The Benefits of Fitting Skylights in Your Garden Lodge or Home


Skylights have been a feature in many modern houses for some time, and can add natural warmth and brightness to a home or extension, as well as ventilation if it can be opened. Whether it’s a starry night or bright blue skies, skylights offer a beautiful and natural view to the outdoors.

With any windows on a building, precious heat can be lost during the winter months. The Consumer Energy Centre reported that up to 35-45% of heat can be lost through convection with a skylight. However electricity could be saved during the daytime instead, due to natural light coming through the window – so no need for artificial lights.

Instead, look for ‘Energy Star’ or ‘Energy Efficiency’ rated skylights, these are companies backed by both UK and US governments, and are there to help consumers identify products that can help them save the environment whilst saving money.  Consumers who purchase these approved products can look to lower their household outgoings by 7-15% and shrink your carbon footprint, according to Energy Star.

Heat loss through skylights can be prevented by considering the position of the window. For example, a south-facing skylight can help with warming up your home in the winter, otherwise known as passive solar-heating.

Fitting roller or Venetian blinds can help to further insulate or protect the room from sunlight. A west facing skylight won’t have passive solar-heating capabilities, so it will serve to keep you cooler in the summer months because it’s not generally in direct sunlight. 

There have been various studies into the other benefits of fitting skylights in your home, which include improved productivity and enhanced psychological well-being, due to increased natural light in your home.  Why not consider fitting a skylight in your study or home office to take advantage of these positives?