If your property is in a world heritage site or in an area of outstanding natural beauty then any buildings positioned more than 20 metres from the wall of the house must not exceed 10 square metres.
  • The building is not used for the keeping of pigeons!


As long as the building meets these requirements then there should be no problem to start construction without having to contact the planning authorities beforehand.


flat roof bifolding garden studio

How can a garden studio be used?

A garden studio is a very versatile building that can be adapted to a great variety of uses. Our garden studios are commonly used to create a home office, art studio, home gym, children’s play area, pool room, or music room. The possibilities are endless. We are able to discuss with you the best design and options that would meet your needs.


The office

The most common reason people choose to build a garden studio is for use as an office. With more and more people working from home, a garden office makes a lot of sense. An office in the garden is appealing for a number of reasons. A key factor is improving work-life balance and reducing the number of hours people spent travelling to work and commuting. With a garden studio office, your commute is reduced to simply walking down the garden in the morning. Having an office in the garden gives you this extremely convenient option, while also providing a certain degree of separation from your home, allowing you to disengage at the end of the day and have a clear physical distinction between home and work.


The chill-out room

Garden studios are not all about work. Obviously many people build a studio in which to relax and chill out. Having a quiet, light-filled building at the bottom of the garden can be utilised for a great number of functions, which are able to change and adapt with you as your interests or needs evolve. We have built garden studios that have been used for a great number of functions, including a yoga studio, art studio, music room, reading room. A garden studio makes a great place to relax because they are very well engineered buildings, complete with insulation, double glazing and fully decorated inside with laminate flooring, fully plastered and painted. All of these touches means you have a building you can truly relax in.



flat roof white wall

Design and functionality

Some designs lend themselves more to certain uses. For example, a pitched roof building can be better suited to use as a gym, as the extra roof height allows for tall equipment to be installed such as a multi-gym. Some local areas might have a typical traditional look for outbuildings, one such example is black timber cladding in Kent. If this is the case you might consider designing your garden studio sympathetically to fit in with the local architecture, this is something we are very happy to discuss with you and explore in further detail, getting the look of your garden studio just right is an important part of the process and one that we take great pride in.



Garden studios for special needs

Most of the studios we build are for particular functions as mentioned above. However, sometimes we do get asked to construct a building that will perform in particular special circumstances. This might include providing disabled access, such as ramps, handrails, wider doors for wheelchairs. We are even able to install reinforced ceilings if installing a mobile hoist is necessary. Reinforcements can also be necessary to the floors if particularly heavy equipment is going to be installed in your garden studio, such as gym equipment, hot tubs, pool tables etc.


Exterior finishes to your garden studio

The choice of finish you select for your studio can alter how your building works in its surroundings. Render creates a sleek and clean look that can work well in a more urban area and might reflect the style of other buildings in the surrounding location. Cladding can be chosen in a number of styles. Red cedar cladding is a popular option for wood and this natural hardwearing material fits in well in a garden setting. Other options can include Cedral cladding, stained timber, or larch.


Garden Room open doors


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Why spring is the best time to build a Garden Lodge.

flat roof white wall


With spring in full swing, there has never been a better time to consider building a garden lodge. Garden lodges can help you to make the most of your garden, creating a versatile and stunning building, from which to relax, work or enjoy a hobby. Garden buildings built by us come in a great range of designs, sizes, layouts and cladding material, meaning you can create a building that suits your own unique requirements.

What could be more exciting than to design your own Grand Design project in your garden? Our buildings are not ‘off the shelf’ buildings, instead, each garden lodge is designed with you, and built around your own needs.

How the process works


oak clad vaulted


The first stage is to organise a free site survey. During this time, we will come out and visit your property, sit down with you and chat about the sort of building that you would like to construct. We build garden lodges for a huge variety of uses, from gyms, offices, art studios and children’s play spaces –  we have built them all! The site survey is a great chance to get to know us and get a feel for the sort of buildings we would recommend for your site. The choice of design might depend on a number of factors including the size of your garden, proximity to neighbours, local architecture and how the building is to be used. Generally, a garden building can be built without planning permission. In order for this to be possible a few criteria need to be met.


