5 technologies to make your Garden Lodge a ‘smart lodge’.

home tech in garden lodge


Modern technologies are turning our homes into much easier places to live. Tech for our homes is now becoming genuinely useful, with the latest devices saving us time, stress and money. Here is a look at some of the must-have technologies that will help turn your garden lodge into a futuristic tech fest.


Smart Speakers




These handy devices have really taken off in the last few years. Big names such as Amazon, Google and Apple all have their own version out there, and we are seeing them becoming incorporated into garden lodges and offices more and more. A smart speaker is a small piece of technology that lets you talk and interact with it, much like you can do with your smartphone. This means you can ask questions, ask it to play music, make calls, send or receive emails and even tell you jokes. They can also be used to control elements of your garden lodge, such as lighting, temperature and other technologies that you might have connected.

It is increasingly becoming part and parcel of many a home office as it can be a great way to save time in sending emails and requesting simple information that you would otherwise need to search for.

If you would like to connect your smart speaker with your lighting and heating then this might require some more specialised equipment, smart light bulbs will allow you to connect your lighting to your smart speaker straight away, or a smart hub can do the same job.

To connect your heating to your smart speaker, you will need a smart heating hub.


Smart Heating Hubs


hive thermomenter



Smart heating hubs from companies such as Hive, Nest and Drayton have changed the way that we can operate heating in our homes. This means that you can control the heating in your garden office, even when you are not there. An advantage of this might be that you would like the heating turned on before you arrive at your garden office, therefore you could set the heating to come on from your bed, or on the way home from shopping so that when you arrive your garden office is nice and warm.

Also if you forget to turn off your heating when you leave, you can simply do it from your smartphone!


Light Dimmer



Smart light bulbs give you some control over how you control your lighting from a smart speaker. But if you want ultimate control then you will need a smart dimmer kit. The Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit pictured above gives you predetermined settings that allow you to set a mood with the flick of a switch or command, perfect for movies, dinner or bedtime. Also, there is the option to have all lights turned off using one command, or to have the lights turned on when you return home using geo-fencing technology. When this is also connected to Siri or a smart speaker then you can have great levels of control over your garden lodge lighting, without having to lift a finger.


Security Camera




A garden office or lodge can contain a lot of expensive equipment. A typically garden office might contain computer equipment or furniture that has a high value. So it would make sense to have some security that will help you to keep all of this safe. The Nest Cam, pictured above, sends alerts to your phone or will email you if it detects unusual activity. It also has a built-in speaker, so you listen and talk through the device. This gives extra peace of mind when you are away, and might put off would be burglars.


Robot Lawn Mower


robot lawn mower


Keeping your garden lodge or office looking good is not just about smart technology for inside. How your garden looks is also something to consider. With busy work schedules, we don’t always have time to mow the lawn, but smart technology is now making that easier than ever. The Worx robot mower takes all the strain out of lawn mowing. With a robotic mower you can set the exact times you would like to have your garden cut, this means that it doesn’t disturb you while you are working. Running off batteries ensures the mower is quiet and good for the environment but will need around 2 hours of charging between mows. Smart mowers use bump sensor technology, whenever it runs into an obstacle the mower turns off, rotates and then moves off in a new direction, so you have no fears of it harming yourself or a pet by accident. Smart mowers also use some smartphone technology, if someone tried to steal your smart mower an alarm will sound, you will also receive a notification to your phone of its impending disappearance.




Whatever technologies you would like to incorporate into your garden office or lodge, we are always on hand to offer you our help and advice. All our lodges are built to our customer’s unique requirements and with technology becoming more and more important in our homes, it makes sense that these technologies will also become utilised within our other buildings.


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Best ways to create extra space in your home. Garden lodges vs conservatories or extensions.

vaulted in garden


It’s a common fact that our houses are not always providing us with the space that we need. With the cost of moving house very expensive, now currently estimated at an average of £8900, it is no wonder that people are looking for alternative ways to increase the living space in their current homes. Now instead of moving to a larger house, building a garden lodge, conservatory or extension might be the most cost-efficient way to improve your habitable space.

In the past, an extension of conservatory might have been one of the only options available, but with the development of construction methods such as SIPs panels (Structurally Insulated Panels) building a bespoke garden office or lodge has certainly opened up more possibilities.

