Recently completed garden studio including built in storage room

We have recently completed a 5.50m x 3.00 (16.5m2) metre Garden Studio in Middlesex. With a total height of 2.49m, a building like this one does not typically require planning permission. The bespoke garden room featured stunning large aluminium windows, cedar cladding.

The Building also had a built in storage room measuring 1.5m x 2.64m accessible through a separate door. Ideal for storing bikes, garden furniture and more. The customer, Mrs. Atkinson was very satisfied with the completed building, she said “The studio was built to my design and that it happened very promptly.”

The cost of this build was: £23,440.52.

If you are interested in a garden room, built to your design, please contact us.

Garden Lodges launch a new ‘Special Offers’ Page

Garden Lodges have launched a brand new ‘Special Offers’ page, showcasing extraordinary discounts on selected products and designs. We aim to have an unbelievable deal online around once a month, so if you see one that you fancy or want to pass it on to a friend – we recommend you do it quickly! All reduced garden buildings on offer have a quantity of just 1, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Each garden building price includes full installation, consisting of everything from the foundations, construction, glazing to flooring and the decoration*. All we require is access to your property, a fairly flat area cleared for the size of the building, and we will book you in our schedule to begin building within 4 weeks*.

We use Structurally Insulated Panel technology (SIPs), meaning our stylish garden room can be used all year round. Our professional in-house construction teams look after all aspects of the build, right through to glossing the skirting boards. At the end of the process, you will receive an aftercare pack with your keys to your stunning, new garden building.
To view all our special offers please click here.

Terms and Conditions apply

Garden Lodges Recently completed build – garden studio

After finding our company on the internet, the customer commissioned a large garden studio. At 2.86m tall and with an impressing 9m in length and 4m in depth. The 36m2 building costs £29, 436.47 complete with a large decking area. The building has UPVC doors, a great option when looking for value for money.
Looking at the photos of the completed build, the structure slots elegantly between two trees, allowing the customer to make the most of her outside space.
The customer told us she was most satisfied with the price, customer service and installation of her Garden Lodges, She was also pleased with our good response to queries. We are delighted to hear she would definitely recommend one of our garden lodges to others.
If you are interested in a similar building, please contact us to book a site survey.

Garden Lodges recently completed build – Garden Office

We have recently completed a 4.5m x 4m garden office. The finished office cost £14,378 representing outstanding value for money for an 18m2, high quality, structurally insulated building. This bespoke room is part of our Garden Office range, features high quality UPVC windows, which ensures a garden room is surprisingly affordable. If you are interested in a similar building, please contact us to book a site survey.

Garden Lodges completed build – Monopitch Office

We have recently completed a monopitch garden studio. This is becoming an increasingly popular style because often this type of building does not require planning permission. This monopitch office has a roof height of 2.49 to the front and 2.86 to the rear. The customer liked our “good quality product, good price, nicely designed product and good finishes”. This garden office is 3.6m x 3.6m and cost £13,500. If you are interested in a similar building, please contact us to book a site survey.


Enter our Garden Lodges Photography Competition & Win an iPad Mini!

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The Benefits of Fitting Skylights in Your Garden Lodge or Home


Skylights have been a feature in many modern houses for some time, and can add natural warmth and brightness to a home or extension, as well as ventilation if it can be opened. Whether it’s a starry night or bright blue skies, skylights offer a beautiful and natural view to the outdoors.

With any windows on a building, precious heat can be lost during the winter months. The Consumer Energy Centre reported that up to 35-45% of heat can be lost through convection with a skylight. However electricity could be saved during the daytime instead, due to natural light coming through the window – so no need for artificial lights.

Instead, look for ‘Energy Star’ or ‘Energy Efficiency’ rated skylights, these are companies backed by both UK and US governments, and are there to help consumers identify products that can help them save the environment whilst saving money.  Consumers who purchase these approved products can look to lower their household outgoings by 7-15% and shrink your carbon footprint, according to Energy Star.

Heat loss through skylights can be prevented by considering the position of the window. For example, a south-facing skylight can help with warming up your home in the winter, otherwise known as passive solar-heating.

Fitting roller or Venetian blinds can help to further insulate or protect the room from sunlight. A west facing skylight won’t have passive solar-heating capabilities, so it will serve to keep you cooler in the summer months because it’s not generally in direct sunlight. 

There have been various studies into the other benefits of fitting skylights in your home, which include improved productivity and enhanced psychological well-being, due to increased natural light in your home.  Why not consider fitting a skylight in your study or home office to take advantage of these positives?

Top 5 Small Garden Ideas


Large gardens needn’t have all the fun, smaller gardens can be multi-tasking too – it’s all about planning. Here is our top five ways to add interest to small urban gardens:

Pick a theme
A small garden with a mixture of themes can look disjointed and make it appear much smaller. Pick the same colour and material scheme, then stick to it throughout – this also applies to gardens built on many different levels – it’ll keep the look harmonious.