  • The building must only be used for domestic use.
  • The footprint of the garden building must not exceed 50% of the total area of the property.
  • No part of the garden building is in front of the existing house that faces the road.
  • Height of the garden building is no more than 4 metres.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • The overall height of the garden building does not exceed 4 metres and the eaves 2.5 metres if it more than 2 metres of the boundary of the property.
  • If your property is in a world heritage site or in an area of outstanding natural beauty then any buildings positioned more than 20 metres from the wall of the house must not exceed 10 square metres.
  • The building is not used for the keeping of pigeons!


During the site survey, you will get the chance to look at some examples of previous projects we have built for people. This could give you inspiration for how you would like your garden building to look and of the sort of buildings we often build.

Design and development

Once we have visited your garden and conducted your free site survey, we then hand the project over to our team of professional in house designers. With years of experience designing garden lodges, annexes and offices your project is in safe hands. After a week or so you will receive your designs in both print and pdf format. We allow up to 3 changes to your quotation and drawings free of charge.


Tranquil Art Studio


Building stage

Once we have finalised your design and you are happy with the quote, the building process can start. All our buildings are made from thermally superior SIP panels that are made in our workshops in Bedfordshire. Due to part of the building being constructed offsite the build time is reduced, meaning you can expect a typical garden lodge to be constructed in just 3 – 4 weeks. This means that if you start building in spring then your building will be ready in plenty of time for summer.




Why is Spring the perfect time to build?

As mentioned above, our lodges are constructed in a short space of time. Starting in spring means that your lodge will be built in plenty of time for summer. Ground conditions tend to be perfect, with soil suitable for digging and the temperatures are just right for rendering and plastering. Our lodges are designed to be used all year round, constructed from SIP panels the buildings are cheap to heat in winter and remain relatively cool in the summer. We can also add heating, and air conditioning at an extra cost.


Contemporary Garden Studio


How to maximise the use of your garden in spring

Our garden buildings are the perfect place from where to enjoy your garden in spring and summer. Some of the features that make a garden lodge so suitable are the wide opening bi-fold or French doors, decked areas that connect the outside with your lodge and the great view that can be enjoyed from inside. Bi-fold doors mean that even in winter you can enjoy wide open views of your garden and in spring and summer they come into their own, allowing you to throw open the doors and enjoy being connected with your outdoor space. Decking is an optional extra that can help to further enhance your outdoor space and improve connectivity. We can install decking made of either hard wearing composite material or treated hardwood. Both are long lasting and low maintenance.


vaulted in garden


It is also possible to include outdoor accessible storage space to a garden lodge for use as a garden shed. This can be a perfect solution if you are knocking down your existing shed to make room for a lodge, or just need extra storage space.




The example above shows a garden lodge with a ‘hidden’ storage space door to the right. This neat solution allows for lots of extra storage, but with very little impact on the design of the building allowing to retain a clean and elegant design. Another great feature of the lodge illustrated is the bespoke decking that incorporates a mature silver birch tree. Utilising existing features of a garden in this way can add character and interest to a project, and provide a natural bit of shade in the summer.


Whatever idea you might have for your new garden lodge project we are here to help and advise you.


While it’s fresh in your mind why not book a free site survey today and start your own spring ‘grand design’!






Can a garden lodge generate extra income?

vaulted in garden

Garden lodges make a lot of sense to a lot of people. As a way of creating more usable indoor space on your property, they are hard to beat when it comes to value for money. Costing from as little as £17,322 a garden lodge can make a big impact on your home, without breaking the bank. But what if instead of costing you money, your lodge could actually make you money?


flat roof white wall


With the dramatic rise of shared economy websites such as Airbnb, more and more people are thinking whether they could also generate extra income by utilizing an extra room. However, we are not all so lucky to have spare rooms in our house that can be used for renting out. One option might be to utilize a garden lodge as rentable accommodation on Airbnb (we recommend checking with local planning authorities that you have the right to do so).

