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Garden Lodges would like to wish you a happy Christmas by offering 5% off for customers who place their deposit before the 5th January. If you would like to learn more about this special offer please call 0800 043 4821 and speak to our Sales Co-Ordinator Ryan Dawkins.

Terms and Conditions
Voucher not valid with any other promotional offer or discount. Only one voucher per purchase. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash. No photocopies will be accepted. Only one voucher per customer, please present this voucher before you have your quote or approve your order.

Always check with Garden Lodges prior to using the voucher. 25% deposit required and planning fee (if required) to be paid upfront to confirm your order before 5th January 2015. Voucher valid for orders confirmed between 15th December 2014 and the 5th January 2015. Garden Lodges reserves the right to amend or change these terms & conditions at any time.


Choose a SIPs Garden Room from Garden Lodges

We encourage all customers to carefully consider the construction method of their garden room, as we know that when choosing a garden room, all customers can benefit from a garden building which is constructed from Structurally Insulated Panels.

The Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) System, is one of the highest calibre of construction methods available, and certainly the best choice for garden rooms. The build method has distinct advantages over timber frame building systems, and all other log cabin/garden shed construction methods. In order to keep our customers informed, we have updated our webpage detailing our Structurally Insulated Panels, to ensure we are best explaining these benefits.

Visit: http://www.gardenlodges.co.uk/garden-room-features-and-options/garden-room-features/structurally-insulated-panels/ to see our recent updates to the website.

Cross Section of a Garden Lodges Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) Garden Room
Cross Section of a Garden Lodges Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) Garden Room

We think visitors to gardenlodges.co.uk will also enjoy the recently added cross section of a wall and floor section of our building. If you would like more information about our build methods please call us on 0800 043 4821 and we would be happy to discuss this cross section in more details.


Garden Music Room built in Central London

As part of our after care service, we complete a handover appointment with every customer to ensure their Garden Studio is perfect once the construction is finished. We visited the Marina family in Central London this week, who were just moving in to their brand new Garden Room.

The Marina family wanted a Music Room in the garden to fit in their electric drum kit, amplifiers, piano and guitars, but also wanted storage space to store gardening items too. As we manufacture and use our own 150mm thick structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for the structure of our Garden Rooms, the sound proofing properties are excellent, just right for home music rooms and recording studios.

The customer also took advantage of our special major technology upgrade offer, where we supplied and fitted the cables for the internet connection to the Garden Room, as well as a 32″ LCD television, sound bar and speaker system. Although we didn’t supply the beer fridge in the corner of the Garden Room, but we do agree, it does make a brilliant addition!

Mr Marina chose Garden Lodges over our competitors because we offer a bespoke and high quality service and product. He also liked the personal touches, such as the site survey appointment, where we spent time discussing his project design. Most of all, Mr Marina was really impressed with the quick installation, where he found it to be completely unobtrusive and stress free.

On completion, Mr Marina decided he wanted a decked area added to the outside of his new Garden Music Room, which we will be fitting for him at a later date. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos!

Garden Music Room:
Width: 5.00m
Depth: 3.00m
Height: 2.49m
External Area: 15m2

Garden Office_marina_lo res

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Christmas Garden Feature Ideas

Christmas garden ideas

It’s the 1st December and we’re sure you’re considering when to buy the Christmas tree and when is the right time to put up the decorations. As there’s nothing quite like getting into the festive spirit, stock piling mince pies, presents and mulled wine, there’s sometimes a space in the home which we all tend to neglect – the garden.

Even though we’re less likely to venture out into our garden during the winter months, giving your green space a festive face lift is the ideal way to make a great impression to guests, children and neighbours. So why not take inspiration from our Pinterest board called ‘Christmas Garden Decorations‘ to spruce up your garden this December.

Our favourite thrifty garden decoration tips include, putting old Christmas ornaments on a green painted dowel and pop these into a flower bed, or use an old garden rake and fashion it into a Christmas Tree wall decoration. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest to see all our latest Garden Studios, Lodges and Office that we have built, on our ‘Garden Lodges Recently Completed‘ board.


Garden Studio used as a snooker room in London

Garden Studio South London
We’ve just finished construction for a flat roof Garden Studio built in South London for the fantastic Parker family, where Mr Parker is using it as his ‘Man Cave’. The brand new Garden Room was designed to fit Mr Parkers snooker table and dart board, plus a fridge for refreshments and an en-suite toilet.

As the Garden Room is predominately used as a snooker room, to be able to take the weight of the snooker table, the floor was reinforced. We always suggest letting your Surveyor know about the use of your Garden Room during your site survey, so that we can take in factors such as reinforced flooring, if required.

Inside, the Garden Studio is fully plastered and painted with matt white emulsion. Down lights line the ceiling, with the lighting over the snooker table and dart board on a dimmer. The en-suite toilet features an eco-friendly compost toilet too, so no need for plumbing. Instead of electric wall heaters, we fitted an air conditioning/heater.

Externally, the Garden Studio has green aluminium doors and windows, which match the frames of the main home. The Studio is then cladded in natural Western Red Cedar, horizontal timber panels. The flat roof is covered with rubber EPDM, which has a life guarantee of around 50 years. The roof is then trimmed with a sleek aluminium roof trim.


