How to make working from home work for you.

Garden Studio used as an office

These days more and more people are aspiring to work from home. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy your actual job, there will always be times on your commute where you consider how having an extra hour or so would be a great benefit to your work life balance if you didn’t need to travel to work.

Garden Office

With trains increasingly becoming crowded and often late, not to mention extremely expensive, people are no longer subscribing to the old norms of working 9-5, 5 days a week. It is more common now for jobs to offer their employees the option of flexitime and work from home flexibility. With this development in work-life balance, there is an increase in demand in people needing a place to work from home.

Garden Studio with bi-folding doors

Whilst there are certainly many advantages for those working from home, in some circumstances people can feel a little trapped or disconnected from society if they are at home all day, staring at the same four walls.

One way that can make working from home not turn become a drag is to design a working space that meets all your business needs and is also light and spacious. A garden lodge, built in the garden, can be a perfect solution to the needs of those working from home. One reason a garden building can work so well for a home office is that you can design a working space that is perfectly suited to the purpose. Unlike a pokey spare room, a garden building is light and spacious. Usually, people find these sort of buildings much more suitable for working from home from. With the use of large bi-fold doors, big casement windows and the option of Velux skylights, ample light is always a key feature. Psychologically, working from a building detached from the main house can have a positive effect on people who work from home as it allows you to leave your office behind at the end of the day and keep work and home separate. Also having a building separate from your house means there are a lot fewer distractions if you are the sort who easily gets preoccupied.


Building a bespoke garden building means that you can create a space that works perfectly for your home office. Whether you prefer a sleek minimal Scandinavian design, or something more classical, or perhaps you prefer dark colours and a more cosy feel. With a new building, you can be in control of the look and feel of the office and choose something that you feel would help you concentrate and focus on your work.


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Garden Lodges and planning permission

vaulted in garden

So what are the rules surrounding a Garden Lodge?


A common question we get asked by our customers is regarding planning permission. In some extreme cases if you are a victim of a planning ruling you could find that you need to remove a building, so it is important to use a company that knows what it is doing and understands the planning rules. Luckily, the rules are quite simple – most people can, in fact, build a garden lodge without planning permission within permitted development rights. Permitted development rights mean you can build a minor development without applying for planning permission, so long as the building is not going to be used for permanent living accommodation.

flat roof white wall

Where can I build a Garden Lodge in my garden?


Firstly if you intend to build a Garden Lodge in front of your house, this will almost certainly require planning permission. Building on the side of your property is possible unless you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in an area such as this you must build within 20m of any part of the house. If you do build further than 20m from the house then the subsequent building must be no more than 10 m2


Does a Garden Lodge have to be more than 1 metre from the boundary?


This is something we often get asked, as its common to think that all garden buildings need to be built at least 1 metre from the boundary. A garden lodge that does not meet building regulations must be built 1m from the boundary if the size of the building exceeds 15m2. This is due to non-building regulation buildings not always being constructed from non-combustible materials. For a building to be built less the 1m from the boundary the entire building would need to meet building regulations.


Who has permitted development rights?


Not all properties have permitted development rights, people who live in flats, maisonettes and listed buildings may find that they have none. Sometimes an article 4 condition is also associated with a property, which can also restrict the permitted development rights available. Article 4’s are made by the local planning authority. The intention is to restrict the scope of the permitted development rights or a particular area or site. However, it is true that the majority of homes do in fact have permitted development rights.

Donhead Lodge interior

What are the permissible uses of a Garden Lodge that does not require planning permission?


Basically, it is possible to use your Garden Lodge for any use that is the same as in the main house, as long as it is not for permanent sleeping accommodation.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking

How can Garden Lodges help if you do need planning permission?


There is no need to worry if your garden lodge does require planning permission. We can submit an application on the client’s behalf at an additional cost of £1672.00 inc VAT.  This includes creating the scaled drawings, planning statement and liaising with the case officer until the decision.  We use a company called Plainview to carry out all the planning submissions. With our breadth of experience with planning and building regulations, we will be able to advise you on the best course of action and suggest which design would work best, while also being acceptable to planning authorities.

