Garden Studios: The Next Step in Office Alternatives

The morning commute through rush hour traffic is the worst part of many a worker’s day. Being stuck at lights and behind inconsiderate drivers is a nightmare that has become all too real for many of us.

The garden studio is a real alternative that is perfect for anyone who is able to work from home. With this number growing – nearly a tenth of the working population is now able to work from home – a garden office could be just the thing for you.

Fitted with electricity, lighting and full doubleglazing, these garden rooms sacrifice none of the comfort you would expect from a more traditional office space. Those who work from home can appreciate the ability to restrict access to your office from children and pets – less simple to control in the actual house. Suitable for women as much as men, the traditional man-cave has been claimed by both genders as a place to work, think, and create.

While it is easy to see how a garden room could operate as an office, creative thinkers have long used garden offices as a place to escape to which inspires them to create. Roald Dahl, Henry Thoreau, and Phillip Pullman all used similar spaces.

This makes the garden office a perfect creative space for all you sculptors and artists out there. One tremendous benefit this offers is removing the need to free up space within the traditional home to work in. Your current office can be turned back into a living space, playroom for the kids or the library you have always wanted. Those of you who use the kitchen table have the option of a cheaper alternative to buying a house with an extra room. Using a garden studio is good for your health too. Psychologically it creates a distinction between home and work in your brain. Getting rid of the burden of constantly being in your office has advantages it is difficult to ignore.

Worried about your carbon footprint being left behind when you’re gone? Garden studios are environmentally friendly and genuinely help the planet. Think about it: practically everyone drives or gets the bus to work. With a garden office work is always walking distance away. Commuting is the highest contributor to people’s carbon footprints and the removal of fuel consumption can more than halve yours. It will save you a fair bit of money too. Reduction in carbon is not the only benefit that garden rooms offer.

There is generally no need for planning permission, an issue that often crops up during attempts at housing expansion in conservation and restricted building areas. A garden studio provides the alternative that people are after in terms of a relaxation space. It provides a home away from home, at home! Adding value to your property, the extra space is a fantastic addition to anyone seeking that something extra to get them ahead of the Joneses.


Garden Rooms – More Than Just a Posh Shed

No matter how large their house, most homeowners feel they could do with a little more space. Perhaps you’d like a playroom for the children, an extra bedroom for unexpected guests, a place for that cumbersome running machine or just somewhere to relax and unwind. This desire for extra space has led to an explosion in the market for garden rooms. Rather than moving home or putting up with weeks of noisy and messy construction work in order to build an extension or convert a loft, many homeowners are instead choosing to make better use of their gardens.

Fully insulated, double glazed and complete with lighting and power, garden rooms are far more than just posh sheds. They can make an ideal office, home gymnasium or studio, or they may simply become an additional space in which to relax or entertain guests.

Garden rooms cost less than extensions or conservatories and do not usually require planning permission. In most cases they can be completed within a matter of days. With a wide range of designs and specifications available, it’s easy to find one that suits all your needs. If you want to use the space as a home library, you can allow room for plenty of shelving. If you decide to use it as a rehearsal space for a band, you may want to consider additional sound proofing. If you are an artist and plan to use the room as a garden studio, you can choose a design that makes the best possible use of natural light.

Garden offices make ideal work environments and can help to boost your productivity as they will isolate you from the day-to-day distractions and interruptions that occur at home. Working from home also cuts the cost of commuting or renting office space elsewhere, all of which can easily mitigate the initial cost of construction.

Having a garden room allows you to make full use of your garden all year round, rather than just during periods of good weather. A well-designed room can enhance the look of your garden and will also add to the value of your property. If you want to find out more about the many benefits that garden rooms have to offer, why not call our team today?


The top garden room ideas for the guys

Here at Garden Lodges we understand that every individual has a different way of using their garden room or garden studio. This week we are going to take a look at the many ways in which men are using this unique space, so read on for some inspiration.
For many years, the idea of a private space for the man of the house to escape into has been a popular idea – once it was the study, then the ‘den’ and these days, it’s increasingly in an outdoor location. These ‘man sheds’ are used for many different things from simple DIY activities to reading a book and maybe having a drink or two.

