Contemporary garden room

How you landscape your garden around your new Garden Room is also important to adding a modern edge to the overall appearance. Previous clients have built white, minimal garden walls, installed chrome water features and sculptures around the garden.

Latest Garden Room trends

The latest trends for contemporary Garden Rooms are considering the combination of different materials and textures; the warming Western Red Cedar exterior cladding, mixed with chrome down lights, a smooth plastered finish painted with matt white emulsion all add to the look.

Decorating Contemporary Garden Rooms

An easy and cost-effective way to decorate your Garden Room to give it a contemporary finish is using bright home accessories to pop out against the matt white walls. If it’s a relaxation room you’re creating, purchase a grey chaise lounge or soft sofa and scatter with cushions in cheerful tropical colours or sweet pastel hues.

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Contemporary garden room interior, styled for Grand Designs.
Contemporary garden room interior, styled for Grand Designs.

Artwork for your contemporary garden room

Placing oversized modern works of art in canvas form on the walls is also a simple trick to adding that contemporary look to your Garden Room. Don’t underestimate the power of bringing the outside into your new Garden Room either. A palette of earthy tones or a pop of vibrant green will co-ordinate perfectly with your garden and make the room appear larger.

How about some outside artwork?

Surround your Garden Lodge with sculpture

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