Oxfordshire Case Study

This Oxfordshire lodge is situated just on the edge of the Thames. Large glass sliding doors allow the lodge to open up giving the owners a place to sit and relax while they look out onto the Oxfordshire countryside. This lodge has been beautifully finished internally, greys and whites give a minimalistic finish and the choice of lighting creates a welcoming feel. Casement windows to the lounge area not only let in light but really become a distinctive feature to this build. The same wall is also a feature wall with the jar light fittings and a simple but effective wallpaper. It almost seems like the greenery from outside is creeping through, it is a beautiful effect. The lodge is a large size, measuring 8.0m x 7.0m the lounge/kitchen area has an internal size of 20.94m2 giving plenty of room for movement, as you can see in the images, there is a lot of open space, the owner will be adding a coffee table to the living room which will fit nicely in front of the larger sofa.

Our Garden Lodges take just a few weeks to construct, weather permitting a build can be finished within a month from the start date, this is capable due to our construction method using SIPs panels. SIPs are a recognised building material used around the world, due to their construction they have great insulation and offer excellent airtightness values keeping the lodge cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most lodges do not require planning permission as they can be constructed under permitted development, in certain circumstance planning may be required.

Garden Lodges finish the building i.e. finished in matt white emulsion, kitchen and shower fitted, downlighters. Garden Lodges also makes sure that the building is cleaned and the site is tidy, so it seems like the building has always been there. For our customers here it was the perfect template to put their own spin on the lodge and make it their own.