Garden Lodge Vs Extension


white clad flat roof small


If you just want to add extra room to your existing space then you might find an extension is the best bet for you. An extension will allow you to enhance the size of your kitchen or living area. The most popular extensions are usually those that increase the size of a kitchen to create a kitchen-diner or family room. These are certainly popular on people’s wish lists when searching for a new home.

Garden lodges can work better when the extra space you require would benefit from being away from the main house. Good examples of this might be a garden office, music room, gym or art studio. In these cases, it might well be an advantage to be away from the main house where concentration and quietness would be appreciated. Also, many people see a psychological advantage of having their garden office separate from the main house as it allows them to detach work from home and set a clear physical boundary between the two.


flat roof bifolding garden studio


Because a garden lodge can be constructed in its own space it is also less restricted than an extension that is obviously reliant on the positioning of the main house. This means that a garden lodge can be constructed anywhere where space allows giving more scope for its dimensions. Also, people might find that an extension is simply not viable, either there is not enough room to build or perhaps there are caveats put on the building such as it being grade 2 listed.


Garden Lodge Vs Conservatory


vaulted with view


Conservatories were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s and can be a great way to add extra space to the ground floor. However, they were not without their drawbacks. People have found they do not always use their conservatories as they are sometimes too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Also, a conservatory is almost always attached to the main house, which would make them not suitable for a home office or gym, especially if the temperatures were hard to control. With the modern building materials we use in our garden lodges, temperature is very easy to control. SIPs panels are extremely good at insulating, meaning that our buildings are cheap to heat in winter and remain cool in the summer, perfect for a garden office.

These days traditional white conservatories look a little bit dated and it’s now a common home improvement to replace a conservatory with an extension or possibly a separate building in the form of a garden lodge.


Front Exterior 1


Another key consideration for a garden lodge Vs an extension might be planning permission. A garden lodge can often be built within permitted development, meaning that no planning permission would be required, whereas usually, an extension to the main building will require planning permission. If you are in hurry to have your new space available to use this could be a consideration or if you live in a conservation area then you might be wise to have different options available to you.




At Garden Lodges we are also able to build our customers extensions connected to the main house, as opposed to a separate garden building. This has all the advantages of SIPs construction, but with the added benefit of extending your existing kitchen or living space. We would be very happy to discuss with you any plans you have for creating extra space in your home and go through the different options that we feel could best benefit you.


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World Cup fever. 7 ways to turn your Garden Lodge into the perfect sports venue.



As we settle into another World Cup, Russia 2018 promises to be quite a journey. Already with one win under the belt England looks set for a promising few weeks of football, until – we crash out on penalties… While we are still enjoying the spectacle we have a number of suggestions on how to turn your garden lodge into the perfect sports venue. Our garden lodges are built to your unique specifications so It is possible to design a garden lodge that will truly meet all your sporting demands.


Garden Lodge t.v room


We offer a complete turnkey solution, our services include all building and decorating, plumbing and electrics. Once we hand you the keys, your new Garden Lodge is ready to be used straight away. Our lodges are used in many different ways, a bespoke sports room is a great way to free up space in the house and have a room that offers all the comforts necessary to enjoy watching the World Cup and other major sports competitions.


Below are 7 ways that you can turn your Garden Lodge into the perfect sports venue that your friends will be jealous of.

1. Have a large widescreen television installed.

Having a large TV is a must for any great sports venue, but it is important to get the correct size of TV for the size of your Garden Lodge. A general rule of thumb is to divide the distance you sit from your TV by 3. So for example, if you sit 120 inches away (10ft) then the size of your TV should be 40 inches. This will mean that you do not hurt your eyes if it is too large, or have to squint if it is too small. Garden Lodges are able to help you install your TV in the perfect place by carefully discussing with you where the best locations for sockets, ariels, sky dishes and internet ports are located. Getting these correct in the beginning can be very important and we are always happy to help you design the perfect layout for your sports room.


garden lodge sports room


2.Installing a bar or kitchen

Unlike many of our competitors, Garden Lodges is able to fit and install a number of options to your new Garden Studio to make it even more versatile and comfortable. A kitchen or small bar area is a great way to give your Garden Lodge the facilities to turn it into a great sports venue for you and your friends and family. Having a small kitchen means that you can make snacks, create the perfect cocktail, or serve all your beers ice cold. Or, why not go the whole hog and have a minibar installed, turning your garden lodge into your own personal sports pub!


garden lodge with kitchen


3.Sky and internet connection

Gaining access to all the latest sports events takes a bit of forward-planning. Although we do not endorse any particular product, Sky can allow you to watch most major football games, as well as a host of other sporting contests. We can make sure your lodge is ready to accept a Sky connection. Another essential need for any sports venue is a to have a good internet connection. It is possible to share the connection of the main house either with a booster or a cable extender or its possible to have a separate connection for your Garden Lodge which could offer an improved download speed. With internet installed there is no limit to the number of major sports matches you can enjoy – although for major competitions these are not always free.