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Can a garden lodge help you beat the winter blues?



A bespoke garden building can have a variety of great impacts on family life and enhance the way that you use your home and garden dramatically. An extra building can provide a great asset to your garden during the summer, allowing you to be outdoors more, relaxing and BBQing and generally enjoying the garden. But how can a garden building enhance your garden during winter?

Often people feel that with long dark winter nights, they can get a case of cabin fever and feel a little bit trapped at home. One good way to try and elevate this problem is to be able to get out of the house. Even if it only means going down the garden, the change of environment can have a positive impact on your general well being.




Another great way to beat the winter blues is to exercise. Sure, we have all eaten a lot of mince pies, perhaps several more roast dinners than is medically advisable, and overindulged with the booze during New Year’s Eve. At this time of year, a lot of people think about renewing their gym membership. A garden lodge can make a perfect and ultra convenient garden gym that will allow you to exercise all year round. Exercise is known to have a positive effect on your state of well being. If you are feeling a little tired after the craziness of the Christmas period, then a few hours a week in the gym can have a great re-vitalising effect. Also, you might want to shed a few pounds and make up for some overzealous snacking.





Light and Airy


Another great feature of many of the garden lodges we build is the potential to have a very light and spacious building. With the incorporation of features such as bi-fold doors, french doors and glazed gable ends our buildings are often very light and airy, more so than many rooms in a standard house. Light is a great way to beat seasonal depression. If you find you are suffering from light deprivation then spending a few hours a day in a building that is flooded in natural light might be just the tonic you’re after. It is possible to further enhance the effectiveness of a naturally lit room through also purchasing a light box. These devices can increase exposure to light that can have a beneficial effect if you suffer from conditions such as SAD.


Hobbies and interests


With our garden buildings, it is possible to create a room in the garden that is usable all year round. Optional extras that make our buildings so versatile include central heating, patio heaters, double glazed bi-fold doors and underfloor heating. As standard, our buildings are constructed using highly insulated SIPs Structural insulated panels. This construction technique means that our buildings are extremely well insulated and allows them to be utilised all year round.


Drum kit set up in our Garden Studio



Starting a new hobby


Maybe your new year’s resolution is to start a new hobby? Or maybe you want to see your children spending less time on their computers this year and more time on a pursuit that gets them out of the house? A garden lodge can be the perfect place to contain this hobby and provide the extra space necessary. Loud hobbies such as practising musical instruments, producing music or singing are perfectly suited to being in a building disconnected from the main house. Being very well-insulated means that they will contain any noise effectively and not annoy the neighbours too much, or disturb you in your house. Having a separate garden building has so many versatile uses that you will be spoilt for choice. A new hobby is a great way to distract you from winter, having something to concentrate on and look forward to, is essential for beating those winter blues.




Games Room and entertainment


All the above, are great ways to beat winter blues. But for a truly entertaining way then why not build a bespoke games room! Fill your garden building with some of your favourite games and entertainment and winter will sail past while you are having fun. Some of the most popular options chosen by our customers are to have a pool table, darts room, or sports room for watching sports. Home entertainment can be installed by our professional electricians to create a bespoke room that caters to all your entertainment needs. This could provide you with a projector screen, a large TV, surround sound or whatever else might make your entertainment room perfect for your needs.


Meet with friends and family


One of the most important ways to get through the winter period is to spend time with family and friends. Having an outdoor building can be a great space for hosting an event. How about starting a book group, or a yoga class, or use it to facilitate a craft session. If you are the socialising type, then having a big open space separate to the house could work perfectly for you.


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5 great optional features and designs ideas we offer for your garden lodge


Garden Room in Dorset

A garden lodge can be used for such a great variety of uses that often the designs vary a great deal from customer to customer. This functionality can range from a garden office to a gym, playroom, or man/she caves. The possibilities are huge.


There are a number of ways, whatever the building’s function, that can help make your lodge more practical, free up wasted space, or add an extra element to your garden.