Garden lodges can be built with optional shower rooms and toilets, which means that your garden room can be more self-contained, anyone renting out your space would not need to traipse through your house and use your facilities, instead, they can be happily accommodated in the garden with all modern conveniences.


Creating a studio space for workshops and workout sessions



A lot of people dream of the idea of combining their hobby with a source of extra income. This can be made possible through a great variety of interests these days that can be conducted in a garden building. Often there simply is not enough space in people’s main house to be able to conduct these sort of classes or workshops. Also, they can be rather noisy and disruptive to others in your household.




An ideal solution to having a lot more space, with minimum disruption would be to build a garden lodge. We have built many buildings that are perfect for conducting these sort of activities. We have built garden rooms that are currently being used for educational classrooms, yoga studios, art workshops, and gyms. We have also designed larger scale buildings that are used as community halls for churches and the local community.


Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges used for exercise equipment

If creating a garden room for a dance studio, gym or other activity that exert an extra weight load on the floor then we might recommend building a lodge with a reinforced floor. This is something we can discuss as part of a bespoke build and design, assessing your requirements and designing a building that will perform perfectly for its usage.

Another thing to consider might be noise restrictions on buildings that are to be used for dance classes, or activities that involve a lot of music. We can help with noise pollution through the use of extra sound insulation that can heavily reduce the amount of sound emitted from your building. All of our buildings are constructed using SIPs, (structurally insulated panels). These are engineered with high-performance thermal insulation, built into the fabric of the panels. Being one of the most thermally efficient timber based building techniques, our garden lodges are as standard, highly insulated and provide good sound insulation, but extra insulation might be preferred for some uses, especially if the building is close to neighbouring buildings.




Working from home – the cost-saving alternative to commuting




Working from home is more popular than ever, with many employees actively encouraging employees to do so. Working from home can have a number of benefits, including reducing traffic congestion and pollution, reducing stress, allowing more time to be spent with family and saving money on petrol or public transport.

Working from home on average just 2 days a week, could save the typical commuter over £200 a month, or £2400 each year! This could afford you extra money for a great holiday, or pay for further home improvements. A garden lodge makes a perfect home office. Built to a very high specification our garden lodges are very well insulated, this makes them cheap to heat in winter and provides a quiet, cosy retreat from which to focus on your work. Another benefit of working from an annexe building it the differentiation it provides between home and work. Being located away from your main house means that at the end of the day you can lock up and forget about work. One of the main complaints of those working from home is that it is difficult to switch off at the end of the day and feel to have the separation between work and home. With a garden lodge you can feel the benefit of a separate building, that is also conveniently close to your main house.


She Shed from Garden Lodges


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Garden lodge exterior design – which styles would suit your garden?


Garden lodges are an increasingly popular option for those people wanting to increase the usability of their garden and add increased value to their property. Choosing the design of your lodge exterior can have a huge impact on your garden and help to create an attractive building that will suit your garden and the surrounding area.


Getting the look and design of your garden lodge is important, especially as in most cases you will be looking at it from your home, in fact, you will most likely spend more time looking at your garden lodge than you do at your own house.


What are the important considerations to make with your garden lodge design?

The main factors that will dictate the look and aesthetics of your garden lodge are the use of different cladding or render, the choice of windows and doors and the style and shape of the building.

Our cladding is available in hard wearing cedar or painted pine, both offer a long-lasting, attractive and weatherproof option.

Cedar cladding is our most popular option. With its combination of modern contemporary looks, excellent weatherproofing and relatively low cost, it is easy to see why it has become a widely used material. We utilise Canadian cedar cladding in all of our garden lodges, which is a harder wearing product that it’s UK counterpart.

Canadian cedar cladding is grown slower than UK cedar due to the colder climate. As such it is extremely durable and stable. It has an attractive natural appearance and responds well to treatment.

Most Western Red Cedar used in the U.K. is imported from North America and Western Canada and is a PEFC Certified, sustainably sourced Timber.

