Thinking of upsizing? Could a Garden Lodge be an alternative?

vaulted in garden


Often a starter home is not the ideal package for a growing family and can soon become outgrown. However, with the costs of upsizing being substantial and house prices continuing to rise in some areas, is there a more cost-effective solution to limited space?

Often we find that a spare room in our house is taken over by a study, playroom, or guest room – this need for additional space or storage means that a smaller starter home could be seen as too small for a growing family and be lacking in bedrooms.

One solution, if you have space in your garden, could be to build a Garden Lodge that could be used as additional storage, or take up the duties of your existing home office or hobby room.




A typical £165,000 starter home budget gets you vastly different types of property depending on what part of the country you live in. For example in parts of Scotland, Cumbria or the North East, you might be able to afford a detached property, whereas, in London, you might only afford a studio flat.

These discrepancies can mean those needing more space might only have the option of moving to a larger property or utilizing the extra space afforded in the garden.

Often when people buy their first home they might have a spare room, but this quickly becomes utilised as a nursery further down the line.

The obvious solution to such an accommodation crisis for many people might be to utilise previously unused space in the garden. For a fraction of the cost of moving home, you can have a bespoke garden building built and decorated at the bottom of your garden in a matter of 3 – 5 weeks.




What are some of the main uses people have for a garden lodge?


Garden Office with Red Cedar Decking


A garden lodge is an extremely versatile building that can be used and adapted to any number of uses. We find that a garden lodge is commonly applied for a number of functions, including a home office, art studio, playroom, music room, garden gym, or occasional spare room. Some of the garden buildings we construct are substantial enough in size to be used for multiple functions. For example, a garden office can quite easily be large enough to have a large sofa bed inside that can be used occasionally when guests stay over.


What makes our garden lodges have the edge on our competitors?


Example of our standard laminate flooring option.


Unlike many of our competitors, all of our garden lodges are constructed from thermally efficient SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels). This means that our garden lodges are not just a garden room but a well insulated indoor space, with a level of comfort and cosiness that would exceed most people’s homes. Because of this, it is possible to use our buildings all year round. This is an important consideration when you are building a garden lodge to be an occasional spare room that you would want to be usable all year round, or indeed for a garden office that needs to be comfortable whatever the weather.

Another key feature that allows us to stand out is the bespoke nature of our buildings. All of the garden lodges we build for our customers are unique, designed by our in-house team to your exact specifications. This means you can choose from a vast range of styles, shapes and sizes to create your perfect garden room space.

Having been building garden lodges since 2007, we have a vast level of experience and expertise in this type of construction. This way you can be sure that your garden lodge is built to last and will outperform many other similar products on the market.


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