Our Olympic building still going strong!

Here at Garden Lodges we are pleased to report that the lodge we built for the Olympic site in London is still going strong! Caroline, who deals with all our marketing here, was fortunate enough to have tickets for the Paralympic Athletics on Saturday and made a special effort to seek out the ‘garden room’ we created for the Olympic authorities for use as a security base, after another company could not
complete the contract in time.

It may be small compared to some of the giant stadiums and arenas nearby, but it is serving a great purpose and still looks as good as new. It also has a rather impressive position on the Olympic site – directly opposite the main entrance to the Olympic Park, just in front of the awe inspiring bridge which leads up to the imposing
Stadium and the Orbit.

Caroline had a chat with the security guards who are currently using the lodge as their base, and was pleased to hear they have been delighted with the building and it has been perfect for purpose. It may be rather different to the garden studios and garden rooms that we usually build, but the process was exactly the same and it proved that our buildings are suitable for a multitude of purposes.

Security was a big concern prior to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but it appears that not only has safety been top-notch, but worries about large queues and over-zealous restrictions have proved unfounded too. The unrelenting cheerfulness of all the volunteers and army personnel involved in making sure the Games went smoothly has been highly praised and has made sure that everyone’s experience has been trouble-free and very enjoyable.

Garden Lodges is proud to have a little example of their work on the Olympic site, and to have been part of an historic and hugely successful event in the UK.