Garden Lodges’ Garden Offices Range

From £11,820 (inc. VAT)

For a full specification on whats included in the price as well as available upgrades please download our specification table..

About the Garden Offices range

Fed up with working from the kitchen table but short of space in the garden? This neat garden office is the perfect solution to remove you from the distractions of day to day living.

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*All our buildings are custom built and can be built to your specification. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

3.90m x 2.80m (10.92m2)
3.90m x 3.70m (14.43m2)
4.80m x 3.70m (17.76m2)
6.30m x 3.70m (23.31m2)
5.10m x 4.90m (24.99m2)
6.30m x 4.90m (30.87m2)

Included in the price …


Dimensions Internal Width Internal Depth External Width External Depth Internal Height External Height Price inc. VAT
Office 1 3.60m 2.40m 3.90m 2.80m 2.30m 2.86m £11,820
Office 2 3.60m 3.70m 3.90m 3.70m 2.30m 2.86m £13,870
Office 3 4.50m 3.30m 4.80m 3.70m 2.30m 2.86m £16,420
Office 4 6.00m 3.30m 6.30m 3.70m 2.30m 2.86m £17,945
Office 5 4.80m 4.50m 5.10m 4.90m 2.30m 2.86m £19,485
Office 6 6.00m 4.50m 6.30m 4.90m 2.30m 2.86m £21,020
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