look at some of the novel ways people have used their garden rooms.

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular in recent times. This increased popularity has been attributed to many different things, such as the current economic climate, people wanting to improve the value of their house and the growing trend of working from home. Garden rooms can provide the ideal small office environment, and this is a common use for the buildings. Leaving your house and walking across the garden to begin work is a great feeling; the geographical division of space creates the illusion of a definite journey and can have a direct impact on productivity in the work environment. However, some people decide to use their extra space in more novel ways, and in this article we will take a look at some of the more creative and inventive uses.

London-based opera singer Jacques uses his soundproofed garden studio to practice his singing. The room is ideal as it provides space away from the house so that his family are not disturbed by his practising; the building is also insulated and provided with electricity, meaning that it is great to use all year round.


Garden rooms provide the ideal practising space for all musicians – parents are now safe to buy their children that drum kit and be free from the noise problem that comes with learning instruments.

Some owners of garden rooms have converted their new-found space into the perfect home cinema. With acoustic insulation available, that surround sound system you bought but never dared to turn up over half-way can be put to excellent use. With under-floor heating (among other features), there is no more comfortable place to watch your favourite films.

There are some owners that have chosen to use their garden houses as dedicated yoga rooms. Practising in the comfort of a dedicated yoga space is undoubtedly a fantastic thing, offering solitude and tranquillity in a beautiful constructed space. Regardless of the nature of your hobby, however, an extra, dedicated area can allow you to indulge your passion fully.

Often a garden room makes a perfect office space and a tranquil place to work from home. These days there are a host of jobs that allow you to work from home, such as providing English lessons online, being a freelance consultant, or providing physio or massages.

kitchenettes in a garden room, the building could be used as a guest room for visitors. The building is sure to impress – guests would so enjoy staying that they may not want to leave! And on this note, there are always the long-term guests to consider by using your garden room as a Granny Annexe.