Extra storage

An optional extra that can be incorporated into our garden buildings is a separate storage area. If you are anything like us, you can never have enough storage, and these ‘hidden door’ storage rooms create a discrete and functional extra space to keep garden tools, furniture, bikes or anything else you can think of. This might be especially useful for you if you have had to remove your garden shed to build your garden room, but still need the storage that you might have otherwise lost.


Garden office with a Sedum roof

Sedum roofing

Sedum roofs are also known as ‘living roof systems’. These can be a great way to add an extra aesthetic element to your garden room and can help a large building blend into its surroundings when looked at from above. Sedum roofs are made from small growing succulents from the sedum, or stonecrop family. They are low maintenance, not requiring mowing, watering or deadheading. All that is required is feeding once a year, a few weeds removed and for gutters to be kept clear.

When choosing a sedum roof you are making an eco-friendly decision, sedums roofs will become a microclimate for birds and insects, minimising the impact of a new building on the environment, they also happen to look great.


Flooring Oak Single Plank (Engineered Upgrade)

Engineered Oak flooring

Our garden lodges come as standard with laminate flooring, that is hard wearing and looks fantastic. But for that extra touch of class, we can recommend installing optional engineered oak flooring. This hardwood looks stunning and will certainly last for many years. We can offer our customers a range of flooring options and are always available to discuss the options we have available.


Remote lighting and smart technology

Smart technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the last 5 years, and now there are a host of options available for turning your garden lodge into a smart home. We can offer our customers the option of having remote control lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Also, we can install a smart thermostat that can allow you to control the heating for you lodge from a smartphone, meaning you can set the temperature when away and have great control over your lodge’s heating and hot water.




If you want to add an extra dimension to your garden lodge, then decking can be a great way to connect the outdoor space with your garden building. Decking is an optional extra that can transform a garden space and increase its year-round usability. Our decking options are either hard wearing composite decking in grey or redwood colour, or Winchester style, pressure treated wood decking. We can also add outdoor lighting and patio heaters, to make sure your outdoor space is an option all year round.


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How well are our Garden Lodges insulated?



At Garden Lodges we are proud of the very high standards our buildings are constructed to. A question we are often asked, especially during the winter months, is how well insulated are our buildings? Well, the answer to that is extremely well!

Unlike many of our competitors, who often use simple insulated timber frames, we believe SIPs (structurally insulated panels) provide better insulation and improved structural integrity for our garden buildings. SIPs are built from 100mm expanded polystyrene board, sandwiched between two sheets of orientated strand board (OSB). Built to exact measurements in our own factory in Sandy Bedfordshire, we can guarantee that the Garden Lodge we build for you is precisely constructed, meaning that its U values are extremely low, down to 0.11w/m2K.

Ultimately this means you will have a warm lodge that is very cheap to heat in winter, and a temperate garden lodge in the summer months.




10 Benefits of using the SIP system


  1. SIPs are produced off-site in our own factory facilities, meaning a guaranteed standard.
  2. Off-site construction means less on-site construction. Typically this leads to a build time of between 3 -4 weeks, meaning our buildings are of excellent quality and fast to construct.
  3. The materials used are all recyclable.
  4. SIPs are environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint.
  5. Low U values, down to 0.11w/m2K.
  6. Due to Panels being constructed in own premise we can offer our customers a bespoke design.
  7. The structural strength of SIPs means less framed structures are needed, creating a light, spacious building.
  8. Foundation requirements are lessened due to a stronger and lighter structure.
  9. 35% less raw materials used in the construction of SIP construction.
  10. Sealed SIPs reduce cold spots and are better insulated.


Garden Lodges in winter


Due to modern advancements in construction, Garden Lodges, such as the ones we build, are usable all year round. you will probably find your cosy new Garden Lodge even warmer than your house. We can also offer optional extras that can help to further increase your comfort, such as heating, underfloor heating and air conditioning.


Garden Studio used as an office


A Garden Lodge makes a perfect home office all year round. Not only will you find our garden buildings cheap to heat, but you could also save the cost of heating your main home during the day. If you work from home this could offer quite a large saving over the winter.