Garden Lodge Pilates Studio

Cedar cladding works especially well with dark grey windows and oak effect windows to create a modern and contemporary design. The look and feel of the building can be further enhanced through the use of decking that can extend the usability and make the building more connected to the garden.

Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking

Painted pine is another option for cladding, this could be the best option if you still want the tactile softness of wood, but would prefer to add more dramatic impact with a particular colour scheme. Maintenance is quick and easy but like all timber products, cedar and painted pine will need some ongoing maintenance in order to keep in good order and looking at its best. Cedar benefits from being fed regularly with suitable oil and painted pine will need to repainted annually to make sure it is totally protected from rain, the same way you would look after a timber fence.

Compact Garden Office with sliding doors

Render is an optional extra on all of our lodges and can create a sharp clean look to any building, allowing you flexibility with the colour scheme. Render would normally require less maintenance than a timber finish, providing long-lasting protection for years to come. Because of the additional skills required render is not always an option from many garden room companies. We like to think that we are able to offer more choice and allow our customers to design a building that is perfectly suited to their requirements. Whilst cladding can provide a modern look and feel, rendering can be used to create something very clean and sophisticated. White render accented with grey aluminium window frames is a popular choice for those wanting to create a ‘grand designs’ modern garden building.

Windows and doors


Windows and doors are an important consideration for how your garden building will look. Coloured frames can create a variety of looks, depending on the colour of the frames and the render or cladding you choose. Our garden lodges come with a choice of either UPVC or aluminium frames, which are available as an optional upgrade. Both provide excellent thermal performance and come with double glazed units.

Bi-fold doors are a great way to add a striking element to the front of your garden lodge. Large glazed areas create a modern and striking looking building, while also letting in plenty of light. Bi-fold doors are the perfect way to enjoy your garden, as they open up to the full width of the door frame, meaning in summer you can really bring the garden into your garden lodge and feel connected to the outdoors, while in winter you can enjoy brilliant views while being behind well-insulated glazing.


Shape and design

Our buildings are usually rectangular, with the variable of having a pitched roof or flat roof. Pitched roofs can be positioned either lengthways or longways, with the latter allowing for a glazed gable end.

Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room

We are very happy to design more unusual shaped buildings if that would suit your requirements more and have built some wonderful, interesting buildings for our customers over the years. L-Shaped buildings are something we specialise in and we have built many L-Shaped buildings over the years.

islay render and brickjpg

L-shaped buildings have the advantage of providing a bit more extra space and create a more interesting layout that can be adapted to a number of functions. Again, this is something that not many of our competitors offer, due to the complexity of the roof structure and is one way that we offer a more bespoke, individual product.

Unique Garden Office, with canopy and decking

Often the buildings we design are created for a specific reason in mind, for example, we have built lodges for use as a church hall, education centre, home gym, pool house, to name a few. Bespoke design is sometimes necessary for the way the building will be used and this is something that we are happy to collaborate with you on.


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Thinking of upsizing? Could a Garden Lodge be an alternative?

vaulted in garden


Often a starter home is not the ideal package for a growing family and can soon become outgrown. However, with the costs of upsizing being substantial and house prices continuing to rise in some areas, is there a more cost-effective solution to limited space?

Often we find that a spare room in our house is taken over by a study, playroom, or guest room – this need for additional space or storage means that a smaller starter home could be seen as too small for a growing family and be lacking in bedrooms.

One solution, if you have space in your garden, could be to build a Garden Lodge that could be used as additional storage, or take up the duties of your existing home office or hobby room.




A typical £165,000 starter home budget gets you vastly different types of property depending on what part of the country you live in. For example in parts of Scotland, Cumbria or the North East, you might be able to afford a detached property, whereas, in London, you might only afford a studio flat.

These discrepancies can mean those needing more space might only have the option of moving to a larger property or utilizing the extra space afforded in the garden.

Often when people buy their first home they might have a spare room, but this quickly becomes utilised as a nursery further down the line.

The obvious solution to such an accommodation crisis for many people might be to utilise previously unused space in the garden. For a fraction of the cost of moving home, you can have a bespoke garden building built and decorated at the bottom of your garden in a matter of 3 – 5 weeks.