According to Professor Alan White of Leeds Metropolitan University, this type of seclusion can be therapeutic for men, as it allows them to potter about and often undertake tasks through from start to completion, which can boost self-esteem.

If a ‘man cave’ sounds right up your street you may want to consider a modern equivalent – a garden room! The possibilities are endless and you can share the area with some of your mates if you wish. How about kitting it out with an LCD TV, a mini fridge and a couple of sofas – all ready for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics? Or if you are really into sports, you could turn it into your own personal gym to suit your training needs.

If you are more of a hands-on type of guy, a garden studio may suit you better – you could set up your new area ready to get creative with your favourite hobby. A garden office is the best choice if you have lots of admin work to do, or run a small business.
Statistics have shown that men spend an average of three hours and twenty minutes in their garden shed per week – that’s more than seven full days a year! And what are they doing in there? The top ten shed activities are DIY; cleaning things; working on bikes; painting; making and mending furniture; listening to the radio or music; catching up with work; having a beer or a sneaky cigarette
and lastly exercise.

If a garden room sounds appealing to you visit us at Garden Lodges where our friendly team will help you design and develop a perfect space to suit your needs.


Work in a garden office from home to beat rail price rise

Today sees action being taken by commuters at railway stations across Britain in protest at the announced fare

hikes. Train ticket prices are expected to rise by anything from 5% to 10%, way above inflation or salary increases – in real terms, some commuters may be paying an extra £1000 a year for their work travel in the next couple of years. Statistics back up claims that people in the south-east of England, at least, are routinely spending 15% of their salary on commuting costs. With such extortionate train costs, and petrol being no better should you use a car for commuting, it is no wonder that so many people in Britain are starting to work from home.

Our company makes high-quality garden offices, and has seen a big rise in the numbers of people who are choosing to be home-based rather than travel to an office. Scepticism is rife that the claimed purpose of this rise in ticket prices, to raise revenue for improvements across the network, is unlikely to result in any visible regeneration of rail services. All too often in the past, investment has not resulted
in any discernible results. Passengers already angry that they pay a hefty proportion of their salary just to stand on overcrowded, dirty, late trains were never likely to receive well the news that they would have to pay even more for the privilege. In these days of high speed internet and teleconferencing, there is no reason why many people cannot choose – or ask – to work from home. A bespoke garden office can be the ideal answer to the rising costs of commuting – with many spending thousands a year on train tickets, a home office could soon pay for itself, not to mention the time saved, increase in productivity and value it will add to your home. If you think it could be a solution for you, have a look at our garden office range.


Garden Offices: A Working Haven

A garden studio is an increasingly popular alternative to a home-based office. The fact that you are physically separated from your home means that you are isolated from your family, reducing the number of interruptions and distractions while you try to work. Instead of making do with a table in your kitchen or squeezing yourself in beside the bed in the guest room, you will find that a garden office provides you with a tailor-made space which is easy to equip with everything you need – from shelves and filing cabinets to desks and computers – in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Garden offices do not require planning permission and can be erected and ready to occupy in the space of just a few days.

Compared to the cost of building an extension or converting your loft they are extremely affordable and create far less mess and upheaval. Garden rooms are not limited to just being used as offices. You could turn yours into a place to listen to or play music, a home gymnasium, an artistic studio, a play room for your children or just a quiet place to relax and get away from it all. Because they are so flexible, garden offices will ultimately make your property more valuable. While conservatories and loft extensions have only a limited number of uses because of potential noise pollution, the fact that a garden room is a separate building means the possibilities are endless.

Garden offices also allow you to enjoy your garden from a whole new perspective, all year round. With high-quality insulation, ventilation and double glazing, your room will remain comfortable no matter what the weather. With a wide range of styles and designs from which to choose, it’s easy to find something that fits in with the overall look of your property. This way you can be sure that your garden studio will not only add to the value of your home, but will also enhance the look of your garden as a whole. If you want to find out more about the range of garden offices that we offer, you’ll find details on this site or you can contact our friendly team.