If you really want to make your Garden Lodge extra cosy then we can also offer bespoke options, such as a log burner. Not only will this fill your home office with a comforting warmth, but it will also provide a very cost-effective way to keep your garden room warm all winter.


log burner


For around £80 you will be able to buy a ton bag of seasoned logs, which should last all winter. Modern log burners are constructed in order to maximise efficiency and you can expect each log to last for around 1 hour. We can fit and install a log burner for an optional extra cost, with the burner itself costing anything from between £300 – £1500.

If you want to create a similar effect, but without the mess and effort of storing logs, then maybe an electric stove would work for you. These days it is possible to buy a realistic looking stove with flame effect that simply plugs into a socket. This can be a cost-effective way to add some cosiness to your garden lodge in winter.


Windows and doors

As standard, all of our garden buildings come with either French doors of sliding doors. You can also upgrade to bi-folding doors for an extra cost. All of our doors and windows come with thermally efficient double glazing that provides excellent warmth and sound insulation. As standard, our Garden Office range comes with UPVC French doors and windows, while our Garden Studio comes equipped with Aluminium powder coated frames.

The combination of SIPs construction and double glazed doors and windows means that your building is thoroughly protected from the elements.




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Reasons for booking a free site survey

oak clad vaulted










At Garden Lodges, we make sure that we provide the best possible service from conception to the finished build, keeping you informed and consulted throughout the whole process.

Our free site survey is intended to give us the chance to speak together and to get a good idea of the design you have in mind. We are then able to see the plot where your new garden lodge will be built and make all the necessary measurements and make notes regarding access, utility connections and the surrounding area.

The first step in any Garden Lodge build is usually for our customers to download or receive a free brochure by post. Our brochure will give you a good idea of the range of buildings we have built for our customers over the recent years. Why not download a free brochure while you are here.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our customers a 100% bespoke service. This means that our garden buildings are not prefabricated boxes that come in a range of sizes. All our garden buildings are unique to each individual customer.




We feel that this bespoke service is something which makes us stand out from the crowd. A garden building is something that should work with your own particular set of requirements and suit the surroundings of your garden, we can offer a variety of styles that would suit a variety of settings. Some particular styles are better suited for particular uses. Vaulted ceilings can be a great idea if you need extra space in your garden lodge, for example, if you plan to build a gym with large equipment, or need to get extra light into the building through Velux windows or glazed gable ends.




A particular reason for having a free site survey is to discuss with one of our expert surveyors which style and size of garden building would work best for you, we can also show you samples of cladding options, roofing materials and discuss any optional extras you might be interested in.


5 benefits of our site survey


1. It’s free! We believe that after talking to us you will have an informed and clear understanding of the type of building we can offer you that would be the best fit for your requirements. We do not believe in any hard-selling, we leave you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


2. Our site surveyors are professional dedicated members of staff with years of experience in garden building construction. This means you can be assured that you are receiving the best industry advice on materials, layout and design, we are here to help make sure your garden building is a success.


3. Times and dates that are convenient for you. Upon contacting us to book your free site survey, we will be able to organise when is the best time for our surveyor to come round and chat with you. A typical site survey takes approximately 1 hour.


4. Get to meet us in person. Building a garden room can be a big investment. By booking a site survey you can put a face to the company and get to know us. You will find us knowledgeable, friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have about the build process.


5. Free floor plan, garden lodge drawings and architectural drawings. After your site survey is conducted our dedicated design team get hard to work. Within 7 days you will receive ;


1. An itemised quotation
2. A 3D exterior CAD drawing of your Garden Lodge in situ
3. An interior floor plan
4. A garden aspect plan showing the services.


This will help you to make a clear and informed decision and to see a visual impression of how your new building will look in situ. Our CAD renderings are a great way to see how the building will work in the surroundings of your garden and our itemised quotation will tell you of the exact costs, with no surprises later down the line. We also offer all our customers up to 3 changes free of charge, so you can be sure that you are happy with the final designs.


drummond exterior


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Festive additions to your Garden Lodge

flat roof white wall christmas tree








Now that the festive period is around the corner, your thoughts might be turning to how to make your garden a more inviting Christmas spectacle. There are plenty of ways to make your outdoor space part of Christmas, without having to spend a lot of money.

