The Home Game, ITV

Yesterday our partners over at Granny Annexe had a building featured on the ITV show The Home Game, If you are considering accommodation in your garden you can have a great look at our building that is featured in the last quarter of The Home Game, aired 02/03/2017. Here is a link to the ITV hub where you should be able to view the episode.

Alternatively our marketer has put together a lovely walkthrough video featuring the annexe.

If you are interested in family accommodation for the garden, please click through to our partners website.


Planning or Permitted Development?!


When it comes to this subject of planning it can be a bit of a head scratcher, we would like to attempt to add a little clarity to this murky lake of confusion.


So you would like a Garden building but you are unsure as to whether you will need planning permission or not. Well you’ll be glad to hear that most of our buildings can be built under permitted development rights.  The exceptions come when you are looking to build above the 2.5 metre high restriction in a designated area and these items cause confusion!


Our buildings that exceed  2.5 metre are usually pitched roof Garden Lodges, this includes both dual and mono pitched designs. These buildings are ideal for use as gyms or artist studios as they have ample head room and allow in plenty of natural light. Now, they can be built under permitted development rights if they meet the following requirements: Their eaves height (eaves height: where the lowest part of the roof meets the outside wall) are under 2.5 metres and a dual pitch is no more than 4 metres and a mono pitched 3 metres, however here is the important detail! These buildings must be located 2 or more metres away from any boundary, if they are located within the 2 metres they will need planning approval. 


If the garden room lies within 2 metres of the boundary, the whole building should not exceed 2.5 metres in height.


The area of the proposed garden building and any other existing buildings within the garden (other than the original house) must not exceed 50% of the total area of the garden (excluding the footprint of the original house). This is typically called ‘curtilage’. In other words, only 50% of your garden can be given to additional buildings (including sheds, extensions and decking over 300mm in height).


The new garden studio or office cannot be a dwelling or be used  as self-contained living accommodation. It cannot be a residential space used for sleeping.


Flats and maisonettes do not have permitted development rights.


Planning would also be required if you live in a listed building, or in a designated area, i.e AONB, conservation area, etc. by doing a quick google of “do i live in a designated area” you should be able to confirm whether or not your property is in a designated area.


There are great resources that you can use to decipher whether or not you will need planning, the planning portal website provides a myriad of information that will aid your research. Click on the link here to go to the planning portals interactive page about Permitted Development. We also have a useful FAQ on our website relating to planning permission and permitted development, which you can find here.


Oxfordshire Case Study

This Oxfordshire lodge is situated just on the edge of the Thames. Large glass sliding doors allow the lodge to open up giving the owners a place to sit and relax while they look out onto the Oxfordshire countryside. This lodge has been beautifully finished internally, greys and whites give a minimalistic finish and the choice of lighting creates a welcoming feel. Casement windows to the lounge area not only let in light but really become a distinctive feature to this build. The same wall is also a feature wall with the jar light fittings and a simple but effective wallpaper. It almost seems like the greenery from outside is creeping through, it is a beautiful effect. The lodge is a large size, measuring 8.0m x 7.0m the lounge/kitchen area has an internal size of 20.94m2 giving plenty of room for movement, as you can see in the images, there is a lot of open space, the owner will be adding a coffee table to the living room which will fit nicely in front of the larger sofa.

Our Garden Lodges take just a few weeks to construct, weather permitting a build can be finished within a month from the start date, this is capable due to our construction method using SIPs panels. SIPs are a recognised building material used around the world, due to their construction they have great insulation and offer excellent airtightness values keeping the lodge cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most lodges do not require planning permission as they can be constructed under permitted development, in certain circumstance planning may be required.

Garden Lodges finish the building i.e. finished in matt white emulsion, kitchen and shower fitted, downlighters. Garden Lodges also makes sure that the building is cleaned and the site is tidy, so it seems like the building has always been there. For our customers here it was the perfect template to put their own spin on the lodge and make it their own.


Luke, I am your FIRE (pit)!

Yes, everyone who’s watched Star Wars will be familiar with the proper line.

We saw these fire pits online and thought they were just so unique, we just had to share them, especially with all you Star Wars fans!

