Green and Eco-friendly

At Garden Lodges we are committed to being eco-friendly garden studios and garden offices and try our best to reduce our Carbon footprint where we can. All of our Garden Lodges, Studios and Offices are built using structurally insulated panels (SIPs), which we manufacture ourselves in our production facility in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Manufacturing our SIPs onsite next to our HQ, means there are no additional journeys being made to us from other SIP manufacturers, unlike our competitors, which intern reduces our carbon footprint. SIPs are thermally efficient because of the way they are made – OSB board sandwiching a thick polyurethane (PUR) core – which means they have a low U-value rating of 0.11w/m2K. We use SIPs on the floor, walls and ceilings of our Garden Rooms, so there are no cold spots or cold bridging.

Garden Lodges SIPs
Inside one of our large Garden Studios, built using SIPs made in our own production facility

SIPs are also free of CFC’s and HCFC, as well as having an ozone depletion rating of zero. Our construction time and amount of deliveries are cut significantly, because our garden buildings are constructed in a matter of weeks, due to the panel technology. We make sure that the timber we use is also from supported sources such as sustainably managed forests.

In terms of design, we offer Sedum roofs as an upgrade choice. Sedum roofs are also knows as a ‘green roof’ because they have many eco-friendly properties, such as improving air quality, being thermally efficient and can provide a micro climates for insects and birds.

Garden Studio Sedum Roof
Garden Studio with a Green Sedum Roof

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