4.Halftime entertainment

No sports venue would be complete without some halftime entertainment. If your lodge is large enough why not think about a pool table, darts board or table football. Make sure your friends and family are thoroughly entertained and you won’t be able to keep them away. We can make a Garden Lodge that is the perfect fit for a pool table, it is something we have provided for many of our customers and is always a popular option. A dart board is a cheap way to add some halftime fun and does not require too much space. We can even create a protective area so that any misjudged darts don’t ruin your new plasterwork!


pool room in garden lodge


5.Seating options

For a big match, you are going to want to have plenty of seating options to accommodate everybody. Getting an L-Shaped sofa is one way you can maximize the seating capacity of your garden lodge. When we design your lodge layout we can discuss furniture and how you plan to use the space, this means that you can be assured everything fits when you move in, and nobody is left out in the cold! Other seating options that might add a touch of pub ‘chic’ could include pub stalls for your kitchen bar area or how about some reclaimed fold away cinema or football chairs for the ultimate stadium feel.


folding cinema-chairs seats


6.Home cinema Surround sound

in order to create the best atmosphere possible, surround sound is a must. Surround sound systems do a great job of bringing a match alive and can fill your garden lodge with the sounds of the game. Also great for watching films if you are serious about cinema, surround sound systems do not need to cost a fortune. For around £200 – £600 you can get a high-quality system that will blow the socks off your normal TV’s sound capabilities.


surround sound garden lodge



Decoration is something that is down to personal taste. But there are some fun ideas that could make your sports venue a hit. How about some classic pub carpets, Wooden floors are all the rage, but for a touch of retro nostalgia a classic pub carpet could soak up any spilt beer.

If you want to go down a slightly classier route, framed photos of your favourite sports stars, football shirts or memorabilia could be the way to go.

If you had a sporty past then maybe a trophy cabinet could fill a corner, or why not start a new trophy cabinet, for all the winners of pool and darts for years to come.


trophy cabinet


Whatever is your perfect idea of a sports venue, Garden Lodges can help you design and build the dream.


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How to create a hobby room in your Garden Studio.

She Shed from Garden Lodges


Hobbies are a great way to relax and unwind, especially after a hard day in the office. However, once a hobby starts taking over the house things can get far from relaxing! Building a garden lodge can be a great way to design your own perfect space so your hobby can grow with your own creative development.

A garden lodge opens up many possibilities to take your hobby to the next level, whether you are interested in arts and crafts, yoga, model building, sowing, music production, fitness or photography, we have a garden building that can work for you.

This summer, why not treat yourself and your hobby to the space that you deserve by building a bespoke garden lodge. We are always happy to discuss with you your ideas and start to design your perfect new hobby space in your garden.

Benefits of a garden hobby room.


Building a bespoke hobby room in your garden means that everything can be stored in one place, you will no longer need to have everything spread all over your house, instead, your hobby equipment can be confined to one built for purpose space. This means no more packing up at the end of your session or tidying everything away, you can just leave everything in place and start again from where you left off.

Your own personal space means that you can truly concentrate on your hobby, with interruptions from family members, pets or the telephone a thing of the past, you can close yourself off to the outside world and immerse yourself in your hobby.

With all your hobby clutter safely stored in one place, more free space is created in your house. That spare room can once again become useful for guests or a brand new office space, or perhaps room for a new arrival.




Sometimes creativity needs a helping hand. It is all too easy to become distracted by the internet, social media, pets and family. We have all started an evening or weekend with the best intention to crack on with reading a book, painting a picture or getting on with some other creative past time. But one thing leads to another and before you know it you have just spent the last 3 hours looking at cat videos on Youtube. However, replacing wasting time with a creative hobby has many health benefits.

You will find that you can concentrate easier, feel more relaxed, reduce negativity and relieve you of the addiction of scrolling through social media. All great ways to feel an improvement in your life.


Garden Office

How to create your perfect hobby space


When designing your perfect hobby garden room it is important to consider some important factors. A hobby space for art will require plenty of light, enough room for a large desk or easel, plenty of storage options and perhaps areas to display your work.

