Festive additions to your Garden Lodge

flat roof white wall christmas tree








Now that the festive period is around the corner, your thoughts might be turning to how to make your garden a more inviting Christmas spectacle. There are plenty of ways to make your outdoor space part of Christmas, without having to spend a lot of money.

Depending on the plants you have already in your garden, it is possible with the addition of some outdoor fairy lights or coloured glass baubles to add a real injection of Christmas into your front or back garden.

If you have a large fir tree in your garden, now might be the time to pay it some attention with a few ribbons or lights, you can also use some of the boughs to create an evergreen wreath for the door.

Pots and planters are a way to create some festive flair if you do not have many trees or plants in your garden. Large plastic pots can be bought quite cheaply from your local garden nursery and plated with some evergreen shrubs, these smaller sized evergreens are not expensive to buy and can be planted later in the garden when they outgrow the pot. Add a few red ribbons, tinsel and lights and they can create a fantastic entrance to your garden lodge during Christmas.











A garden lodge can be a great asset over the Christmas period, providing you with much needed extra space that could be used for socialising, or maybe as a spare room for guests or a place for the kids to blow off some steam with their new toys while your busy making Christmas lunch.

A garden lodge also lets you have extra storage during the holidays and is a real benefit during busy periods like Christmas, if you need to clear out a spare room or make extra space around the dining room table, then you might be wondering where to put everything during this period, a garden building can be the perfect place for dumping everything you don’t want in the house.


vaulted in garden












If you have decorated your garden lodge this Christmas we would love to hear from you and see some of your pictures and with your consent post a few of the best-decorated lodges on our website!


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5 additions to make your Garden Lodge future proof.










Garden lodges make a fantastic addition to any home and garden, a bespoke garden lodge can be used for a number of functions and the versatility of our designs allow for it to adapt to your life as your situation and lifestyle changes.

What could start off as a garden gym, might well evolve into a garden office as your priorities change, or vice versa. As our garden lodges are all built from engineered SIP panels we can guarantee that it is a building that will last and adapt.











A garden lodge can be transformed into an occasional spare room, or as a place for the kids, as they grow up, from play-room, to teenage-den, it is a building that grows with your own family’s needs. One of the great advantages of a garden lodge is that it is separate from the main house meaning that all the mess and noise is contained and perfectly hidden away, great for when you don’t want to tidy up and even better if you want some peace and quiet in your main house.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking


Another way to make sure that your Garden Lodge looks great in years to come is to factor in some plants, trees and landscaping. The lodge above uses clever planting integrated into the design of the decking. Using trees and shrubs means that as the lodge ages the garden will grow around it creating a mature and relaxing environment to enjoy the lodge from in years to come.















All of our garden lodges are built to last using high-end materials such as red cedar wood cladding. Unlike cheaper pine or spruce, red cedar is designed to last with a life expectancy of 40 – 60 years. In fact our cedar lodges just get better with age with the colour and texture of the wood adding to the look and feel of the building.


Garden Office with bi-folding doors


Another factor to consider when thinking about the longevity of your garden lodge is how the building is constructed. Any building that you want to last will need proper foundations. Our garden lodges use concrete pad foundations, unlike many of our competitors, these provide a long lasting and solid platform for a garden building that will be there for years to come. Screw-pile foundations might also be used in some circumstances where concrete pad foundations are deemed not suitable.

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How to personalise your Garden Lodge



At Garden Lodges, we can offer our customers a range of styles and finishes that can truly make your new garden building bespoke and personalised to your own unique tastes. Our range of styles allows you to design how the exterior will look, with a great range of cladding or render to choose from.


We also offer the choice of developing the outside of the Garden Lodge with decking, that can further enhance the look of your garden building, whilst offering increased functionality during the summer.


Cedarwood cladding is an exceptionally popular look for many of our customers, paired with battleship grey bi-fold doors and windows it creates a modern and stylish look that sits well in a garden setting. Cedar cladding is very long lasting and needs minimum effort to maintain.












Cladding can be incorporated into the design of any Garden Lodge, creating a functional space that allows the garden to work perfectly with the design of the building. Our decked areas can be created from pressure treated timber or composite material for a long-lasting and attractive finish.