Working from home can be fulfilling with a garden studio

These days, it is becoming easier and more beneficial to regularly do business from the comfort of one’s own home. Even ignoring the crowding caused by the Olympics this summer, a lot of us have lengthy commutes to deal with, making it very difficult to go into an office every day. However, some feel that working from home, with the domestic distractions all around, can cause demotivation and distraction.

Instead, doing work from the comfort of a garden studio on your own property can provide the solution to both problems. In the past, working from home was discouraged and, in the rare instance that it occurred, it was generally looked down upon. In the lead up to the Olympic Games, however, the Mayor of London was positively effusive about the possibility and this reflects the modern perception that working from home is now widely accepted. Those who work at home or from a garden studio may feel alone but in a report from 2011, it was detailed that there were actually 2.43 million people in Britain that ran businesses from home.

That number represents one in 12 of the working population and continues to increase year on year.
Many appreciate the change of scenery that occurs when going from the home to work – the capacity to differentiate, mentally, between your domestic and work environment can be crucial to peace of mind in both spheres – and a garden office can actually provide this same effect.

Furthermore, the option of having a garden office is increasingly regarded as a status symbol and a luxurious supplement to your house. Instead of just building a plain room outside or one attached to the roof, a garden studio can come in many forms. This type of office can be placed outside on a piece of property and can be made in a variety of sizes and styles.
For those who prefer a traditional style, Garden Lodges have a range of cedar clad lodges with apex roofs. All the garden rooms are eco-friendly and manufactured from insulated panels, and are equipped with full heat, electricity, and any other amenities that are necessary for one’s business. Floor to ceiling windows can be used to usher in a great deal of light.


Garden rooms for the sports fanatic: never miss a game again

With thousands of TV channels available today, it is highly unlikely that every member of the family will want to watch the same thing. For sport fans, this issue can be especially inconvenient because the outcome of whatever game they are missing will likely be broadcasted before they have a chance to watch a rerun or a recording. A completely customisable garden room from Garden Lodges could be the perfect solution. The sport fans in the family could have their own area to cheer on their favourite teams, without disturbing the rest of the family.

Garden Lodges has been so successful with their garden rooms because they create a great, personal space for less money than a house extension or loft conversion. The ability to provide insulation, integral electrics for power, lighting and communication services makes these spaces amenable to becoming a space for the sports fanatic of the family. Garden Lodges will even conduct a no-obligation site survey to determine the suitability of their products to each individual’s garden. If they see that the space is adequate, they also provide a full planning service to ensure that the new space agrees with the Local Planning Authority’s guidelines. Once the planning is done, projects usually take weeks instead of the months that a house extension or loft conversion can take. Therefore, sport fans can be in their very own customised sports haven in a timely manner.

Not a big sports fan? Garden Lodges has the ability to create an almost infinite number of possibilities for garden living. One of their most popular products is the garden office. Whether running a business from home or just working from home, these spaces offer a quiet, separate space away from the house to maximise efficiency. Another popular product is the garden studio. In the past, Garden Lodges has built soundproof music studios as well as art studios. No need for a separate space for your hobby? Garden rooms can be a great place to simply create an additional living space or studio apartment.


Garden Offices of the past

The famous 18th century poet William Cowper, admired and respected by both Wordsworth and Coleridge among many others, is often considered to be one of the forerunners of Romantic poetry. In addition to his poetry, he is known for his letters, translations and essays, and for writing many hymns still sung today. Like many brilliant artists, Cowper was plagued by fluctuating moods and emotions and even mental instability – and also like many other artists, he found it easiest to do his writing in a garden room. Cowper called his quaint summerhouse his ‘Sulking Room’, and it can still be visited today at his house in Olney, Buckinghamshire.


Cowper is known for writing about the countryside and everyday life. With this in mind, his garden office must have been the ideal location for both inspiring his imagination and encouraging concentration. Garden lodges and rooms often seem to have a positive mental effect as well as being practical. Being that much closer to nature is a bonus in today’s technological, digital life – although certainly the buildings from us here at Garden Lodges are fully compatible with the latest technology and we can connect them up for you as we build.