A music room might require soundproofing, electrical sockets in the correct positioning and enough room for a variety of equipment.

Garden gyms tend to require a bit more space as equipment can be quite large and bulky and will not fit into a small space, also you might want to consider a shower or toilet in your gym, so that you can workout and then wash in the same building. A shower and toilet also makes a garden space more versatile and opens it up for other uses later on as well as adding more value to the property.


Pilates Studio


All of our customers have their own unique story for building their own bespoke garden office and we are always happy to discuss with you your next grand design hobby space.


UPVC Bi-folding doors


When we build a new garden office for our customers, first we sit down and discuss how you will use your new garden space, we offer all our customers (subject to location) a free site survey.

During this process, we are able to see the exact location of where your garden lodge will be built and then advise you on what building would suit the location and the size and the proportions that would work.

After the site survey, we will create a 3D image of the proposed building so that you can truly visualise how it will look, create a floor plan so that you can see where everything will go, and provide a detailed quote so that you can see how much everything will cost.

We offer an entirely turnkey service meaning that we take care of everything from start to finish. This also includes all plumbing, electrical work, foundations and decorating. When we hand you the keys you will be able to enjoy a superbly finished and built garden lodge, perfect for you to take your hobby to the next level!



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Recent Garden Lodges built for our customers.




At Garden Lodges we are very proud of the new projects we have worked on with our customers and love sharing them with you on our blog to demonstrate the type of garden studios you could have built in your garden.

This 5.5m x 4m garden lodge was built with a number of functions in mind, including a small gym and sauna! This lodge cost £26,000 to build including all groundwork, electrics and decorating. Cedarwood cladding has created a modern stylish exterior, with wide floor to ceiling windows and 2m French doors, providing plenty of light and connection to the garden.


Our garden lodges are used in many different ways and provide a truly versatile building that will be enjoyed for years to come. One unusual addition, being a sauna, was included in this lodge in Brackley. What a great way to warm up on a cold winter evening! This garden studio is destined to be the ultimate bijou gym and sauna offering the new owner a relaxing retreat in his garden for his family.


This lodge was designed with the view in mind, taking advantage of the owners wonderful garden and landscaping. A flat roof design meant that it was built within permitted development, so that no planning permission was required. We are always very happy to discuss with you the style and size of garden lodge we would recommend for your outdoor space. During our free site survey, we gain a good idea of your requirements and then our designers go to work to create a 3-D drawing to illustrate the design, a detailed floor plan so you can see where everything is going, and an itemised quotation so you know the exact price of your new garden lodge.



This next fantastic build was undertaken in Minehead, destined to be the perfect office getaway, it provides a private and peaceful place to work, next to the main house. French doors provide ample light and a small toilet and shower were also installed for extra convenience.


The interiors were fitted with oak laminate flooring in the office space and waterproof vinyl flooring in the shower area. When we build a new office space for our customers we always sit down and carefully discuss where you need your fittings and fixtures. The positioning of electrical sockets is quite important, and not something you want to get wrong in your new office space. We take great care to get all the little details perfect for you so that you are ready to move in as soon as building work is finished. Our quality of work is clearly on display in this photo and serves as a great testament to our team of craftsmen.


We can build your garden lodge with the possibility of having shower rooms and toilets installed, something that not many of our competitors offer. We have found that our customers like the added convenience of a showroom and toilet in their garden studio as it adds an extra dimension to how the space might be used. This also leaves it more versatile in the future and adds more value onto your home in general.

We offer a range of options for our bathrooms and use high-quality fitting and fixtures.


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Garden Lodges – Improve your work life balance with a bespoke office garden building.



Working from home is increasingly being seen as one of the best ways to improve your work-life balance. These days more and more people are frustrated with commuting to work, over half of the people working in the UK spend more than an hour per day travelling to and from work, with 10% of those forking out £90 – plus for the privilege. If those figures don’t seem bad enough, 38% of us spend an extra 15 minutes waiting in traffic, delayed by public transport, or simply waiting for a bus or train. Shockingly 21% have to wait for between 30 – 45 minutes per day!

Imagine now the scenario, you wake up, make a coffee and walk 15 seconds to your beautifully constructed, warm spacious office garden building. Compared to 50% of the workforce you have just saved your self 1 hour in the day. What would you do with that time? Be more productive? Do more exercise? Spend more time with the children? Time is the most valuable commodity in the world, and working from home in an office garden building is a simple way to claw back more of it for yourself.