Another popular option is to have glazed timber frames for the gable end of a lodge. This has the beneficial effect of bringing a lot of light into the building. Great if you plan to use the lodge as an art studio, or just want to maximise the amount of light and warmth coming in, reducing heating bills and creating an enviable environment to relax or work in.


Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room













One of the key components of all of our garden lodges is the choice of windows and glazing that is on offer. Windows and bi-fold and French doors can be configured in such a way as to change the appearance and functionality of a building. Large bi-folding doors are great for maximising the use of the garden, bringing in plenty of light, and allowing for uninterrupted views during the summer.


flat roof bifolding garden studio










Bi-folds are a fantastic way to make a garden lodge connect with the garden, working from home needn’t mean you are locked away in a stuffy office, with a bespoke garden lodge you can enjoy the benefits of a home office, whilst also enjoying the garden and your surroundings.


The options for personalisation don’t just stop at the exterior of the building. It is also possible to choose many options for the interior of the building. We provide a complete turnkey service, including all decorating and finishes. Our garden buildings come fully plastered and decorated, with a choice of laminated floor finishes. It is also possible to choose from a range of colours for the interior if white is not to your taste.


Lounge Area


Further personalisation is possible with the functionality of your garden studio. We don’t just build a ‘box in your garden’, but a bespoke building designed for a purpose. We can install a shower room, toilet or extra rooms, to suit your unique requirements. This can be very useful if you plan to use your building as a gym, or office and would like to convenience of such facilities close by.















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Why a ‘she-shed’ might be the perfect getaway

vaulted with view


Everybody has heard of a ‘Man-Cave’, for years these were the privileged hideaways for men needing those few precious moments of solitude, away from screaming kids, a place where hobbies could be fulfilled, things tinkered with, or beer drunk. But everybody needs a place to chillax, and a ‘she-shed’ might just be the answer to getting away from it, all in the convenient surroundings of your own garden.

Of course at Garden Lodges our bespoke buildings are as far removed from the humble shed as it could be. With double glazed windows, SIP technology construction, bi-folding doors and laminated wood flooring, we only specialise in the most luxury of ‘she -sheds’.


flat roof white wall


What could you use your ‘she-shed’ for?


The she-shed garden office


Many of our customers could do with that little bit of extra space, whether it is for a hobby, working from home, extra accommodation or for working-out, our Garden Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular uses for a she-shed is for working from home. Increasingly people are starting their own businesses or having the opportunity to work from home. Our fully insulated garden offices are perfect for this option. Usable all year round, complete with electrics, internet capability and away from the disruptions of the main house they can provide the perfect work retreat.

flat roof bifolding garden studio


The she-shed relax room


Having somewhere where you can escape to unwind is a real advantage of building a Garden Room in your garden. A comfy sofa, some large scatter cushions and some good books can create the perfect place to take it easy. Why not leave the chaos of the main house and find solitude in your own personal retreat. We can design a Garden Room she-shed with just this in mind, helping you to plan where your new sofa will go, what view you will be enjoying from your new relaxing position and how to get decent WIFI without any disturbances.



She-shed hobby room


Our she-shed hobby rooms can create that perfect space to take your hobby to the next level. Art studios are a popular reason for building a garden room, we have built for our customers 100’s of art studios over the years, one of the design features that make our garden rooms so perfect for an art studio is the amount of light that is possible with large windows and bi-folding doors. A lot or hobbies can end up taking over the house, so moving it to a purpose-built ‘she-shed’ might be a great idea for freeing up space. We can help you to design storage and other elements that will make sure your hobby is perfectly catered for.

An art studio belonging to one of our customers


She-shed gym


One fantastic way to relax is to keep fit. Our she-shed garden gyms offer the chance to work-out from the comfort of your own private garden gym. Fitted with electrics, heating, optional air conditioning and even a shower room and toilet, our garden gyms can create the perfect she-shed work out space.

Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges used for exercise equipment


Of course, our buildings are not reserved to just these uses, as versatile and long-lasting buildings there use and functionality can adapt and change over time as your priorities and interests change accordingly.


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How to create a perfect playroom in your Garden Lodge



Our Garden Lodges are not just a relaxing place for adult members of the family, increasingly we are seeing garden lodges being built for the younger generation as well. A lodge in the garden can make a perfect playroom, they are well sound insulated, secure, and allow for all the mess to be in one, nicely controlled area.