Simplicity is key
Minimalism as a garden trend has been around for years for a reason, because it can fit effortlessly into many spaces without being overbearing – plus it needn’t look boring. Choose urban materials such as granite and chrome, and then mix it with warmer wood decking and soft flowing grasses and other greenery.

Beauty is in the details
A garden is a commitment and will require some work, no matter how low maintenance you require it to be – so the details are very important. Small gardens benefit from a linear design, which serves to extend the space to the human eye. Consider neat borders and hedging, as well as installing a minimalist water feature on the wall. Planting interesting and exotic blooms and plants will also add interest, as well as fruit trees and herbs for a subtle scent.

Outside Flexibility
Small gardens need to be flexible, as space for entertaining can be limited. To combat this problem, consider folding garden furniture or stackable stools to save valuable space. Remember furniture that can work inside and outside your home is also a great space saver, as well as using throws and large cushions outside on a summers evening will also add to the cosiness.

Go Vertical
Why not build and grow yourself a vertical garden? Not only will you save your back from bending over to tend to it, or controlling pests more carefully, it’ll save space and you can have more plants in your garden. Fix trays or plastic pots to walls or trellises, or search online for ready to install ‘vertical wall’ garden kits.

Entertaining Alfresco | summer trends for outdoor entertaining

Here are our top tips for entertaining alfresco in your garden this summer:

The humble BBQ tends to be high on the agenda for many people wanting to entertain during the balmy summer months; however Brits are now discovering other outdoor eating habits favoured by Europeans and other exotic Continents. Believe it or not, pizza ovens aren’t just for cooking your favourite doughy treat; they’re also a surprisingly diverse cooking tool. Baking crusty bread or pasta dishes, to roasting tender meat and vegetables are just a few ways to get the most out of your pizza oven. If you haven’t got the space or the budget for an outdoor wood burning pizza oven, there is always the rustic Chiminea. Originating in Mexico and used to keep tribes warm centuries ago, this cost-friendly outdoor heating source will beat the chill on cooler summer evenings, plus you can purchase removable grills or iron pans to fit inside, so you can cook al fresco to your heart’s content.

Garden Rooms
Where to go when the weather takes a turn for the worse? A separate garden room with a decking area and an all-weather canopy is the perfect solution to your entertaining needs. Look through our range of garden lodges or contact us to get a design and site survey.

Board of your decking or want to bring your ‘crazy-paving’ up to date? Think wooden floorboards only look great in your home? Outdoor wooden flooring is soon to be a top trend for gardens. Consider a decked, golden teak patio to bring your garden up-to-date, just make sure to protect and treat the wood impeccably to resist rot and weather damage. If you have problems with water staying on your patio after it rains, invest in permeable paving which allows water to seep in through their surface to reduce run off.

From small solar path lights, floodlights to wall lights, lighting is a simple way to transform and update your garden easily. This season sees the traditional table-top lantern as the light du jour to add ambiance to late evening BBQ’s; whether it’s a classic chrome style or fun pineapple-shaped, there’s a lantern to suit all tastes.

Choosing The Right Type Of Wooden Flooring For Your Garden Lodge

Updating the flooring in your home to wooden flooring is a great idea. It can increase the value, is easier to look after and looks great. Any home can benefit from upgrading to wooden flooring, but how do you decide which type is right for the style of your house? Although upgrading flooring isn’t ridiculously expensive, it is something you want to get right so it will last for years to come. Here is a guide to help you decide the right type of wooden flooring for your home-

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is usually the cheapest option when it comes to upgrading to wooden flooring. Laminate flooring is compressed fibreboard with a photographic image of wooden flooring laid on top to look like real wood flooring. You can expect to pay anything from £3 per square metre to £17. Laminate flooring can be laid almost anywhere but it is not always recommended for bathrooms. It is easy to install due to the ‘click lock’ design where it slots easily into place. It’s a great alternative to solid wood if you have a tight budget but be wary it may not look quite as good as solid flooring and is will swell easily when it comes into contact with moisture.

Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered Wood Flooring consists of four layers of real wood that have been glued together to create a plank. The surface is made of real wood veneer, this means it can be shaped and treated. Engineered wood flooring prices range from £12 per square meter to £70; it can be significantly more expensive than laminate flooring. It can be laid almost anywhere but again it’s not always advised in places that get damp or humid. It can be fiddly to install around things like toilets and sinks too. Engineered wood flooring is a great in between option, it’s cheaper than solid wood flooring but longer wearing and more realistic than laminate. A great option for engineered flooring is kahrs oak flooring.
Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is as the name describes, made from one solid piece of wood. Rather helpfully, each type of flooring has a ‘hardness score’ which determines how strong they are and how easily they can be damaged. The price varies from £14 pre square meter to £80. It can be laid almost anywhere and is great for adding value and as a selling point when it comes to selling your home. It is the trickiest of the three to install so it’s best to get a professional to do it as it’s not something you want to get wrong.