Flat roof Garden Studio

Garden offices needn’t be large or expensive. Our smaller builds start from £17,322 inc. VAT. This price includes UPVC windows, a flat roof style and thermal efficient SIP panel construction. This smart office fits perfectly at the bottom of the garden and provides a quiet and spacious area to work from. SIP panel construction provides excellent insulation meaning that our garden offices are inexpensive to heat in winter, while the large folding doors mean that when the weather is hot, you can throw open the doors and enjoy your garden while working.


Art studio office garden

This photo typifies the view that is enjoyed by our customers as they start their day. Large folding doors are now an extremely popular way to bring in light and air and lets you bring your garden into your workspace. Imagine sitting and enjoying this view instead of waiting on a train platform or sitting in traffic. Many of our customers have told us how much improved their work-life balance has become since making the move to become self-employed and working from a garden studio.


office garden bi-folding doors

This is the same office garden building, viewed from outside. It uses timber cladding and dark grey window frames to create a clean and contemporary look that would suit most urban gardens. A slate terraced area further enhances the look and feel and allows the new owner to enjoy the garden with ease. Why not also add a water feature or pond? Water is proven to reduce stress and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for getting over the stresses of your old commute.


A garden room used as an office benefits from an internet connection

Connectivity is an obvious necessity for any garden office. Garden Lodges will be able to connect your new office with your house’s electricity so that you will be up and running in no time. We would also suggest investing in a separate wifi router, connected to your home wifi so that you can enjoy uninterrupted internet connection. There are many options when it comes to office fittings and furnishings. In this example, a large desk is situated so that it makes the most of the large floor to ceiling windows. Fitted shelving adds to the upmarket feel.



The floor plan above shows the sort of layout and dimensions that is common for one of our office buildings. 2 convenient cupboard areas provide some additional garden storage plus storage for the office. The building is accessed via large sliding doors and the desk sits in the corner enjoying plenty of light. With an internal space of around 8 metres, it provides a generous multi-purpose area.



Of course, it’s not all about the interior, one of the key benefits of building an office in the garden is to enjoy your garden and outdoor space while working. Making the most of this connection can be achieved in a number of ways. Here the owner has created a brilliant decked area that flows from the office and incorporates trees and shrubs within the design. By connecting the 2, the office space seems larger and creates a truly relaxing Zen-like environment from which to work.



Working from home might not just mean being a pen pusher. Many of our garden offices are destined for more artistic purposes. We have built many sound insulated music studios and light-filled art studios for our customers over the years.


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Man Caves and Studios with toilet and bathroom. Some interesting ideas to inspire your Man Cave bathroom



Garden Lodges specialises in creating bespoke garden buildings for our customers. Creating a man cave annexe is a great way to add a fun and functional building to your garden that is a place to relax and unwind. Maybe there could be space for a bar, pool table, darts or a widescreen t.v. Or maybe all of the above!

Every good man cave deserves it’s own toilet or bathroom, what is the point of having a relaxing getaway at the bottom of the garden if you have to nip back to the house every hour? These days it can be tricky to get the toilet space we might really crave for. But in the man cave, normal rules need not apply.

Choosing a design can be tricky. Luckily at Garden Lodges, we are here to help with an array of man cave toilet ideas that could look great in your cavernous toilet.

Garden studios with a bathroom or toilet are something that we at ‘Garden Lodges’ are happy to install, and not something that a lot of our competitors can provide. There are many advantages to have a toilet installed in your garden studio or man cave, adding extra value to your property and creating a space that is even more usable and versatile.


For those who have a mechanical mindset, there are plenty of ideas that can boost your cave’s credentials. From tool boxes to alloy wheels there is a host of auto objects that can be picked up from a junkyard and upcycled.



Image Source: http://gentlemint.com/media/images/2012/02/20/a4a598c4.jpg.505x650_q85.jpg

This mechanics toolbox makes a surprisingly functional chest of draws and sink-unit, available second hand, quite cheap it would be a great addition to any man cave that has an automotive feel. These units are also very well made, just give it an oil from time to time and it will be good for years. Not content with just the draws and sink, this man cave owner has gone all in, with a white-walled tire for a mirror, a mechanics first aid box for a cupboard and chequered flag tiling.