For peace of mind, we can build a garden playroom, close to the main house so that your children can always be in plain view, or for older kids having a degree of separation can be a great thing. Noisy pursuits like drum practice, playing music and video games loudly or watching films on high volume need not disturb your peace and quiet any longer!

Below are some great tips for making a playroom that will function perfectly for your children.


1. Choose appropriate flooring


Floor to ceiling glazing


When choosing the flooring for your garden lodge it is important to consider how the building will be used over the years. A great option for a playroom would be laminate flooring, Laminate is great for a playroom because it is very hard wearing. Also if there is an accidental spillage then it can simply be wiped clean. All of the garden lodges we build for our customers come complete with laminate floors as standard, with a range of colours available.


2. Create a colourful and fun environment




Children love bright spaces and there are plenty of ways to add elements of colour to a room. One good way is to add a feature wall. This will lift the space and create a real focal point, try some colourful wallpaper, or if you are feeling creative why not get the kids involved and design something themselves. Painting a wall with your children’s favourite colours and adding some patterns, such as stripes or zig-zags is another way to add some sparkle.




Decorating with wallpaper or paint can be easily changed to adapt to your children’s tastes as they get older. Or if you decide to change the playroom into a garden office for yourself then this would be easy as the decorating involved is not structural and all the decorating could be changed quickly.


3. Low maintenance furniture


it might seem obvious, but choosing the furniture for a playroom is something to think about carefully. Consider choosing a sofa that has detachable covers that can be thrown into the washing machine quickly, or perhaps a wipe clean option such as leather, or leather effect. A sofa in a playroom is going to get a lot of hard use, so don’t get too hung up on buying something that looks great and is expensive.


4. Cushions!




Cushions are a great way of creating a soft area for your children to play in, they can add colour and vibrancy to a room and come in all different shapes and sizes. Oversized cushions are great for this, as they can also be used for sleeping on and sitting on, but can be piled up in the corner if extra room is needed. They are also a great way of injecting extra colour into the playroom, with a myriad of cushion covers to choose from.


5. Hideaway storage


Storage is always going to be a top priority in a playroom as it is essential for things to be tidied away from time to time. The best way to create storage in a playroom is to have fun de-clutter boxes that make it easy for kids to tidy up. Something like these boxes below works perfectly, as they are large enough for kids to just throw everything in.

It’s also a good idea to have big clear labels on boxes, this way your kids will know what goes where and hopefully improve their tidying up skills!





Another great idea for storage is a simple shoe organiser. Cheap to buy in many stores, this versatile storage can be attached to the back of a door and used to tidy away lots of little things. It’s also a good idea to have big clear labels on boxes, this way your kids will know what goes where and hopefully improve their tidying up skills!


6. Children’s furniture




Children’s furniture is essential for any playroom, and will really make a children’s room seem like their own. Also, it won’t be comfortable for young children to have to struggle with big chairs, possibly adding something that can cause an accident.  A great tip is to get some old wooden furniture and cut down the legs to make them much lower, the same can be achieved with a small table. It’s also possible to buy children’s furniture from many stores, try some of the big names like Ikea that will have some good options.


7. Create fun zones


Creating areas in the playroom that are designated fun zones will help to create an atmosphere. One idea could be to erect a small climbing wall, with a cushion below – all kids love climbing, so this could add a real element of fun. Or how about having a themed zone, try to create a corner that has a jungle feel, or a castle motif, something that will engage your child’s imagination and make the spaces great for play time.


8. Create an interactive wall


chalk board wall


Let’s face it, kids are going to draw on the wall at some point. Why not encourage their creative flair by creating a chalkboard wall. Chalkboard paint can be bought at almost any DIY store and will create a matt black wall that is perfect for drawing on. We can’t guarantee this will stop the other walls being drawn on, but hey, it’s a start!


9. Create a chill-out nap time area


A chill-out area is a must-have for any playroom, all that fun can be exhausting, so it’s a good idea to have an area that is a little darker with some soft cushions. A great idea for this can be a tepee or tent where kids can go and sleep it off if they get over excited or overtired.


10. Rugs and floor mats


Rugs can be a brilliant way to divide space and to create different ‘zones’. Even better if some of those rugs can be floor mats with a theme. ‘Roadmap’ floor mats can be great fun for children to play on with their toy cars and can keep them occupied for hours.


car road map


11. Create a reading corner


Everybody appreciates that reading is essential for a child’s development and that starting children from an early stage is a no-brainer. Creating a reading corner will help to encourage children reading and give them easy access to a lot of reading material. Even if children start with just picture books it will create the foundations for an enjoyment of books that can last for the rest of their lives.