Depending on the plants you have already in your garden, it is possible with the addition of some outdoor fairy lights or coloured glass baubles to add a real injection of Christmas into your front or back garden.

If you have a large fir tree in your garden, now might be the time to pay it some attention with a few ribbons or lights, you can also use some of the boughs to create an evergreen wreath for the door.

Pots and planters are a way to create some festive flair if you do not have many trees or plants in your garden. Large plastic pots can be bought quite cheaply from your local garden nursery and plated with some evergreen shrubs, these smaller sized evergreens are not expensive to buy and can be planted later in the garden when they outgrow the pot. Add a few red ribbons, tinsel and lights and they can create a fantastic entrance to your garden lodge during Christmas.



A garden lodge can be a great asset over the Christmas period, providing you with much needed extra space that could be used for socialising, or maybe as a spare room for guests or a place for the kids to blow off some steam with their new toys while your busy making Christmas lunch.

A garden lodge also lets you have extra storage during the holidays and is a real benefit during busy periods like Christmas, if you need to clear out a spare room or make extra space around the dining room table, then you might be wondering where to put everything during this period, a garden building can be the perfect place for dumping everything you don’t want in the house.


vaulted in garden












If you have decorated your garden lodge this Christmas we would love to hear from you and see some of your pictures and with your consent post a few of the best-decorated lodges on our website!


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5 additions to make your Garden Lodge future proof.










Garden lodges make a fantastic addition to any home and garden, a bespoke garden lodge can be used for a number of functions and the versatility of our designs allow for it to adapt to your life as your situation and lifestyle changes.

What could start off as a garden gym, might well evolve into a garden office as your priorities change, or vice versa. As our garden lodges are all built from engineered SIP panels we can guarantee that it is a building that will last and adapt.











A garden lodge can be transformed into an occasional spare room, or as a place for the kids, as they grow up, from play-room, to teenage-den, it is a building that grows with your own family’s needs. One of the great advantages of a garden lodge is that it is separate from the main house meaning that all the mess and noise is contained and perfectly hidden away, great for when you don’t want to tidy up and even better if you want some peace and quiet in your main house.


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking


Another way to make sure that your Garden Lodge looks great in years to come is to factor in some plants, trees and landscaping. The lodge above uses clever planting integrated into the design of the decking. Using trees and shrubs means that as the lodge ages the garden will grow around it creating a mature and relaxing environment to enjoy the lodge from in years to come.















All of our garden lodges are built to last using high-end materials such as red cedar wood cladding. Unlike cheaper pine or spruce, red cedar is designed to last with a life expectancy of 40 – 60 years. In fact our cedar lodges just get better with age with the colour and texture of the wood adding to the look and feel of the building.


Garden Office with bi-folding doors


Another factor to consider when thinking about the longevity of your garden lodge is how the building is constructed. Any building that you want to last will need proper foundations. Our garden lodges use concrete pad foundations, unlike many of our competitors, these provide a long lasting and solid platform for a garden building that will be there for years to come. Screw-pile foundations might also be used in some circumstances where concrete pad foundations are deemed not suitable.

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How to personalise your Garden Lodge



At Garden Lodges, we can offer our customers a range of styles and finishes that can truly make your new garden building bespoke and personalised to your own unique tastes. Our range of styles allows you to design how the exterior will look, with a great range of cladding or render to choose from.


We also offer the choice of developing the outside of the Garden Lodge with decking, that can further enhance the look of your garden building, whilst offering increased functionality during the summer.


Cedarwood cladding is an exceptionally popular look for many of our customers, paired with battleship grey bi-fold doors and windows it creates a modern and stylish look that sits well in a garden setting. Cedar cladding is very long lasting and needs minimum effort to maintain.












Cladding can be incorporated into the design of any Garden Lodge, creating a functional space that allows the garden to work perfectly with the design of the building. Our decked areas can be created from pressure treated timber or composite material for a long-lasting and attractive finish.