What are some of the main uses people have for a garden lodge?


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking


A garden lodge is an extremely versatile building that can be used and adapted to any number of uses. We find that a garden lodge is commonly applied for a number of functions, including a home office, art studio, playroom, music room, garden gym, or occasional spare room. Some of the garden buildings we construct are substantial enough in size to be used for multiple functions. For example, a garden office can quite easily be large enough to have a large sofa bed inside that can be used occasionally when guests stay over.


What makes our garden lodges have the edge on our competitors?


Example of our standard laminate flooring option.


Unlike many of our competitors, all of our garden lodges are constructed from thermally efficient SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels). This means that our garden lodges are not just a garden room but a well insulated indoor space, with a level of comfort and cosiness that would exceed most people’s homes. Because of this, it is possible to use our buildings all year round. This is an important consideration when you are building a garden lodge to be an occasional spare room that you would want to be usable all year round, or indeed for a garden office that needs to be comfortable whatever the weather.

Another key feature that allows us to stand out is the bespoke nature of our buildings. All of the garden lodges we build for our customers are unique, designed by our in-house team to your exact specifications. This means you can choose from a vast range of styles, shapes and sizes to create your perfect garden room space.

Having been building garden lodges since 2007, we have a vast level of experience and expertise in this type of construction. This way you can be sure that your garden lodge is built to last and will outperform many other similar products on the market.


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A Garden Lodge makes the perfect garden workshop getaway

Norfolk lodge


Sometimes in winter, it is hard to not feel a little bit trapped indoors, confined by cold days, rain and dark evenings, we often find ourselves spending large amounts of time in the house. Even if you have a hobby, these can sometimes further restrict you to a small spare room.

Donhead Lodge interior


What we often find is that our customers who build a garden lodge use their building all year round. Being made from SIP panel technology, using high-performance double glazing, the garden buildings we construct remain entirely usable all year round and are cheap to keep heated. Having a cosy and warm garden workshop means that you will be able to spend a lot more time out of the house. Unlike a pokey box room, a garden lodge is bright, light and airy, usually with stunning views onto your garden through large French or bi-fold doors.

Inside our Garden Office


Being able to stroll across the garden to your heated workshop and escape the house for a couple of hours can help winter pass-by that little bit more quickly. Being in a separate building means that you can leave the distractions of your home behind and really focus on your hobby or work from home in your very own garden sanctuary.


  • Use all year round, with SIP panel construction and thermally efficient double glazing, our Garden Lodges are fantastically warm
  • Fast turn around, our buildings are usually constructed within just 3-4 weeks meaning minimum disruption to you
  • Price includes all fittings, fixtures and decorating
  • Groundworks and services included in the price
  • Adds value to any home and increase the versatility of your home


The variety of uses a Garden Lodge is suitable for is extremely varied and not just limited that of a workshop or office. Many people find different uses for their garden building throughout the year. A garden office in winter could be used as a garden room in the summer, or an art studio or any other number of uses. This versatility is one of the reasons that our buildings are such an asset to people’s gardens and homes and can help you to make the most of your home and garden, especially in the winter months.


How are our garden buildings unique?

We believe that we offer our customers a unique experience and quality of service. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a truly bespoke product that is designed solely for our customer’s requirements. If you need a lodge with a unique outlook, shape or size then we are always happy to discuss your design ideas and needs with you. We can create each garden lodge to your exact measurements and requirements with all of our buildings designed in house by our team of expert designers and then pre-assembled, at our workshop in Bedfordshire. This level of detail means that we are able to be a lot more understanding of our customer’s needs and create a great range of buildings in a variety of shapes and styles.

Garden Studio used as an office


Quality buildings that are built to last

At Garden Lodges we believe that a garden building should be built to last. All of our buildings are constructed with proper foundations, either screw piles or concrete foundations, depending on the suitability of the ground. Groundworks also include the connection for electricity and the option of connecting to drainage, should you choose to also include a toilet, sink or shower room.