12. Art corner


As Picasso once said, ‘every child is an artist’. It’s a great idea to encourage your child’s artistic endeavours by creating a place in the playroom for displaying a selection of arts and crafts. There are a few different ways that pictures and paintings can be displayed. How about a clothesline, hanging on the wall, that will allow you to peg new works of art up as they are produced, to give a real sense of pride to the playroom.


clothes line art


At Garden Lodges we are committed to building the perfect garden building for our customers. After talking to one of our site survey experts, we will be able to advise you on the best building to meet your exact requirements.


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Garden Lodges, the perfect solution for a pub in the garden.

How about a bar in a pool house?


It is a regular desire of many people to build there own pub. Who doesn’t fancy the idea of popping down the garden and pouring a swift pint, or making a cocktail to enjoy outside?

When you have your own pub in the garden all this is possible. No last orders, a roaring log fire, some comfy pub chairs, a selection of pint glasses and tankards. You can let your imagination go wild. Invite your friends round and be the envy or your street.

A pub in the garden, built by Garden Lodges, could provide you with your perfect hangout. We are able to build a Garden Lodge in 3 – 4 weeks. Meaning that you could be up and running sooner than you think. Some of the key requirements for a pub in the garden might be running water, electricity, drainage and washing up facilities. All of these options are possible. Unlike many other Garden Lodge builders, we are able to create a bespoke solution to our customer’s needs that can incorporate all of these facilities.

Other options that might be a ‘must-have’ for your garden pub could be some classic pub carpets, Sky TV a pool table or a fridge.


Ultra-modern flat roof Garden Studio, constructed with SIPs and aluminium bi-fold doors


After you book a free site survey with one of our experienced surveyors we will be able to suggest a building that could work best for your pub in the garden. The building above is a great option. Our Garden Studio, with grey powder-coated aluminium door frames, is a built to a high specification. With 100mm insulated SIP panels, the building is very warm in winter, and cool in the summer, great when you want to chill out on a hot day. Our garden studios start from as little as £18,518, for a 3.91m x 2.71m, including all groundwork and building work.


Garden room in the grounds of a listed building


Another option might be from our Garden Lodge range. With a pitched roof and impressive floor to ceiling glazing, this garden building strikes an imposing figure in any garden. The extra height might be useful if you want to install large equipment, or if you just want to enjoy the greater feeling of space that a double height ceiling can provide.

A garden bar can also be a great idea if you plan to install a swimming pool in your grounds. Why not make the pool-house double-up as a functioning bar. That way you would not need to traipse through your house to get refreshments as everything would be within easy reach of your pool.


One of our Garden Studio style buildings used as a pool house


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Home Office Inspiration



Many of our customers, when considering a garden lodge, are looking for a bespoke place to work from home. A garden lodge can offer the perfect solution, providing a quiet and comfortable office space, that is detached from the main house, yet not totally isolated. For many people, this provides the perfect balance between work life and home life.


Some of the major advantages of working from home in a garden lodge:


  • Keep work life and home life separate
  • Design your perfect office from scratch
  • Enjoy your garden while ‘at work’
  • Reduce energy bills with our super insulated SIPs construction
  • Create an addition to your home that will add value
  • Garden lodges can double as a garden gym, studio or storage space
  • Have a quiet and comfortable place to work from
  • Create a new office, even if there is no room in your house


flat roof bifolding garden studio


Keep work life and home life separate

Keeping work life and home life separate is a big concern for many of our customers, being able to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day is crucial for many people, which some might find hard to do if their office is located in the main home. With a garden office, it is possible to keep the 2 entirely separate and create the perfect environment to work from.


white clad flat roof small


Design your perfect office from scratch

One of the best things about building a garden office is that you can design your perfect space. A cramped spare room is rarely able to provide the versatility that many people require. You might require more light, or ample storage, or extra height, or 2 or more desks. All of these necessities can be built into the design of your garden office from the beginning.


Modena Internal - Home Office Garden Room Storage


The first stage of any garden office construction is to book a free no obligation site survey with one of our experienced surveyors. During this visit, we will be able to discuss the requirements of your new garden office project and advise you on which type of building would work best.