In your own perfect man cave set up, watching a bit of football in the bath might be the icing on the cake for some. If you live in a busy household getting time for a relaxing soak, might seem like an unattainable ‘goal’. Now you won’t need to miss a match, while having a soak and a beer.



Perhaps having a bubble bath is not what you imagined when first conceiving ‘the cave’. Well, this next man caver has gone for a shower unit, with a beer theme. This old fermenter has been recycled as a large shower cubicle. Hopefully, they gave it a good clean before, but if you have space it could make a fine addition to your man cave shower facilities. Many of these parts could be upcycled from a junkyard or found online from freecycle, the only limitation in the man cave, is your imagination.



Sticking with an automotive theme this green pick up has added a questionable element of style to the bathroom of this lucky man cave owner. The bonnet has been crafted into a sink with plumbing, fully functional lights and indicators illuminate the toilet and the chrome bumper has been polished to a high sheen.



If you enjoy the whistle of a turbo, then this unique toilet paper dispenser could be just the ticket. Crafted from an old Garrett turbocharger this fine piece of automotive history is sure to brighten up any man cave toilet. Hopefully, it’s been thoroughly washed before!


garden lodge6


If novelty toilets are not your thing, a man cave bathroom doesn’t have to look like it crashed into your local scrap yard. Man caves are increasingly sophisticated places, often incorporating a gym, as seen in one of our recent builds above.


Man Cave with Shower Room


This clean, elegant shower room and toilet show the level of skill and expertise we employ when creating a bathroom for our customers. A large walk-in shower and white tiling give the bathroom a spacious feel and certainly would add a level of sophistication to a new generation of man caves.


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Garden Studio Inspiration. Which garden lodge would suit your garden?

oak clad vaulted


Garden Lodges have been building garden studios for our customers for over 10 years. We are extremely proud of the many different projects we have completed and know that our customers are just as happy with the end results.

What makes our garden studios special is the level of choice and bespoke options that are available. We can build a great range of garden buildings, including garden offices, gyms, art studios, music studios, garden annexes, pool houses and rentable accommodation for Airbnb, to name a few!

There are many companies on the market for building garden studios, but few with our level of experience, we have literally built hundreds of offices, studios and lodges for satisfied customers and are very happy to combine this level of expertise with our customer’s ideas and inspirations to build something that can truly transform your garden space.

Below are examples of some of the most popular lodges that we have built for our customers. They range in size and style and give a good demonstration of the sort of garden annexes we create. If there is a building that you feel would work well in your garden please let us know. We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss your new garden studio project.

Call us free on 0800 043 4821, or why not book a FREE SITE SURVEY (subject to location) to get started.


white clad flat roof small

This is one of our smaller garden offices we built for a customer who wanted a quiet space in the garden to work from. This stylish build uses a form or white cladding, combined with dark grey, floor to ceiling windows. It has created a very contemporary and clean look that enhances the look of the garden while providing a very useful extra space.

Smaller garden offices can be built from as little as £17,322 including VAT. Key features of our contemporary, flat roof Garden Office range include a choice of uPVC doors and windows, selected because of their great value for money.


small flat roof garden office

Another stylish smaller build, perfect for a garden office or studio. Although small the feeling of light and space is maximised through the use of glazing on two sides. An overhang provides shade in the summer so that the office remains naturally cool, while high performing SIP panel construction means that is it warm and inexpensive to heat in winter.


flat roof bifolding garden studio

Bi-folding doors are increasingly popular and are a perfect way to bring the garden into your studio space. In summer they can be folded back to create a fantastic feeling of space and light. This example shows how a garden office could transform your work environment. When the weather is good your office space becomes part of the garden!


flat roof white wall

When we build a garden studio we first provide a free site survey and discuss with you your requirements. This is one of the reasons why the garden studios we build look so at ease in their surroundings. This sizable cedar clad studio fits perfectly in its garden, with the white wall acting as a platform to allow the studio to enjoy a more elevated position, great for surveying the garden. This size of building is perfect for a number of functions, including use as a gym, home studio or office, or as extra sleeping accommodation.


oak clad vaulted

This timber framed garden lodge, shows how a traditional look can be combined with a contemporary feel. The oak frame and cladding creates a timeless design that is becoming increasingly popular. This style of studio is especially popular in conservation areas, where planning restrictions could apply. Terracotta tiles finish the building, creating a stunning garden studio. This design is also perfect for creating a light and spacious feel, with the combined effect of a vaulted roof and floor to ceiling windows.