These days, garden rooms are still popular as artists’ studios, whether that art is writing, painting, music or pottery. However, there has also been a huge rise in the popularity of working from home, and with that often goes a need for a bespoke home office. All too often, homeworkers quickly discover that working from a spare bedroom, or indeed the kitchen table, just doesn’t work. There is no separation between home life and work, interruptions are frequent, and concentration is impossible. Choosing to build garden offices is the option many people go for these days, especially since it adds value to the property as well. Our range includes many different options and every single office is bespoke to your particular requirements. Cowper’s comment on his ‘Sulking Room’, it would seem, is just as applicable to garden rooms today: “It is secure from all noise, and a refuge from intrusion”.


Garden Rooms and Garden Rage….

Here at Garden Lodges we like to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and interesting information regarding garden rooms and the garden environment in general. This week we found the results of a survey conducted by the BBC Gardeners’ World magazine insightful and slightly amusing.

The research was based on 800 interviews conducted by Gardeners’ World magazine with the aim of discovering what annoys people most while they are out enjoying their garden – a phenomenon that has been dubbed ‘garden rage’. There are a number of predictable inclusions such as loud music, radios and televisions, mobile phones, dogs barking, security lighting flashing on and off and parties, there were also some more unusual irritations on the list such as the smell of fabric conditioner, stray chickens, model aeroplanes and the sound of wind chimes.

Another annoyance that is creeping up the list of irritants that cause ‘garden rage’ is the hot tub. This relatively new phenomenon, which has made its way over from Scandinavia via America, is becoming increasingly annoying for neighbours that complain about the continuous bubbling sound as well as the tendency for them to bring with them late night parties.

The top 10 causes of garden rage were as follows:

1. Television and radio sounds
2. Parties
3. Children
4. Power tools
5. House alarms
6. Hot tubs
7. Barbecue smoke
8. Cats
9. Bright security lights
10. Bins

Today many people have such busy lifestyles that the garden is becoming increasingly important as a place to find some peace and relax. To make the most of your outdoor space, it is important to choose appropriate furniture, plants, and consider other features such as garden rooms. Garden rooms can provide an ideal space in which to make the most of your garden, whatever the weather.

If you are interested in adding a garden room to your property, visit us at Garden Lodges – whether you are looking for a new area to relax in, or even a new area to work in (such as a garden office or a garden studio), we can create a design to suit your needs. Garden Rooms are highly versatile and the space can be adapted as required.


Garden Rooms and dictionaries

So just what do garden offices and dictionaries have in common? Our historical research into garden rooms has found that way back in 1878, the then editor of the Oxford University Press English Dictionary, James Murray, worked from a garden office he called his ‘Scriptorium’. This was not quite as contemporary and innovative as our designs, but the man had the right idea. The Scriptorium was built within the grounds of Mill Hill School where he was a member of staff and was constructed out of corrugated iron.


When Murray began the colossal job of compiling a modern English Dictionary he clearly understood the need to have a quiet, peaceful work space that has minimal distractions. When the final dictionary was published in 1928 with over 400,000 words and approximately 1,830,000 citations, the job became even bigger – as word passed throughout the country, James began to receive thousands of letters in the post with suggestions for the dictionary. The job was to capture every word in the English spoken language with every possible meaning.

After six 6 years in his original scriptorium, James had another garden office built at his home, which was a bigger version with more storage and workspace. When the job was moving at full pace he even had his very own post box erected outside his house to take the strain off the Post Office.

Today, the school has its own garden office which has been erected in memory of lexicographer James Murray. Called ‘The Script’, it is used for the students as both an IT centre and a peaceful place to study.

If you are in need of a peaceful place to work away from your home life, you may want to consider a garden office from Garden Lodges. Our modern designs are created to meet the needs of our clients and are highly adaptable no matter what field you may work in. If you already have an office that works well for you, our garden rooms and garden studios are perfect for extending your living area, perhaps as a fitness gym, playroom or just an area to unwind and relax.