Enjoy your garden while ‘at work’

Another great advantage of building a garden office is that you can enjoy your garden whilst at work. Many of our customers have told us how more relaxed they feel working in a ‘garden environment’. If you have a beautiful garden, why not make the most of it and enjoy it while you are in your office. In summer it is possible to throw open the doors and connect your office space to the outdoors. These days with busy workloads and long commutes we increasingly don’t have time to enjoy the garden, but this can become a thing of the past with a garden office built by our team of professional craftsmen.




Reduce energy bills with our super insulated SIPs construction

An office can be expensive to run, with electricity, internet and heating costs all mounting up. With our super insulated thermal efficient building system, called SIPs, you can rest assured that you will not be wasting money, in fact, our buildings are so well insulated you might find you are spending next to nothing on heating, providing great savings over a draughty spare room. This also means that our buildings remain cool in summer, with large bi-folding doors providing plenty of light and fresh air. Our SIPs (Stuctural Insulated Panels) are constructed off-site, in our production facilities in Bedfordshire. This means minimum disruption for you and a very fast construction time of 3 – 4 weeks.


SIP Cross Section


Create an addition to your home that will add value

A garden office can add real value to your home. With more and more people working remotely, having a garden office in situ can be a real boost to your home’s saleability and increase the value of your home by around 10%. Garden Offices are very versatile buildings, so even if a buyer doesn’t work from home, then the building can be adapted to be used as a gym, art studio, children’s playroom, storage space, or a myriad of other uses.


garden lodge6


Have a quiet and comfortable place to work from

Having a quiet place to work is an essential requirement for many of our customers. Often this is not achievable in a home office, as interruptions from young children, road noise or general family life can be a distraction. Having an office at the end of your garden can negate all of these. Our thermally efficient buildings provide excellent sound insulation, being separate from the main house means you can be spared many of the distractions of day to day life.


vaulted with view


Create a new office, even if there is no room in your house

With the costs of housing soaring, creating new space in your existing home makes a lot of sense. If you do not have room for a home office, or your existing home office needs to become a bedroom, then building an office in the garden might be able to provide this extra space. With current building regulations, it is normally possible to have a garden office built under permitted development, as long as the building is to be placed less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property with a maximum overall height of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level. This means that building your garden office can be a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

Our garden lodges start from as little as £17,322 for a completed building. This includes all foundations, exterior and interior decorating, fittings and fixtures and connection to electricity and electrical points.


Main features include:

  • Built to last
  • Cladding or render
  • Foundations
  • High spec roof
  • Laminate flooring
  • Built with structurally insulated panels
  • Power points and light switches
  • Electrics and lighting


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Garden Studio Designs



Garden Lodges is well known for its wide choice of designs and bespoke buildings we have built for our customers.

We offer 3 core garden studio designs, from which hundreds of options are possible to customise and modify your design. No two Garden Studios we have built are the same, but one thing they do have in common is the level of craftsmanship and quality that we ensure for every build.

Our first Garden Studio design option is the Garden Office range. This product range is very popular for those who are building a garden studio in order to work from home. The Garden Office range is affordable, low maintenance and secure. Key features include a contemporary flat roof and UPCVu doors and windows. A small overhang and non-recessed windows maximise the space available inside the office.

Red cedar timber cladding provides a waterproof hard wearing and stylish exterior that ages extremely well and looks great in a garden setting. Starting from just £17,322, our Garden Office range represents excellent value.




Our second Garden Studio Design option is the Garden Studio range. This product range builds on the design of our offices but incorporates high spec aluminium door and window frames and premium quality glazing. The contemporary look and feel of our garden studios are enhanced through the use of slate grey frames and red cedar timber cladding, creating a modern, stylish and long-lasting building. Other external options are available including coloured render or painted timber. The shape of our Garden Studios is also customisable, meaning you can choose a square, rectangular or L-Shaped layout. Garden Studios are perfect for a great range of uses. We have built Garden Studios that function as gyms, music rooms, yoga studios, pool rooms, outdoor bars, workshops and much more. Prices for our aluminium framed studios, start from just £18,518, great value for this level of spec and quality of build.