Front Exterior 2

Our garden studios come in a range of shapes and sizes. This stunning build shows what can be achieved in a larger garden. Cedar cladding gives it a contemporary feel and a large sliding door brings in plenty of light while providing excellent insulation and visibility to the garden. This size of build we recommend for gyms or larger offices, where extra space might be needed. The flat roof allows it to usually be built within permitted development law as long as the building is situated less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property and is no more than 2.5 metres in height from the existing ground level.



Dark grey bi-folding doors give an elegant simplicity to this thoughtfully designed studio. The popular combination of dark grey window frames and cedar cladding look great in this garden setting, especially when the landscaping has been incorporated into the look of the new building. A beautiful decked area creates an easy to maintain outdoor space, that works perfectly with the more modern design.



If gravel and decking are not your thing, then a perfectly manicured lawn works just as well. The flowing stone path creates softer lines, contrasting nicely with the modern shape of this contemporary garden studio. With over 60m2 this garden building has transformed how the owners use their garden and is now set up for a number of uses, including a gym, home studio and spare sleeping accommodation.


Donhead Lodge Exterior

A similar look and feel is achieved with this garden lodge, nestled in the trees it looks perfect in its location, allowing the owners to work from home while enjoying their garden at the same time. All of our garden studios are made from highly insulated SIP panels. Structural insulated panels (or SIPs) are the number one choice for garden studios, as they provide excellent insulation in winter and are quick to erect. Meaning that we can build a garden office in your garden in between 4 – 5 weeks.


vaulted with view

Often a lodge is a brilliant way to take advantage of a spectacular view. This garden studio certainly makes the most of its surroundings, with floor to ceiling windows on all sides. Currently used as a garden gym, what better way to exercise and relax?


vaulted in garden

A vaulted ceiling can add a second dimension to a garden studio. With extra headroom, you really increase the feeling of space and light. Extra height can also increase the functionality of the building, with larger gyms or storage possible.

Spring and summer are the best times for building garden studios, it is possible for us to complete a build in 4-5 weeks, meaning you could be enjoying your new garden building much sooner than you might think.


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10 great reasons to build a gym in your garden.

build a gym in the garden

Our garden lodges can be used for many functions, often we are asked to create a studio space, a spare room, a music studio and an increasingly popular option is a home gym. This gym we recently built in Dartford is one the largest garden lodges we have completed and offers the new user plenty of space to install a great range of gym equipment.

Building a gym in your garden can offer many advantages and the reasons our clients choose to build a gym differ from one to the other. Below are 10 great reasons to build a gym in your own garden.

garden lodge


  • 1. Building a gym can save you money on gym fees

Gym fees can be quite expensive, on average people are paying anything between £30 – £200 per month for their gym membership, and that is without taking into account the sign up fees, personal trainers, and other expenses. These costs can soon add up and leave you out of pocket. Obviously, there is a large upfront cost when building a garden gym, but these costs can be offset by the increase in value the gym will give to your home.


  • 2. Increase a properties value

On average, an extension or garden lodge can add 20% to the value of your home. If you were to sell your home then this space can be used for a myriad of uses other than a gym, such as a garden office, granny annexe, or spare room. This creates a versatile living space that is very desirable in a competitive housing market.


  • 3. Creating more space

Gym equipment can be bulky and large, often it is difficult to fit in all the gym equipment you need in your house. By building a bespoke garden gym you can create a space that is perfect for gym gear. Our recent build shows just how much space it is possible to achieve with plenty of room for a professional treadmill, multi gyms with leg presses, kickboxing equipment and more. Extra high ceilings can also bring a benefit with some equipment needing the extra space. Moving all this clutter to a garden gym also frees up a room in the house which can be re-commissioned as a bedroom or office.


  • 4. Saving time travelling to your gym

Those who go to a gym regularly know how much time they waste travelling back and forwards to the gym. We have increasingly busy lifestyles, so imagine the advantages in saved time if you never needed to pack your gym bag, drive and find a parking space at the gym, or queue to use the equipment or showers. All of that time could be spent on other more useful activities, such as spending more time in your own gym. Having a gym in your garden means you can be a lot more flexible with when you exercise. It’s very easy to fit in a gym session, early morning before work, or in the evenings.


Garden lodge gym


  • 5. Creating a home business

More and more people are starting to work from home and a garden gym opens up some great opportunities for those wanting to go down this route. If you run a personal training business and want to extend your services then building your own space can give you the possibility to do this. One great advantage is that you can separate work from home, with your business operating from its own independent space.


