New Garden Lodge built in Brighton



Width: 5.00m
Depth: 4.00m
Height: 2.49m
Internal Height: 2.07m
External Area: 20m2

The stylish Lodge sat in the corner of the garden to a lovely Brighton home is being used for extra space and a bit of office space. Finished with vertically placed Western Red Cedar gives a rustic but modern style to the annexe and it compliments the space nicely. The large doors and windows on the front of the lodge allow for plenty of light to fill the room, also giving more of a connection to the outside space.

The inside of the lodge has been painted in white, decorated by the customer with a minimal style glass coffee table and desk and some lovely cream coloured sofas which really add to the contemporary feel of the build and helps to give it a modern feel.

Concrete pad foundations are first installed, on top of that timber bearers holds up the structurally insulated panels or SIPs, make up the shell of the garden building. The SIPs panels provide superior thermal performance which will last the life span of the building, and be cheaper to heat then a standard brick build.

The rubber EPDM-lined roof is installed at a slight pitch to allow for drainage,and the windows and doors are fitted. Finally the walls are fully plastered and painted with a matt white emulsion and the floor is fitted. light fittings are installed and electrics which is all tested. We clear the on-site rubbish as well as a clean before the keys are handed over.

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