The third Garden Studio Design option is our Garden Lodge range. With a pitched roof and fantastic floor to ceiling UPVC glazing, there is a great feeling of light and space. Our Garden Lodges are very popular for a range of uses. The extra internal height afforded by the pitched roof means that they are perfect for gyms, that might have large equipment such as treadmills, multigyms, running machines etc. Also, the huge amount of light that floods into these buildings through the floor to ceiling glazing make it a popular option for use as an artist’s studio. Or maybe you just have a fantastic view that you would like to take advantage of as much as possible.


vaulted with view


All of our Garden Lodges are built from SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels), these are built offsite in our production facilities in Bedfordshire. Your ‘flat-pack’ building is then transported to your site and constructed by us in a matter of weeks. Meaning minimum disruption and allowing you to enjoy your garden studio very quickly. Another advantage of using SIPs is that they are extremely well insulated, being constructed with 100mm Expanded Polystyrene Insulation, meaning your studio will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

















We offer our customers a free, no obligation, site survey so that we can discuss with you your Garden Studio Design and advise you on the best options to meet your design brief. After a site survey, we get to work producing detailed floor plans, a 3D rendering of your design so you can better visualise the final design and an itemised quotation. You can also make up to 3 sets of changes from receipt of your initial design and quotation, free of charge.


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10 of our favourite Garden Studios.

flat roof white wall


Here at Garden Lodges, we are very proud of the range of Garden Studios we have built for our customers. All of our Garden Studios are bespoke buildings, built to the specification of our customers, so there is plenty of scope for a great range of styles and configurations.


Some of the most popular designs we build are cedar clad, flat-roofed garden studios with bi-folding doors, this is one of our most sought after designs and creates a very modern versatile studio space in the garden. We also build studios with vaulted ceilings that can create an even greater feeling of space and light.


oak clad vaulted



















This vaulted ceiling garden studio built for a customer uses horizontal cedar cladding paired with floor to ceiling glazing and a vaulted tiled roof. One of our favourite garden studios, not just because of how stunning it looks from the outside, but also the commanding views it enjoys in its rural location.


vaulted with view


A vaulted roof with floor to ceiling glazing is the perfect choice for making the most of the fantastic views our customer is lucky enough to enjoy. Settled into the hillside we feel this is the ultimate building for retreating to and relaxing. Currently set up as a studio and gym, we can see why this owner is so happy with her garden studio.


vaulted in garden


Another example of one our vaulted ceiling Garden Studios, this time built in a more urban garden setting. A popular and modern design choice is the inclusion of dark matt grey window frames, that really works well with the cedar cladding. An amazing feeling of light and space has been created through the use of large floor to ceiling windows and french doors, making this studio one of our favourites for the amount of space and light it provides the new owners.


flat roof bifolding garden studio


Some of the Garden Studios our customers have created with us exude class. This Garden Studio makes a fine office, with large bi-folding doors opening spectacularly allowing the studio space to be connected with the garden. This can be perfect in the summer months, instead of working in a stuffy office, this garden studio allows you to work in the relaxing surroundings of your garden.


Front Exterior 1


This landscaped park location allowed us to build a stunning garden studio that took advantage of its amazing location overlooking the River Thames. With black framed sliding glass doors and cedar cladding, this studio makes a strong impression on its elevated position. The square design provides a large, practical space that is multifunctional, being used as both a studio and garden gym.




With echoes of Van der Rohe, this palatial studio is certainly one of the more striking Garden Studios we have created. Sitting in its garden position with a curved winding path leading to its entrance, we were able to fulfil the brief set to us by our clients to produce a garden lodge that would be a bold and striking feature of their garden. A more unusual feature of this Garden Studio is the use of a canopy area that provides a shaded area in which to relax, perfect for the heat wave we currently experiencing.


white clad flat roof small


Slightly smaller than some of our Garden Studios, this studio makes up for its smaller dimensions through its clean, crisp design ethic. White timber cladding contrasts with the mat grey window frames to create a modernist, contemporary feel, which works brilliantly in its urban garden. A versatile and peaceful place to work from, this Garden Studio is a great addition to the owner’s property.




For some people, having a low maintenance garden is a great benefit. For those with busy lives or who are not green fingered creating a garden that requires minimal work can be perfect for their needs. This Garden Studio works very well in its surroundings, cedar cladding compliments the gravel and decking areas, while the matt grey window frames stand out against the lighter wood. 6 large floor to ceiling glass panes creates a Garden Studio that really connects to its surroundings and brings in plenty of light.