A perfect finish

We believe that a garden building should be decorated ‘properly’. For us, this means going that extra mile with the finishing touches, that is why all of our buildings are professionally plastered and decorated before we hand you the keys. This creates a room that has a quality of finish that exceeds many of our competitors creating a comfortable and attractive interior space from which to enjoy. All of our garden buildings come with professionally installed laminate wood flooring, with the option to upgrade to engineered Oak floorboards for an even warmer feel.

Flooring Oak Single Plank (Engineered Upgrade)


Unparalleled construction

A lot of garden buildings on the market are constructed in different ways. Some companies prefer to use a modular construction technique, meaning that the size and shape of the buildings are restricted to the modular panels that can be used. Other companies have fixed sizes and shapes that are created with insulated timber frames. At Garden Lodges we believe in providing bespoke designs that meet our customer’s requirements, whilst also proving the highest level of insulation on the market. For this, we use a construction technique that utilises SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels). These panels are made ‘in-house’ in our workshops in Bedfordshire. Made to order, they can be used to create almost any shape and size of lodge you prefer. The panels are made ‘off-site’, which helps to reduce the build time of your lodge and reduce disruption caused. SIPs are also extremely thermally efficient meaning that your lodge remains cool in summer and warm in winter, costing very little to heat.


Garden offices with toilet and shower room

flat roof white wall

Garden offices and lodges are built for a huge number of reasons, varying from a garden office, home gym, music studio, work-out room, pool room or a pub in your garden, to name a few. As people’s needs evolve and change then so do their requirements for what a garden lodge should include. A popular choice is to have a lodge built with a toilet and shower room, which can increase the functionality of your building tenfold and make the building future proof for a number of different uses.

garden lodge5

Many people are choosing to add a toilet and shower room to their garden lodge in order to increase its usability. If you are thinking about building a garden gym, then a shower is a great idea for making the space more usable. Unless your house is very close to your garden lodge, installing a toilet is usually going to make your garden building much more practical in a variety of situations, whether it is to be used as an office, a garden gym, a pool room or garden pub. Also, it opens up the possibility of using your garden lodge as a temporary guest room if you have people to stay. (If you plan to use the garden room as a permanent living accommodation then it would be necessary to apply for planning permission in this case).


What are the practical requirements for installing a toilet and shower?

In order to have a toilet and shower room installed then there will be an increase in costs due to the extra work that will be necessary. Usually, the plumbing for a toilet and shower would be connected to the utilities of the main house. Where possible – drains would be connected to your main drainage system, this might also require a pump depending on the distances involved. Water is also connected to that of your main house. This can involve quite a bit of extra groundwork and some disturbance to your garden, which is worth noting before you decide to go for this option.

Swindon shower room edt


Shower room design

We install shower rooms using great quality fittings and fixtures from market leading bathroom suppliers. It is possible to have either a normal shower unit or wet-room shower fitted and to choose from a range of shower room tiles or LVT tiles, depending on your budget. Our shower rooms also include a combination vanity unit comprising of a toilet, drawers, and a worktop in either white or black.





Wetrooms are an increasingly popular option for many customers as they provide a very easy to clean and practical shower facility. If your garden lodge it to be used for a number of functions then a wetroom can be a great option, especially if people are going to be coming in and out with muddy feet or wet feet from using a pool. With a wetroom, it is possible to just hose it down in order to keep it clean.



We also offer a variety of tiles to create an elegant and practical shower room with ceramic or LVT tiles available in a range of colours and styles. LVT tiles (luxury vinyl tiles) are a relatively new product on the market that has become increasingly popular due to being hardwearing, waterproof and a bit warmer that regular tiles or laminated flooring.

A slightly more expensive option is the plain white tiles and ceramic tiles that can add a touch of class to any garden lodge and come in a number of colours and designs such as a plain pattern or wave embossed pattern.

Another optional upgrade is possible with the shower system itself. We can install an electric shower system, which is the easiest to install and would not require any additional boiler or unvented water cylinder. If you were planning to install a boiler or unvented water cylinder for a heating system, then it is also possible to have a chrome rainfall shower system installed.