These individually handmade fire pits complement any Garden Lodge and make an ideal addition outside your Man Cave, making it a ‘Super’ Man Cave (or Super Villain Cave) . . .


The pits are the work of UK-based company (go UK!) Burned by Design, which is run by British welder Alex Dodson, who creates incredible one-off steel fire pits and burners with his bare hands. You can order your very own online from £270.

But the mask of Darth Vader is not the only infamous movie character you’ll recognise – try your hand at these!









We’re on the Green Art blog – ‘Trend-setting Garden Design’


From the Blog: Inside and out

The first is the merging of inside and outside; the flow from the house to the garden using the same materials to create an extension of the home outside. We’re seeing a real increase in demand for outdoor kitchens,garden gyms and garden offices as testament to this. Whether this involves new, purpose built buildings or dedicated open garden areas depends on the scope and ambition of the project (or client).

Not only new, but also older, existing re-purposed structures can form part of the extension of the home to outside. The Grottage is the latest conversion of the often redundant, cluttered garage into a garden room that can be a clever, low cost alternative to a purpose-built building.

Read the full Trend-setting Garden Design blog on the Green Art website.



BBC World Service – listen from your garden room, not your shed.


The BBC World Service TV advert takes outdoor living to a whole new level!

However the chilly-looking listener could do with an upgrade from a draughty shed to a contemporary garden room which is fully insulated and comes with all the mod-cons.

Watch the BBC World Service television advert here.

What’s included in our garden rooms?

Remember, our garden rooms are not sheds. The way our garden rooms are constructed is more akin to building a timber framed house. Besides, SIP panels are recognised as a standard form of construction and are widely used for many types of domestic building, including houses.

Our Features and Options section will give you all the specifications about our garden buildings, right at your fingertips. To mention a few great reasons for you to build with us:

  • Built to last. Our garden rooms come with a 10-year structural warranty.
  • Insulated and warm all year round with our SIPs (Structurally Insulated Pannels), which are specifically designed for your garden room, office or studio. This means you can comfortably use your heated garden room in winter and it won’t cost you the earth in energy bills!
  • You have a say in the interior and exterior design throughout. All our garden buildings are built to your needs.
  • All our garden buildings come fully fitted and finished, so we’re the only people you need.
  • We also have a highly skilled team of office staff who are on hand to help and advise you every step of the way.

I’m afraid dinosaurs, protesters, divers and scary dolls are not included with our Garden Lodges.


If you’re looking to build a garden room, download our brochure today or give us a call on 0800 043 4821 to discuss your project. Also, check out our exclusive Garden Lodges offers.


We’re in Period Ideas Magazine – June 2016 Issue


Look out for our Modena Garden Lodge advert in the June issue of the Period Ideas magazine, on sale soon! Our advert has a special offer code of the Modena Garden Lodge, so don’t forget to use it.

We also feature in the Garden Buildings Q&A section in the May issue and have an online profile on the Period Ideas website.



Garden Lodge South West London


In the back of this London home, in an attractive suburb sits this wonderfully styled Garden Lodge with recessed doors and a slight overhang creating an interesting shape to the build. The customers have a small decked area to the front of the lodge, giving enough space to walk around the front of the lodge, all the way up to the far side where the storage room is located.

The storage room at the far end has an internal space of 3.42m2 this is a great space to keep garden equipment, or any outdoor equipment.

The lodge looks onto the back of the house and is to be used as extra space for the children and as an office when required.

Our garden studios take just a few weeks to construct, weather permitting a build can be finished within a month from the start date, this is capable due to our construction method using SIPs panels. The lodge does not require planning permission due to its size. The lodge is built on top of concrete pad foundations, then on top of that, timber bearers and sips panels constructed at our warehouse are placed on top. The SIPs panels are are custom made for each build at our warehouse then transported to site.

The interior of the build is finished in matt white emulsion, with chrome down lights, polished chrome double power sockets and wood laminate flooring. All electrics are installed and tested by us. We always make sure to clear our on-site rubbish, as well as give the new garden room a good clean before handing over the keys.