Another popular option is to have glazed timber frames for the gable end of a lodge. This has the beneficial effect of bringing a lot of light into the building. Great if you plan to use the lodge as an art studio, or just want to maximise the amount of light and warmth coming in, reducing heating bills and creating an enviable environment to relax or work in.


Recently Completed Pitched Roof Garden Room













One of the key components of all of our garden lodges is the choice of windows and glazing that is on offer. Windows and bi-fold and French doors can be configured in such a way as to change the appearance and functionality of a building. Large bi-folding doors are great for maximising the use of the garden, bringing in plenty of light, and allowing for uninterrupted views during the summer.


flat roof bifolding garden studio










Bi-folds are a fantastic way to make a garden lodge connect with the garden, working from home needn’t mean you are locked away in a stuffy office, with a bespoke garden lodge you can enjoy the benefits of a home office, whilst also enjoying the garden and your surroundings.


The options for personalisation don’t just stop at the exterior of the building. It is also possible to choose many options for the interior of the building. We provide a complete turnkey service, including all decorating and finishes. Our garden buildings come fully plastered and decorated, with a choice of laminated floor finishes. It is also possible to choose from a range of colours for the interior if white is not to your taste.


Lounge Area


Further personalisation is possible with the functionality of your garden studio. We don’t just build a ‘box in your garden’, but a bespoke building designed for a purpose. We can install a shower room, toilet or extra rooms, to suit your unique requirements. This can be very useful if you plan to use your building as a gym, or office and would like to convenience of such facilities close by.















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Why a ‘she-shed’ might be the perfect getaway

vaulted with view


Everybody has heard of a ‘Man-Cave’, for years these were the privileged hideaways for men needing those few precious moments of solitude, away from screaming kids, a place where hobbies could be fulfilled, things tinkered with, or beer drunk. But everybody needs a place to chillax, and a ‘she-shed’ might just be the answer to getting away from it, all in the convenient surroundings of your own garden.

Of course at Garden Lodges our bespoke buildings are as far removed from the humble shed as it could be. With double glazed windows, SIP technology construction, bi-folding doors and laminated wood flooring, we only specialise in the most luxury of ‘she -sheds’.


flat roof white wall


What could you use your ‘she-shed’ for?


The she-shed garden office


Many of our customers could do with that little bit of extra space, whether it is for a hobby, working from home, extra accommodation or for working-out, our Garden Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular uses for a she-shed is for working from home. Increasingly people are starting their own businesses or having the opportunity to work from home. Our fully insulated garden offices are perfect for this option. Usable all year round, complete with electrics, internet capability and away from the disruptions of the main house they can provide the perfect work retreat.

flat roof bifolding garden studio


The she-shed relax room


Having somewhere where you can escape to unwind is a real advantage of building a Garden Room in your garden. A comfy sofa, some large scatter cushions and some good books can create the perfect place to take it easy. Why not leave the chaos of the main house and find solitude in your own personal retreat. We can design a Garden Room she-shed with just this in mind, helping you to plan where your new sofa will go, what view you will be enjoying from your new relaxing position and how to get decent WIFI without any disturbances.



She-shed hobby room


Our she-shed hobby rooms can create that perfect space to take your hobby to the next level. Art studios are a popular reason for building a garden room, we have built for our customers 100’s of art studios over the years, one of the design features that make our garden rooms so perfect for an art studio is the amount of light that is possible with large windows and bi-folding doors. A lot or hobbies can end up taking over the house, so moving it to a purpose-built ‘she-shed’ might be a great idea for freeing up space. We can help you to design storage and other elements that will make sure your hobby is perfectly catered for.

An art studio belonging to one of our customers


She-shed gym


One fantastic way to relax is to keep fit. Our she-shed garden gyms offer the chance to work-out from the comfort of your own private garden gym. Fitted with electrics, heating, optional air conditioning and even a shower room and toilet, our garden gyms can create the perfect she-shed work out space.

Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges used for exercise equipment


Of course, our buildings are not reserved to just these uses, as versatile and long-lasting buildings there use and functionality can adapt and change over time as your priorities and interests change accordingly.


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