Donhead Lodge Exterior


This Garden Studio works great in its copse of trees, the space looks like it was designed with the Garden Studio in mind. This Studio was built with the intention of being a small classroom within the grounds of an educational facility. The Studio works especially well as its cedar cladding allows it to sympathetically blend into its surroundings, as the cedar weathers it will only look better with age.




A key concern when we are building our customers Garden Studios is how it is going to work with the environment it is set in. Decking areas and bi-folding doors help to blur the boundaries or outdoors and indoors. What makes this Garden Studio unique is the extra detailing gone into the decking areas, which incorporates trees and shrubs into the indoor/outdoor area.


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5 technologies to make your Garden Lodge a ‘smart lodge’.

home tech in garden lodge


Modern technologies are turning our homes into much easier places to live. Tech for our homes is now becoming genuinely useful, with the latest devices saving us time, stress and money. Here is a look at some of the must-have technologies that will help turn your garden lodge into a futuristic tech fest.


Smart Speakers




These handy devices have really taken off in the last few years. Big names such as Amazon, Google and Apple all have their own version out there, and we are seeing them becoming incorporated into garden lodges and offices more and more. A smart speaker is a small piece of technology that lets you talk and interact with it, much like you can do with your smartphone. This means you can ask questions, ask it to play music, make calls, send or receive emails and even tell you jokes. They can also be used to control elements of your garden lodge, such as lighting, temperature and other technologies that you might have connected.

It is increasingly becoming part and parcel of many a home office as it can be a great way to save time in sending emails and requesting simple information that you would otherwise need to search for.

If you would like to connect your smart speaker with your lighting and heating then this might require some more specialised equipment, smart light bulbs will allow you to connect your lighting to your smart speaker straight away, or a smart hub can do the same job.

To connect your heating to your smart speaker, you will need a smart heating hub.


Smart Heating Hubs


hive thermomenter



Smart heating hubs from companies such as Hive, Nest and Drayton have changed the way that we can operate heating in our homes. This means that you can control the heating in your garden office, even when you are not there. An advantage of this might be that you would like the heating turned on before you arrive at your garden office, therefore you could set the heating to come on from your bed, or on the way home from shopping so that when you arrive your garden office is nice and warm.

Also if you forget to turn off your heating when you leave, you can simply do it from your smartphone!


Light Dimmer



Smart light bulbs give you some control over how you control your lighting from a smart speaker. But if you want ultimate control then you will need a smart dimmer kit. The Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit pictured above gives you predetermined settings that allow you to set a mood with the flick of a switch or command, perfect for movies, dinner or bedtime. Also, there is the option to have all lights turned off using one command, or to have the lights turned on when you return home using geo-fencing technology. When this is also connected to Siri or a smart speaker then you can have great levels of control over your garden lodge lighting, without having to lift a finger.


Security Camera




A garden office or lodge can contain a lot of expensive equipment. A typically garden office might contain computer equipment or furniture that has a high value. So it would make sense to have some security that will help you to keep all of this safe. The Nest Cam, pictured above, sends alerts to your phone or will email you if it detects unusual activity. It also has a built-in speaker, so you listen and talk through the device. This gives extra peace of mind when you are away, and might put off would be burglars.


Robot Lawn Mower


robot lawn mower


Keeping your garden lodge or office looking good is not just about smart technology for inside. How your garden looks is also something to consider. With busy work schedules, we don’t always have time to mow the lawn, but smart technology is now making that easier than ever. The Worx robot mower takes all the strain out of lawn mowing. With a robotic mower you can set the exact times you would like to have your garden cut, this means that it doesn’t disturb you while you are working. Running off batteries ensures the mower is quiet and good for the environment but will need around 2 hours of charging between mows. Smart mowers use bump sensor technology, whenever it runs into an obstacle the mower turns off, rotates and then moves off in a new direction, so you have no fears of it harming yourself or a pet by accident. Smart mowers also use some smartphone technology, if someone tried to steal your smart mower an alarm will sound, you will also receive a notification to your phone of its impending disappearance.




Whatever technologies you would like to incorporate into your garden office or lodge, we are always on hand to offer you our help and advice. All our lodges are built to our customer’s unique requirements and with technology becoming more and more important in our homes, it makes sense that these technologies will also become utilised within our other buildings.


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