Listed Buildings

If your home is a listed building, this means it’s been rated of national importance in terms historic or architectural interest. The only drawback with owning a listed building is requiring a ‘Listed Building Consent’ application to make most changes to your property. If you don’t make these applications, it’s unfortunately seen as a criminal offence.

To install a Garden Room on Listed Building grounds (also known as curtilage), planning permission will be required instead. Garden Lodges can look after the planning permission application for you for a fee, which includes full planning drawings, planning statement and local planning fee, as well as liaising with the case officer until the decision has been made.

We can help you to plan a garden room in the grounds of your listed building. Please click here to book no obligation, site survey and we can help you to design your ideal garden building.

Don’t let this put you off though, as the English Heritage report that around 90% of Listed Building Consent applications are approved, which means there could be a high chance of planning permission applications also being accepted.

A traditional pitched roof Garden Lodge built within the grounds of a listed building

The main points when designing your Garden Room is making sure the design, size and scale considers the existing Listed Building. This doesn’t mean you have to design something that looks historical or visually match the existing building, new materials and designs will be considered too.

We offer many different types of exterior cladding for your new Garden Office, Studio or Lodge to compliment your listed building – these include Western Red Cedar or colour render. If it’s a brick appearance you prefer, we offer brick quoin and brick cladding.

If you’d like further advice on planning permission in your area for your proposed Garden Room, we always suggesting speaking with your Local Planning Authority first.

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