Wooden garden buildings

Not just ‘posh garden sheds’

Our wooden Garden Rooms aren’t ‘posh garden sheds’, they’re highly-insulated and robust garden outbuildings, which will last as long as a house, and are built using structurally insulated panels (SIPs). Our SIPs are super deep; 118mm thick on their own and 168mm thick including exterior cladding, plasterboard and plaster, meaning your wooden Garden Room can be used through all seasons.

Red Western Cedar timber cladding

To achieve a stunning wooden Garden Lodge design, we suggest choosing a traditional pitched roof with Red Western Cedar timber cladding on the outside. We have a number of UPVC wood effect door and window frame options, as well as roof tile colours to add the finishing touches to your Garden Lodge.

Wood Garden Room
Wooden Garden Room with gable end glazing

For extra impact, we love the look of a fully glazed feature gable end to our Garden Lodges. This will bring in lots more natural sunlight and appear stunning at night, when the room is lit up in the garden. Inside our wooden Garden Rooms we also include high quality and hard-wearing laminate flooring, as standard. At present, we have around 4 different laminate flooring colour choices available, or you can upgrade to engineered oak instead.

If you are looking for a wooden garden room, please click here to request no-obligation site survey and quotation.

Timber from sustainable sources.

If a modern wooden Garden Room design is more your taste, we suggest our Garden Studio with a flat roof. Our flat roofs are covered with strong rubber EPDM, which has around a 50 year life expectancy, and are complete with a sleek aluminium roof trim. You can be rest-assured that we make every effort to use suppliers who use timber from sustainable sources.

Wooden Garden Office
Wooden Garden Office with UPVC wood effect doors and fixed frame windows

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