  • 6. Designing a perfect space for unwinding

Going to a gym is a great way to unwind. However, most gyms are far from relaxing, with the annoying selection of tunes chosen by the staff, bright lights and sweating bodies. With your own garden gym, you can create your perfect zen space. Features such as large bi-folding doors can bring in some much-needed air and light, a well-designed sound system can allow you listen to the music that you want, and best of all, it’s all for yourself.


  • 7. Avoiding crowds at peak time

Usually, the best times to go to the gym, before and after work, are also the most crowded. It can be difficult to keep to a routine if you can’t guarantee which equipment will be free to use. Also during these peak times, the equipment can become very sweaty with the constant use of other people. The perfect scenario is a gym all to yourself in which you can choose exactly the time to do your work out and in which order. Especially if they are not covered in other people’s sweat!


  • 8. Play by your own rules

Commercial gyms have a lot of rules. Are any of these familiar?

“Don’t drop weights.”

“Chalk prohibited.”

“No curling in the squat rack.”

“No grunting or shouting.”

“T-Shirts or vests must be worn.”

In your own gym, you can make up your own rules, grunt as much as you want, strip down, throw your chalk about and get on with a bit of curling. You’re the boss! Some of these rules can have a negative impact on your work out and be an unnecessary distraction.


Pilates Gym Studio


  • 9. Creating your own gym is fun!

Setting up, designing and choosing all the equipment for your gym is fun. You can choose the equipment that works best for you and design a space that is perfect for your style of work out. The disadvantage of a commercial gym is that they are normally set up for general workouts and to provide the broadest range of options to gym users. With your own gym you can concentrate on the areas that will serve you best whether it is for powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, etc.


  • 10. Concentration

Let’s face it, gyms are not the easiest places to focus. With all the widescreen T.Vs, mirrors, noises and products for sale it is difficult to concentrate. In contrast your own gym can be a pared down area of concentration with just you and the equipment for company. Of course, there will always be some distractions with mobile phones, the dog wanting to come in and children to contend with. But hey, you can’t have it all.


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94% Customer Satisfaction!

The IWA & Your Garden Lodge

Customer satisfaction is very important to us so to give an extra level of comfort and reassurance we provide each of our buildings with an insurance backed guarantee with the IWA (Independent Warranty Association). Please click here to find out what the IWA can do for you.

94% Customer Satisfaction!

We are very grateful to receive the Merit Award for Customer Care from the IWA. We have reached a 94% customer satisfaction rating. The award demonstrates that we as a company have been meeting the high quality standards set by the IWA allowing us to display this certificate for 12 months, until their next check-up. It makes us very happy here to know that the vast majority of our customers feel that they have been receiving a high level of quality and standard of work. We hope to continue improving our service in any way we can and continue to offer such a high standard.

Satisfied Throughout the Build

From the day the first spade hits the ground our Garden Lodges take as little as 3-5 weeks to complete. In this time we will keep you informed of each step with minimum disruption to your daily routine and if you have any questions, then there will always be someone to contact regarding your build.

A Great Variety of Options

We provide many different options for your Garden Lodge design, allowing you to customise your annexe to fit you and we will help with the designing along the way. Please view case studies on our website and view our prices page, where we have descriptions of everything included with our buildings on each of our standard design pages.

Customer Satisfaction Award
Garden Lodges Merit Award


Please see a testimonial from one of our wonderful customers, please click here to view our case study of the Garden Lodge. 

“Hi Guys!

I want to take the opportunity to say a big massive thank you for our fabulous garden studio.

We are very, very happy with it and have received several compliments from our usual ‘troublesome’ neighbours as well as the many others!

Firstly though I would like to say what a huge impression Hayley had on us on Day 1.  Had it not been for her we would have gone with another company.  Her sheer enthusiasm and professionalism and joie de vivre left us with such a positive feeling that it left us with no choice but to use Garden Lodges.

Secondly, Vas and the team (workmen) – what a joy!  Never have I ever had the experience of such a hard working team.  Arriving promptly every day, extremely polite and very helpful.

Lastly, Andrea and Carol were very helpful in every way whenever I needed them.

All in all, a fantastic team and I certainly would not hesitate in recommending Garden Lodges to others.

Maybe in the future we will have to call on you again!

Thank you!”