Garden Studio
Width: 6.00m
Depth: 5.00m
Height: 2.49m
External Area: 30m2


How to control condensation this winter


Garden lodges_combat garden room condensation_2

It can be the bane of our lives during the colder winter months, but trying to stop condensation in its tracks can be easy with just a few adjustments to your home or Garden Room. The main culprits are humidity and temperature, if you get this under control, you will find your living environment will be even more comfortable.

Whether we like it or not, condensation on glass is a natural occurrence in homes and Garden Rooms around the world, and cannot be completely avoided, no matter how incredibly insulated your space is. Follow these tips and tricks to getting your condensation under control:

Ventilation is key: Open your doors and windows and air your Garden Room evenly and regularly throughout the year. If you leave a Garden Room unattended for long periods of time, you may find condensation starts to appear in the colder months due to the lack of ventilation.

Open the trickle vents: A good manufacturer of windows and doors should include trickle ventilators on the frames. We use suppliers who include these vents, so just make sure to keep these open all year round for good ventilation in your Garden Studio, Office or Lodge.

Watch what you put into it: Whether it’s condensation in your home or Garden Room, always be careful what you put into it. Ie. Objects, pets and plants. Adding lots of plants or objects/and people, means you’ll create more humidity, which can add to your condensation worries.

Stabilise the internal temperature: A continual, low form of heat can provide the most cost-effective way of heating a room and reduces the risk of condensation.

Try a Dehumidifier: Remove moisture in a room with a Dehumidifier, and place it as near as you can to the offending windows.

Beware of cold winters: A sudden drop in temperature can be tricky to manage. So if the mercury is looking to hit a low, try keeping the heating on so that it can help deposit moisture more effectively. Laying condensation strips on the bottom of your windows and doors can also help collect moisture, without ruining paintwork or creating mould.


Working from home is easy for the Mark Family

The Mark family did a lot of research online and found that Garden Lodges offered the best service in terms of flexibility with design, to fit the small 13m2 space in the corner of their garden. The family also visited Grand Designs to see our real life Garden Studio, which gave them the confidence to proceed with their project and choose us amongst our competitors.

The brief for this project was to build a highly insulated Garden Office, which looked modern and had lots of natural light, that could be used all year round. When it came to the design of the Garden Office, we advised the customer to choose our low maintenance Western Red Cedar cladding, aluminium coated doors and window frames and polished chrome fittings and fixtures, adding to the contemporary feel.

Garden Office

A high top hung window, French doors and a 3 pane casement windows were chosen for extra ventilation to the building, plus this allowed the customer to have a lovely view across their garden and field nearby. The customer decided to add a small external overhang to the Garden Office, so that they could have external chrome down lighters around the edge of the garden building, which looks beautiful lit up come dusk.

The Garden Office took around 3 weeks to build from start to finish, which included the plastering, laying the laminate flooring, fitting the electrics and decoration. When the build is complete, we plan a visit to make sure everything is in order and finished in a high standard. The customers was thrilled with their new Garden Office and overall were very satisfied, where they most liked our customer service, value for money and installation team.

Garden Office
Width: 4.80m
Depth: 2.65m
Height: 2.49m
External Area: 12.72m2


Garden Studio completed in St Albans

We have just completed a Garden Studio in St Albans for a customer who wanted their very own Art Studio, with enough space to paint and wall space to hang their works of art. They chose Garden Lodges because a friend and fellow artist had recommended our company to them.

The customer wanted the Garden Studio to have lots of natural light, so they chose 4 wall to ceiling fixed frame windows across the front of the Garden Room in UPVC light golden oak, and a set of French Doors and a further 2 fixed frame windows to the side.

Due to the height of the Garden Studio, which is above 2.49m, it required planning permission which we looked after on behalf of the customer for £1,042 including VAT. This fee included all of the required planning and elevation drawings, reports and liaising with your local planning officer until the final decision.

Our modern laminate New England flooring was laid throughout the Art Room, and it was finished in a matt white emulsion and skirting boards were painted in white gloss as standard. To add a designer touch, the customer chose external chrome down lights that run across the side of the studio, as well as 12 internal chrome spot lights inside. The project was finished in just 3 weeks, where the customer was delighted with the results.

Artist Studio

Width: 7.00m
Depth: 4.00m
Height: 2.86m
External Area: 28m2

To find out more about our Garden Studios click here.


Garden Studio built in Welwyn Garden City

We have just completed a Garden Studio in Welwyn Garden City for a family who originally wanted to use their new space as a Garden Office, however once the Garden Room was completed, they then decided to use the Garden Room as a teenagers hangout and a mini-gym instead.

The Garden Studio Width: 3.80m X 3.00m, with an external Area of 11.4m2. It’s clad in Western Red Cedar timber, which fits in beautifully with the natural surroundings of the garden. The Garden Studio has 2 UPVC fixed windows and a set of UPVC French doors in dark grey, mimicking the luxury look of aluminium frames.

The Garden Room was built in 3 weeks using structurally insulated panels (SIPs), where it was fully plastered and is finished in a matt white emulsion and the skirting boards were painted in white gloss, as standard. The customer chose our hard-wearing Century Oak laminate flooring, with a slightly vintage look – they couldn’t believe it wasn’t engineered real oak flooring.

The customer most liked the quality of our products for the price and also our good customer service, although they weren’t surprised because we were recommended to them through a friend.

Garden Studio
Width: 3.80m
Depth: 3.00m
Height: 2.49m
External Area: 11.4m2

To find out more about our Garden Offices click here.

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