Top 5 Small Garden Ideas


Large gardens needn’t have all the fun, smaller gardens can be multi-tasking too – it’s all about planning. Here is our top five ways to add interest to small urban gardens:

Pick a theme
A small garden with a mixture of themes can look disjointed and make it appear much smaller. Pick the same colour and material scheme, then stick to it throughout – this also applies to gardens built on many different levels – it’ll keep the look harmonious.

Simplicity is key
Minimalism as a garden trend has been around for years for a reason, because it can fit effortlessly into many spaces without being overbearing – plus it needn’t look boring. Choose urban materials such as granite and chrome, and then mix it with warmer wood decking and soft flowing grasses and other greenery.

Beauty is in the details
A garden is a commitment and will require some work, no matter how low maintenance you require it to be – so the details are very important. Small gardens benefit from a linear design, which serves to extend the space to the human eye. Consider neat borders and hedging, as well as installing a minimalist water feature on the wall. Planting interesting and exotic blooms and plants will also add interest, as well as fruit trees and herbs for a subtle scent.

Outside Flexibility
Small gardens need to be flexible, as space for entertaining can be limited. To combat this problem, consider folding garden furniture or stackable stools to save valuable space. Remember furniture that can work inside and outside your home is also a great space saver, as well as using throws and large cushions outside on a summers evening will also add to the cosiness.

Go Vertical
Why not build and grow yourself a vertical garden? Not only will you save your back from bending over to tend to it, or controlling pests more carefully, it’ll save space and you can have more plants in your garden. Fix trays or plastic pots to walls or trellises, or search online for ready to install ‘vertical wall’ garden kits.