Man Caves and Studios with toilet and bathroom. Some interesting ideas to inspire your Man Cave bathroom



Garden Lodges specialises in creating bespoke garden buildings for our customers. Creating a man cave annexe is a great way to add a fun and functional building to your garden that is a place to relax and unwind. Maybe there could be space for a bar, pool table, darts or a widescreen t.v. Or maybe all of the above!

Every good man cave deserves it’s own toilet or bathroom, what is the point of having a relaxing getaway at the bottom of the garden if you have to nip back to the house every hour? These days it can be tricky to get the toilet space we might really crave for. But in the man cave, normal rules need not apply.

Choosing a design can be tricky. Luckily at Garden Lodges, we are here to help with an array of man cave toilet ideas that could look great in your cavernous toilet.

Garden studios with a bathroom or toilet are something that we at ‘Garden Lodges’ are happy to install, and not something that a lot of our competitors can provide. There are many advantages to have a toilet installed in your garden studio or man cave, adding extra value to your property and creating a space that is even more usable and versatile.


For those who have a mechanical mindset, there are plenty of ideas that can boost your cave’s credentials. From tool boxes to alloy wheels there is a host of auto objects that can be picked up from a junkyard and upcycled.

This mechanics toolbox makes a surprisingly functional chest of draws and sink-unit, available second hand, quite cheap it would be a great addition to any man cave that has an automotive feel. These units are also very well made, just give it an oil from time to time and it will be good for years. Not content with just the draws and sink, this man cave owner has gone all in, with a white-walled tire for a mirror, a mechanics first aid box for a cupboard and chequered flag tiling.


In your own perfect man cave set up, watching a bit of football in the bath might be the icing on the cake for some. If you live in a busy household getting time for a relaxing soak, might seem like an unattainable ‘goal’. Now you won’t need to miss a match, while having a soak and a beer.


Perhaps having a bubble bath is not what you imagined when first conceiving ‘the cave’. Well, this next man caver has gone for a shower unit, with a beer theme. This old fermenter has been recycled as a large shower cubicle. Hopefully, they gave it a good clean before, but if you have space it could make a fine addition to your man cave shower facilities. Many of these parts could be upcycled from a junkyard or found online from freecycle, the only limitation in the man cave, is your imagination.


Sticking with an automotive theme this green pick up has added a questionable element of style to the bathroom of this lucky man cave owner. The bonnet has been crafted into a sink with plumbing, fully functional lights and indicators illuminate the toilet and the chrome bumper has been polished to a high sheen.


If you enjoy the whistle of a turbo, then this unique toilet paper dispenser could be just the ticket. Crafted from an old Garrett turbocharger this fine piece of automotive history is sure to brighten up any man cave toilet. Hopefully, it’s been thoroughly washed before!


garden lodge6


If novelty toilets are not your thing, a man cave bathroom doesn’t have to look like it crashed into your local scrap yard. Man caves are increasingly sophisticated places, often incorporating a gym, as seen in one of our recent builds above.


Man Cave with Shower Room


This clean, elegant shower room and toilet show the level of skill and expertise we employ when creating a bathroom for our customers. A large walk-in shower and white tiling give the bathroom a spacious feel and certainly would add a level of sophistication to a new generation of man caves.


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