Towel rails are another great option for a garden lodge shower room. Towel rails will keep your shower room toasty warm and help to stop it from getting damp. Our towel rails are electric and do not require any additional heating systems.


What are other popular upgrades for Garden Lodges?


Shower rooms and toilets are not the only upgrades that can be provided for the garden lodges that we build. It is also possible to add some extra elements to the outside of the building such as decking, outdoor lighting, handrails or ramps for easy access. Decking is possible in a choice of pressure treated hardwood, or composite decking, which is extremely low maintenance and will last a lifetime.


Inside your garden lodge, it is also possible to add some bespoke extras, such as air conditioning, heating, internet connection, extra roof lights and storage. As all of our buildings are bespoke and made to the exact specification of our customers there are few limits as to what is possible as long as it is permitted by building regulations.


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How can a Garden Lodge save you money?

flat roof white wall

More and more people are considering building a Garden Lodge in the garden as a great way to add extra space and to help create a bespoke building that can be used for a number of purposes. Our Garden Lodges are built to a high standard with excellent thermal performance, using SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels).


SIPs are a fantastic building material which we believe will even save you money in the long term. SIPs are built using a polyurethane core sandwiched between 2 sheets of OSB (Oriented strand board). As these panels are built ‘in house’, time is saved during the actual on-site construction process as a lot of the process has already been taken care of. This ensures minimum disruption to those having a new Garden Lodge built. This saving in time means that you are paying less for the builders and craftsmen erecting the building and will be able to see very fast progress in the construction phase.



Great ways to save money

SIPs construction means that all the Garden Lodges we build are very well insulated. In fact, they are so well insulated that in some circumstances people have found that they do not need to spend money on heating at all. If they do, only minimal heating is needed for the whole building. Underfloor heating is another optional extra that we can suggest if you prefer to heat your building this way.




Garden Lodge – The eco-friendly solution

Working from home also enables a lot of other cost-saving benefits. On average people who work from home save around £1000 on petrol each year. This amount will only increase as the price of petrol increases. This saving is sometimes offset by your heating bills, but with an eco-friendly Garden Lodge, you can be sure that you are not spending these savings on heating instead.

It’s not just petrol that commuters have to spend money on though, there are also additional costs to take into account, such as car maintenance costs, tires and other factors.

You might not usually drive to work but instead, maybe you take a train or bus. If that is the case you might be able to save even more money. Season tickets range from £2000 – £5000 per year, a huge cost for a service that a lot of people feel doesn’t work particularly well.

As well as saving you large sums of money, working from home is also great for the environment, you won’t be adding to the congestion and pollution of those commuting – instead, you’ll be strolling to your beautifully constructed garden building and enjoying a relaxing coffee while others are stuck on the motorway.




Save money and save time

Travel is not the only expense people incur when they travel to work. A lot of money gets spent on extras during the day. Cups of coffee, sandwiches, they all add up and over the space of a year can get quite expensive. When you work at home you can save a large amount of money, cooking your own lunches and brewing your own coffee and generally enjoying being in your own comfortable workspace. Of course, if you work from home you might also find yourself spending less money on smart clothes, make-up or other work requirements. We aren’t suggesting that you’ll lope around in your pyjamas all day, but neither will you have to think about smart suits and expensive attire that you might normally need.


Flat roof Garden Office built by Garden Lodges

What are the costs to consider?

Of course, there are also some additional costs that working from home can create. You might need to consider extra spending on office supplies, such as paper, printer ink or you might need some new computer equipment that previously you used at work. However, a lot of these costs might be tax deductible. Another cost is the building itself. We can offer a Garden Lodge from £17,492. All of our buildings are bespoke and designed for each of our customer’s needs. If you have a special request or an unusual suggestion for a garden building, we are always happy to discuss your ideas with you.

To make your home office as comfortable and functional as possible we can also suggest a number of optional extras. You might want to consider a shower room, garden decking, extra storage, internet connection or underfloor heating. We have a great range of extras that can make your Garden Lodge truly bespoke.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking
Example of Garden Office with decking


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